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Thu 17th Aug

24° c

Light rain in the morning and evening.

  • Wind: 

    6 km/h

  • Humidity: 

    81 %

  • Pressure: 

    1005 mb

  • Cloud Cover: 

    98 %

  • Visibility: 


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Velankanni is situated in the coastal district of Nagapattinam of Tamil Nadu. It is a popular pilgrimage destination located at the level of Bay of Bengal.
Velankanni experiences a tropical climate throughout the year. The average maximum temperature that has been recorded is 35 Celsius and the minimum is 26 Celsius.

Summer in Velankanni begins in late March and it lasts till early June. April-May is the hottest time in Velankanni. The climate is very hot and humid during summer. The maximum temperature that has been recorded during summer is 36 Celsius and the minimum is 30 Celsius. Scanty rains can give a rise in humidity which in turn can add up the heat. Cotton clothes must be carried while visiting Velankanni during summer.
Monsoon in Velankanni begins in June and it is extended till late September. Southwest and Northeast monsoon provides heavy rain fall to Velankanni. The place experiences thunder storms, minor cyclones and counter cyclones during monsoon. The average rain fall that has been recorded is 1000mm. The maximum temperature that has been recorded during monsoon is 29 Celsius and the minimum is 24 Celsius. Humidity is high during monsoon months and climate remains mostly cloudy. Sunny days during monsoon are very hot due to high humidity. Outdoor trips in Velankanni during monsoon can get difficult due to heavy rain falls.

Winter in Velankanni begins in November and it lasts through February. The weather is very pleasant and mild during winter. January is the coldest month with a maximum temperature of 29 Celsius and a minimum temperature of 21 Celsius. Velankanni also experiences minor tidal waves or tsunamis during winter.

Velankanni experiences heavy traffic of tourists all through the year. But the best season to visit Velankanni is October to March.

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