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  • State: Tamil Nadu
  • Famous for/as: Heritage
  • District: Tiruchirappalli
Tiruchirapalli (Trichi) city is the administrative headquarters of Tiruchirapalli District in Tamil Nadu. Tiruchirapalli, the fourth largest city of Tamil Nadu, is situated on the banks of River Cauvery.

Tiruchirapalli, famous for its rich cultural and architectural heritage and traditions, is regarded as the geographic centre of Tamil Nadu. Located at the tip of Cauvery Delta on the plains in between Shevaroy Hills and Palni Hills, Tiruchirapalli lies at an average elevation of 88 meters above sea level, with isolated hillocks.

According to archaeological evidence, ancient Indian literature and the writings of Ptolemy, the history of Tiruchirapalli can be dated back to 300 BC. The city witnessed the rule of the Early Cholas, Pallavas, Medieval Cholas, Pandyas, Mughals, Vijayanagara, Nayaks, Nawabs of the Carnatics and the British.

Tiruchirapalli reached its glory under the rule of the Nayaks of Madurai. The Rock Fort was constructed and the city was expanded by the Nayaks. The city became a prime trading centre in the South during the period of the Nayaks.

Tiruchirapalli District was formed during the rule of the British East India Company and Tiruchirappalli (Trichinopoly) city was made its capital, in the year 1801. John Wallace was appointed as the first District Collector of Tiruchirappalli.

Under the British Raj, Tiruchirappalli gained wide recognition as an important commercial and educational centre. According to the Indian Censes of 1871, Tiruchirappalli city was the second largest city in the Madras Presidency of British India, the largest being the capital city of Madras.

Tiruchirapalli is known for its blend of tradition and modernity. The present day Tiruchirapalli city can be roughly classified in to Old City, Commercial Centre and Cantonment Area.  The Old City, situated towards the North, comprises most of the temples in the city. The Commercial Centre or bazaar occupies the central part and it is the buzzing area of the city. Cantonment, presently a residential area located in the South of the city, was a military quarters of the Madras Regiment in the 1800s.

Tiruchirapalli offers options from pilgrimage sites to adventure activities. Ranganathaswamy Temple, Rock Fort Temple and Srirangam are the prime attractions of Tiruchirapalli city. Adventure lovers can visit Puliancholai, Pachamalai, Thalamalai, Ponnanayar Dam and Srirangam Island.

Tiruchirapalli is connected by air, rails and road to the rest of the country. The International Airport at Tiruchirapalli is the second largest airport in Tamil Nadu. Tiruchirapalli is also an important railway junction in the Southern Railways and connects Central Tamil Nadu to major cities and towns of India. The best time to visit Tiruchirapalli is from October to March.

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Saranya Devanathan

  • Guru
  • Saranya Devanathan
  • Cityslicker
  • Lives in Bangalore
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"City with temple, church and mosque in the same street"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted 2 months ago
I went to Trichy to attend a meeting. I coaxed 2 of my friends to join and all 3 stayed in the same room and shared the taxi fare. Though the city is kept clean, I could not enjoy it because there were no footpath. Autos and taxis have no meter. They charge minimum? 50. We need to bargain for trips. Balaji cabs Mr Sakthi (7708219030) was nominal. He adjusted to our change of plans. He helped to find food and toilet. Generally people were friendly and helpful. At the centre of the city itself the Uchipillaiyar koil is there on the historic rock fort. The gothic sculpted church of St Lourde is at the foot hill. We had 'paan' prepared with local special dark tangy betel leaves. Special karpooravalli and malai bananas were tasty though the look dark and unripe. Near theppakolam, hot **** puttu, both rice and ragi, fresh jack fruits made our dinner. My friends enjoyed jigirthanda when I relished sweet and kara paniyarams in the food court. Since Trichy is near Chettinad, I enjoyed vathakolambu, special rice payasam and chettinad chicken and fish fry. Though the weather was hot and humid, the sweet mangos of the season compensated. Srirangam and Thankful with huge temples were part of the city itself. Tanjavoor and Stanislaw were within an hour travel. We should have visited after monsoon to enjoy Cauvery river and oldest Kallanai dam. It was pathetic to see them dry. People are burning and cutting the thorny dark neem trees all over- supposed to be draining all water.
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Vijay shenthil Pkm

