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8 reviewsPosted 2 weeks ago

Relaxation for the day at this Mall

Visited Mall of Travancore, the first of its kind in the capital city. A special experience in shopping. A new place for food and entertainment. Highly relaxed moments.

  • Relaxation for the day at this Mall

Manoj Paweria

Manoj Paweriaratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

6 reviewsPosted 3 months ago


Overall I found myself in pool of pride that we were having so much of wealth to develop such a monument but same time feeling shame for our existing conditions that we are unable to maintain good infrastructure for the people of such a wealthy country. Excellent structure of old time.

Vinod Nair

Vinod Nairratingratingratingratingratingrating3.6/5

149 reviewsPosted 6 months ago

The Dam, The Lion Safari, The Cliff Beach Experience.

Trivandrum is house to the Neyyar Dam. It was a mediocre experience. Lot of locals visiting this place and nothing much for travellers. But if you have to get to the Neyyar Lion Safari Park, you have to go through this Dam.
There is a restaurant but you will have to take about 50+ steps to get there. OK food for a quick trip to the Lion Safari.
The Lion Safari was not at all a pleasant experience as what was expected. You will feel miserable looking at the condition of the Lions and the way they are kept. Also you will be taken in small 11 seater buses that are made like cages but not all comfortable and very bad experience. One can avoid this.
Best part about Trivandrum is the Varkala Beach which is besides a beautiful cliff. Excellent views from the cliff and the beach is so beautiful. Nice tibetan restaurants and many shops on the cliffs. Excellent walk experience on the cliff. Beach is pristine and filled with expats and well maintained. A Must Visit when in Trivandrum.
Also please take out time to visit Padmanabhaswamy Temple which we could not cover but I am sure that will be the Best Experience.

  • The Dam, The Lion Safari, The Cliff Beach Experience.
  • The Dam, The Lion Safari, The Cliff Beach Experience.
  • The Dam, The Lion Safari, The Cliff Beach Experience.
  • The Dam, The Lion Safari, The Cliff Beach Experience.

Mamta Narula

Mamta Narularatingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

67 reviewsPosted 6 months ago

Experience galore

Out of entire visit to different places in Kerala, Trivandrum is one of the best places.

The place is not only good for shopping but also for different types of experiences like Scuba diving and seeing fishermen doing fishing in the morning. We went to the beach adjoining our Samudra resort.. We reached there at 7 am and for two hours we were enjoying seeing 50 fishermen pulling fishing net. We even helped them in pulling rope attached to nets. The experience of watching this is amazing.

Sukumar shetty

Sukumar shetty

1 reviewPosted 7 months ago

The greatest temple and that is padmanabhswamy on shahana.

Go around with low luggage. Enjoy veg food. Visit all temples. Enjoy greenery, plants, and watery. People are kind hearted, soft spoken
. What else you want



2 reviewsPosted 8 months ago

Equisite sunsets, hoary temples and welcoming culture

Water is the element to enjoy in Kerala. Speed boating in the back waters, bathing in pristine beaches, glorious sunsets and soaking in the monsoon rains are all revitalizing experiences.

Atul aulak

Atul aulak

2 reviewsPosted 8 months ago

Travelled to nearby places and brought down the blood pressure down to normal sugar as well

All I must say here is do not do not carry your worries it doesn't really matters what belongings you carry or not but please forget who you are and enjoy by submerging yrself into the nature there.

Raajeshh ashok

Raajeshh ashok

3 reviewsPosted 8 months ago

World famous Padmanabha Swamy Temple, Kovalam Beach & Sunrise at Kaniyakumari

Travel by flight is very much advisable to avoid long travel, if booking is done two months earlier it economial, once you reach the destination you can use the service of Ola

Sakthi bhagat

Sakthi bhagat

1 reviewPosted 8 months ago

Incredible experience

Trivandrum is nice Kovalam beach nice curvedbeach. Veli lake you can experience boating and near you can ISRO. While these travels you find somany roadside coconut sellers, these are cheaper and fresh.
For vegetarian you find all food you want, but try kadalacurry with puttu, kappa, appam.
For non vegetarian you find all items, but try fish varrieties, you find fresh fishes. You can dry fish also. Small shops making so tasty and authentic food than bigger one.

Lineesh ak

Lineesh akratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

2 reviewsPosted 8 months ago

Historical place as well as enjoyable place

Trivandrum is one of historical place in Kerala. We can visit lot of Temples, musiums etc. Moreover lot of enjoyable places like Kovalam beach, Sankumukham beach, Veli are attracting travellers very well.
One of the main advantage is camp are to other area in Kerala, Airport is very near by city.
Airport, Railway station & Bus stands are situating in Heart of the City itself.
So all travellers should get very comfortably journey and should satisfy in all access.

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