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Tuting, also referred to as Tuting Tehsil, is a small village town, situated in the Upper Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh. It lies at an elevation of 754 m above sea level and is spread over a small area of 10 sq km.

The Upper Siang District is popular for its natural beauty. It is home to 11 Administrative Circles and has a total population of 33,146. Its main source of water is the Siang River, which passes through this district, its entry point into India.

Tuting is also a significant location because of the nearby Upper Siang Hydroelectric Project. Population of this area is mainly composed of the Adi people and the Memba tribe that follow Donvi-Polo and Tibetan Buddhism.

The tehsil of Tuting also contains many places of interest such as the Tuting Monastery, Riutala Buddhist Shrine, Yameng Lake at Ekodumbing, etc. Tuting is also well known for its culture and festivals like the Solung, Etor & Aran of the Adis; Lossar of Memba and Khamba; and the Reh of Idu Mishmi.

The most popular ones amongst these include the Solung Festival, which is celebrated in the first three days of September. The Lossar Festival is celebrated as the Tibetan New Year, every year in February.

This town is accessible through the railway station of Guwahati, which is situated at a distance of 26.1 km from the place.

Weather ranges from sub-tropical to temperate and the best time to visit the place is between mid-September and mid-December as well as mid-March and mid-June.