  • Explorer
  • Vijay shenthil Pkm
  • Lives in Madurai
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"Clean & tidy city in Tamilnadu"

  • 6.5/7
  • Posted Nov 1, 2015
One of the oldest city in Tamil Nadu. And ruled by Cholas! SriRangam was the oldest of Trichy and the developed town is Trichy with wide roads and cleanest of all cities in Tamil Nadu. Srirangam is a Renganathar temple has many Goupurams and beautiful Sculptures in it! It is a must visit destination in Trichy. Saying about food is. I like Chilli Paratto in a restaurant near Bus stand named Kurunji! It has a crispy parotta with spicy gravy. And you have shopping mall near the hotel.

People can visit Vinayagar temple in a small mountain in the heart of the city, from there we can experience the bridge view of Trichy. Roads are good, railway station and lodges are good! Government buses are also well connected with every districts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
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Prasad Jwala

  • Scout
  • Prasad Jwala
  • Flashpacker
  • Lives in Bangalore
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"PLace with good hotel as well as good food centers"

  • 4.0/7
  • Posted Nov 1, 2015
Trichy, famous for temples, near Srirangam temple, ideal time to visit is sept to Nov. Visited in Oct last year with family, stayed at mayas hotel, nice hotel for a days stay. Also visited Tanjore and kumbakonam a day's trip, also visited Srirangam. All these places have famous ancient temples. Good family time and knowledge for kids reg. History. Veg. Food no problem, lot of good hotels on the way. Should know Tamil to find places.
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Balakrishnan p

  • Tourist
  • Balakrishnan p
  • Lives in Thrissur
  • 1 Review
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"Full of temples"

  • 3.0/7
  • Posted Sep 25, 2015
I have visited some important temples in Trichy and its suburbs like Sree Ranganathar temple - Srirangam, Thiruvanaikoil, Uthamar Koil, Sri Brahmapureeswarar temple, Thiruppainjeeli Siva Temple and Vayalur Murugan Temple.

Sree Ranganathar temple, a temple of its size and beauty I have not seen in my life before. The visit was for two days and was busy in these temples and have no time to visit other places. Previously I have not visited a temple with a deity of Brahma as in Sri Brahmapureeswarar temple and Yama dharma Raja as in Thiruppainjeeli Siva Temple. At Thiruppainjeeli Siva Temple Special Parihara poojas will be conducted for the young people for getting married. The monumental temples are evergreen memories and worth for revisit.

During September, the climate is very hot and travelling is tiresome even with an AC vehicle. I prefer to travel in 2 tier AC for my to and fro the main Centre and Taxi for local sight seeing. Better to avoid during hot days.
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Kanni Appan

  • Tourist
  • Kanni Appan
  • Lives in Chennai
  • 4 Reviews
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"A great trip"

  • 4.0/7
  • Posted May 11, 2015
The trip in may 2015 to tiruchy was great. The destination from Chennai egmore to tiruchy by train was good. I reached tiruchy by 5 am, took a cab to rock fort temple, the temple of lord ganesha. After the darshan, I left for kallanai dam, a picnic spot on the banks of cauvery temple. The place was busy with kids and families. After that I left for a temple at Srirangam, the temple of deity ranganathasamy. The lourdes church at tiruchy is worth a watch for its beautiful architecture. The food at tiruchy was overall good. Overall it was a quite good visit.
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Thulaseedharan Achary

  • Guru
  • Thulaseedharan Achary
  • Cityslicker
  • Lives in Punalur
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"The ranganathaswamy temple at srirangam -An example of architectural excellence"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Feb 27, 2015
For visiting tourists the architectural excellence of ranganathaswamy temple at srirangam is a new experience. The architectural talents of builders of the golden age really astonishes us. How beautifully, neatly & carefully the creation is completed. This temple is considered as one of the largest functioning temple in the world.

