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Vagamon is a hill station situated in Kerala near the border of Kotayyam-Iduki. Vagamon is surrounded by a sequence of three quaint hills, namely Murugan Hill, Kurisumala Hill and Thangal Hill. History of VagamonDiscovered by the British, who......Read more on Vagamon

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  • Type: Water Fall
Vagamon Falls, Vagamon
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Places to Visit in Vagamon
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  • Type: Hill
Kurisumala, Vagamon
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Places to Visit in Vagamon
Kurisumala Hill is situated about 5 km away from Vagamon and is considered to be an important religious centre for Christians. There is a church located at the top of this hill, which has fourteen crosses on its pathway. Devotees carry small wooden crosses during the holy... Read More »
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  • Type: Religious Place
Kurisumala Ashram, Vagamon
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Places to Visit in Vagamon
Kurisumala Ashram is a famous monastery, situated on the Kurisumala Hill. It is visited by tourists interested in Gandhian thoughts and Indian spiritual customs. The ashram, also known as the Cistercian Abbey, was established in 1958 by Friar Bede Griffiths and Abbot Francis... Read More »
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  • Type: Hill
Thangal Hill, Vagamon
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Places to Visit in Vagamon
Thangal Hill is an important religious site near Vagamon. It is famous for the burial chamber of Sufi saint, Sheikh Fariduddin. This hill is covered with grasslands, meadows and dense pine forests. Read More »
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  • Type: Offbeat Attraction
Mundakayam Ghat, Vagamon
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Places to Visit in Vagamon
Mundakayam Ghat is situated about 8 km away from Vagamon and is famous for the paragliding festival, organised by ASSTA (Adventure Sports and Sustainable Tourism Academy), Kerala. It is one of the low lying areas in the state, ideal for birdwatching. Read More »
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