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Rizwanuddin Rafiq

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A beautiful and peaceful city

Thane is a beautiful district situated in between Western Coast and Sahyadri hill range of Maharashtra and part of Konkan division, besides many natural diversities it is a famous Industrial area and housing many large, medium and small scale industries. It has many suburban areas, which are no less than a city like Navi Mumbai, Ulhas Nagar, Murbad, Bhiwandi, Kalyan etc. This city is bounded by Arabian Sea in the West, North is bounded by Palgarh, East by Pune and Ahmadnagar and Mumbai and it's suburbans are the southwest boundaries and Raigadh is in the South.
Thane is having many proofs of its antiquity as mentioned by Friar Jordanus, Ibn Battuta, Abul Feda and Duarte Barbosa all notable travellers mentioned the existence of Thane. It was ruled by Arikesara and Chimmajji Appa during 10th and 11th centuries as Kopineshwar Temple and Ambarnath Shiva Temple are the edifices of their ruling or presence. It was also ruled by Arab Sultanate and other Muslim rulers and later it was ruled by Peshwas or Marathas. In 1817 it has gone into the hands of Britishers from Portuguese. It was famous for Tanasi a special cloth which is referred by Duarte Barbosa and he called Thane as Tana Mayambu. Its port was used for foreign trade especially from the Gulf and Persia. Aparanta, Silhara, Sopara dynasties existence and Bassein fort and temples are the witness.
Thane, Kalyan and Bhiwandi are the Seats of Lower House where as Thane, Mumbra Kalwa, Kopri Pachpakhari, Mira Bhayander, Shahpur, Ovala Majiwada, Ulhasnagar etc are the seats of Legislative Assembly. It has a Greater Municipal Corporation and Chairperson is Mayer. This is a modern and very fashionable district just can be compared with any Metropolitan city. It is having an area about 150 sq kilometres and densely populated. Corporation is able to maintain it well and sufficient facilities are provided to the residents. A nice infrastructure is set up and still many works are under progress. It was the city which has the first passenger train in Asia and a Terminus. As Metro rail is also to be commissioned soon.  
It has a very good connectivity to every part of the Mumbai by rail and roads as Lifeline plays a vital role. It is also connected to almost every corner of the Nation by Rail and Roads. It is having very good Air connectivity through Chhattarpati Shivaji Airport which is the most busiest International airport. For visitors Taxis are available at reasonable rates.
One side is the Arabian Sea and other side the Sahyadri hill range. So western area is humid and warm and areas situated on the slopes of Sahyadri hill range is much better. Generally all the four seasons are witnessed here. December to January a mild winter and March to June is the summer, though the Monsoons are just two one is the regular and other is post monsoon.
Two main rivers are flowing through the district which are Ulhas and Vaitarna; both are having numbers of tributaries. Bhiwandi creek is the largest and their are many small creeks like Chinchani, Dahanu and Thane creek, indeed is the tardiness of flooded sea which has become a nest for the local and migratory birds.
It has developed in agriculture and having large numbers of industries. In Real Estate Lodha is leading and many renowned developers are active.
It has many famous attractions like Pali Talao or Masunda Lake, Upvan Lake, Kopineshwar Temple, famous ancient Kaneri caves, Thane Creek, Yeur hill, Haji Malang Dargah, Khamosh Baba's Dargah in Kalyan, Essel World and Water Kingdom, Suraj Water Park, Ancient Shiva Temple of Hemand Panthi style, King George Church, Gadkari Rangayatna a drama theatre, Bassein fort, Thane Beach etc. Generally Marathi is spoken language but Hindi, Sindhi, English are also spoken. It has very good hotels from budget to Luxury like Treebo Blossom, Hotel Sharnam, Ginger, Chakrika Lodge, Fortune Park Lake City, Hotel Vihang's Inn, Hotel Maurya, Satkar Residency, Hotel Highland, The Byke Suraj Plaza etc and many are just in the proximity of Railway Station in both sides Thane East and West. It has many good restaurants the most popular Barbeque Nation, Oriental Spice, Solah Kadhi, Clove, Mamledar Misal, Prashant Corner, Regency Bar and Restaurant etc. In Thane visitors will never be disappointed regarding the quality food as from Missal Pao to special Sea Food, continental to Intercontinental and vegetarian to non vegetarian as the many fast food operators like Domino, KFC, Pizza Hut, Kamath etc are also having a great choice among the visitors and locals.
Locals are very co-operative and helping. They love sports and deep interest in the cultural activities as literacy rate is much better. Allwyn Education Group, Pinnacle Institute of Education, Swami Vivekanand College, Education Institute Thane etc are renowned institutes. Thane have produced many iconic personalities who have contributed lot in the uplift of Thane. Thane is quite green and clean, law and order is very effective. People of Thane are quite health conscious as many parks and play grounds remain crowd by walkers, joggers and sportsmen and the lakes are also the first choice. Visitors may find this place a religious place, a historical place, a place where they may have lot of fun and recreation and nightlife is quite enjoyable as many Pubs and Bars are offering a pleasing entertainment.