The main entrance RAJAGOPURAM is a wonder. Number of temples having high architectural values are functioning around this temple. Thousands of pilgrims visit this temple. Kaveri river is flowing by the side of this temple. Srirangam is a developed business centre & around the temple big business is going on. The visiting of the temple once in life is a must. The temple has an altitude of 72 metres.
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Vivek Sharma

  • Guru
  • Vivek Sharma
  • Highlander
  • Lives in Jaipur
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"Holy city of Tamil Nadu"

  • 5.5/7
  • Posted Oct 1, 2013
Tirchy, the holy city of Tamilnadu, which is the fourth largest city of state, located on the bank of Cauveri river. Our visit to this place was for two days only. One day was spend in official work in BHEL Tirchy, and next day for leisure. On our leisure day we left for local sightseeing. We started with Rock fort temple. A good number of stairs test your stamina and the view of the city from top is just awesome. A must visit place. Next we left for Sri Rangnath swamy temple. The great architecture of this temple deserves a salute to the architect.

Other places of interest are :
- St. Lourds Church
- Kallanai Dam
- Rockfort
- Srirangam Island
- Srirangam temple

Advice : One can buy Coffee from here. There are many shops in market near Rock fort which carry coffee beans and grind them in front of you. In this way you can have fresh coffee. It tastes great.
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Santhanaraman Vinay

  • Scout
  • Santhanaraman Vinay
  • Heritage seeker
  • Lives in Coimbatore
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  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Dec 11, 2012
Trichy is wonderful city and it has a beautiful temples and shopping bazzar

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Banana leaf hotel for non veg and veg anand hotel

Activities & things to do: Nothing to do this in mind

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Take the travel desk to help the city tour
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Bisakha Chakraborty

  • Scout
  • Bisakha Chakraborty
  • Highlander
  • Lives in Kolkata
  • 19 photos
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  •  6090 readers

"Trichy - A nice place to visit!"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Nov 14, 2011
Tiruchirapali or Trichy as it is called popularly is a city located in the state of Tamil Nadu in India on the banks of the Kaveri river. Though not being the conventional hill stations or the beaches it has a beauty of its own in the form of Old Temple and the Rock Fort Temple specially.

Though Trichy has the impression of being an industrial city primarily, it can be regarded as a good place for visit. The purpose of my visit was due to my sons interview at the NIT Trichy, however the tour of the city was more enjoyable than the original purpose.

The Rockfort Temple is the centre of the attraction in the City. Built almost 350 years ago, it is one of the most famous heritage places in Tamil Nadu. One needs to go 420+ stairs to go up to the top of the temple. Carved out of hill almost and built by granite, it is a treat for any tourist.

Young people can go up without a break, but people of an older age needs to take some breaks inbetween. But once reached on the apex of the Rock Fort temple, the whole city can be seen in a birds eye view including the Kaveri River and also the Srirangam temple. Lord Vinayaka or Ganesha is the god situated at the top of the rock fort. One can donate offerings in the form of money. It is said that Lord Ganesha is 'Sidhhidata' or fullfills everybodys wishes.

The Srirangam temple is outside the city though as mentioned previously.
Srirangam can be seen 7kms away crossing the Kaveri River and is one of the biggest temples in southern India of Lord Vishnu. A 9 days festival is celebrated in the month of December. However it is very difficult to catch a glimpse of Lord Vishnu. The speciality is Lord Vishnu is in a different posture in a lying position.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Food in south india is the very usual vegetarian food in the form of Dosa Idly and Sambhar. But one can taste non-veg foods, as there are some good restaurants in the market and cantonment area close to the Rock Fort only. Fruits and Milkshake are very good in quality also in Trichy. One must taste them while there, and they are moderate in price also.

Sight- Seeing includes Srirangam temple, and there is also another temple near Srirangam which requires some mention. There is also a barrage on the kavery river which is included in the sight-seeing tour.

Shopping is primarily of South Indian sarees in Trichy, The quality is good and the price is very moderate in comparison to any other city in India, even Chennai. Materials include SIlk and Cotton with zaree work. There is a place called the market area in Trichy where one can find every item of one's need.

Jewellery shops are also present close to the Trichy marketplace. South Indian ladies are quite conscious of their jewellery, so designs are not so bad after all! :)

Activities & things to do: A large portion of the people going to Trichy are of business work in BHEL and other organizations as we found out in our train only. Tourists are not that great in number, but the place has got the scope of being a good tourist place. Thanjavaur is not far from Trichy which is also a renowned tourist place.

Activities as a tourist mainly include visiting the places of interest such as Rock Fort Temple, Srirangam and other temples. There is also a church located within the city, shopping can be done and spending some good time with the family or friends even.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Trichy is well connected with Chennai and all other districts of Tamil Nadu both by road in the form of National Highways and Railways. However people coming from different states of India can come via flight directly to Trichy by a connecting flight at Chennai but that is quite expensive too. I had reached there by the Trichy Express from Calcutta which reached there at an awkward time of 5 in the morning. Its better to catch a direct train to Trichy from the source.

If not a break at Chennai and then bus or a train can be taken to Trichy.
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Abhijit Pal

  • Expert
  • Abhijit Pal
  • Highlander
  • Lives in Gurgaon
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"Tiruchirapalli - A great experience"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Sep 9, 2009
Tiruchirapalli is a nice city situated at the bank of River Kaveri, the holy river of South India. I went to this place for a business trip. As usual, I always try to mix business trips with pleasure. So, I did not miss any opportunity to utilize my trip. Tiruchirapalli is a temple town and there are various temples, which can be reached easily for this city. The most famous is the SriRanganathswamy temple in Srirangam. However, the Rockfort temple, which is situated in the city, is one of the great wonder. The temple is atop a huge rock and it is at the height of about 80 mts. The architecture is quite unique, as the temple is cut from the rock. In fact, it is difficult to get the idea of the uniqueness of this architecture from the entrance of the temple. To see this in totality, you have to see it from the city. The top of the temple can be reached through the stairs. Once you start climbing the stairs, you can realize how old the temple is. Once you reach near the top, you can see the breathtaking view of the city and Kaveri. During the daytime the city looks like the jungle of brick-and-morter. However, the best time to see the view is during the dusk. If you wait there, you will see that the city is changing slowly from the brick-and-morter jungle to a magnificent city, with the lights glitters in the dark. The experience of this half-an-hour time during the dusk and evening can be a memorable experience itself. During the evening, you can also see the train coming from the side of Madurai and crossing the bridge on river Kavery. The light of the train in the dark river creates a surrealistic picture.

Next day, the meeting was over at late afternoon. Sufficient time was not available to go to Srirangam. Another option was to go to the great old city of Thanjavur (Tanjore). The main attraction of this city is Brahadeeswara Temple. The temple was made during 11th Century, by Rajaraja Chola. Unlike the other temples, the Gopuram is smaller in this temple, but it is intrically designed. This is not only a temple, but this is also a great piece of architecture. The architecture is preserved nicely. The evening becomes beautiful with the sound of the puja offerings. It is a great feeling to be in such a place, where the puja is continuing for last 1000 years with the evening is approaching the same way. It is in such places, where the history and the present get intermixed.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: In Tiruchirapalli, we were staying in Hotel Sangam. The hotel was near to the bus stand. Hence, we decided not to eat in the hotel, as there is no point eating Chinese or Continental food, when you are in a place where the best South Indian food is available. This was a great decision. The Chettinad style of Chicken curry was great. If you are not accustomed with this delicacy, you need to inform the waiter to make it less spicy. Also, most of the restaurants are situated near the bus stand. In other portion of the city, there are limited option of restaurants. Eating out is still not the preferred option in smaller cities.

Activities & things to do: Tiruchirapalli is famous for the temples. Generally this city caters to the tourists, who usually come hear due to religious reasons. Apart from this, there is not much option. Tiruchirapalli is a great hub to visit the greatest and the best temples of Chola dynasty.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: We traveled during the month of November. The weather was pleasant and the evenings were excellent. We traveled by air from Delhi to Chennai and then from Chennai to Trichy.
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