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  • A beautiful and peaceful city
  • A beautiful and peaceful city
  • A beautiful and peaceful city
  • A beautiful and peaceful city

Pritvi Kanchi

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A Trip to Thane

I had been to Thane by train in the month of March 2016. Thane is an important stop-over in the tourism circuit of Maharashtra. The must-visit places around Thane include Tansa Lake, Essel World, Bassein fort and Upvan Lake. The Tansa Lake is in close proximity to the Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary. The Lake has a storage capacity of 3 million gallons of water and is a major source of supply of drinking water to Mumbai city. The Mahuli Fort is a must-visit for architecture buffs. The Essel world is an extremely popular amusement park located in Thane District. The Bassein Fort is now called as Vasai Fort and is an old Portuguese settlement. The Upvan Lake is one among the 23 lakes found in this region. It is very popular among couples with the Yeoor hills located on one side of this pristine natural wonder.

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I am heading to Thane

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Thane Overview

History of Thane

Thane, which is also known as Shri Sthanak, is a north-eastern suburb of Mumbai, located at the head of the Thane Creek, in Maharashtra. The city is spread over a total area of about 147 square km and is at an altitude of about 7 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by the Yeoor and Parsik Hills. The administrative headquarters of Thane district is also located here. Thane is also popular as the Lake City because it has around 30 lakes within its territory, the Masunda Talao or the Talao Pali being the most beautiful one. Upvan Lake, which has the Yeoor Hills on one side and the Neelkanth Heights on the other, is another popular lake in the city.In the past, Thane was under the governance of the Portuguese, the Marathas and then the British.

The earliest record of Thane is present in the works of Ptolemy, a Greek geographer, who has mentioned about a place called Chersonesus in his writings (135 - 150 AD). According to researches, it is the same area where Thane is located at present times. The Portuguese came to Thane in 1530 and it was ruled by them for more than 200 years till 1739. At that time Thane was called Cacabe de Tana. In 1737 and 1739, the Marathas seized Bassein and Thane, and ruled it till 1784. After them came the British, who took over the Fort and brought Thane under their governance. They called the city Tana.The headquarters of the district administration was located in this city during the British rule and a district collector was stationed here

People and Culture of Thane

In 1863 the Thane Municipal Council was formed and at that time the city was inhabited by about 9000 people.The rich Maharashtrian culture is predominant in Thane. However, it is also influenced by the cosmopolitan culture of Mumbai due to its close proximity to the capital city. Although it is mostly inhabited by Marathis, North Indians, South Indians, Sindhis, Gujaratis and Marwaris also live in considerable numbers. Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Gokulashtami and Durga Puja are among the most important festivals celebrated here.

Things To Do in Thane

Besides the numerous lakes, the other places to visit in and around Thane include Yeoor Hills, which includes the Swami's Math, Tikuji-ni-Wadi, Essel World, Water World, Bassein (Vasai), Titwala Ganesh Mandir, Ambarnath, Ganeshpuri, Sudhagad Fort, Kashi and Mira villages and the Jawhar Palace.

There is so much to see in Thane.

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