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Raju Chsn

Raju Chsnratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

5 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

Most beautiful city

I have been to Visakhapatnam many times. It is a beautiful and calm city. The main attractions I liked are - The long beach,Bheemili, Ramakrishna beach. We can spend some time here. We can also go to Ramakrishna Mission, Kaki temple. They are just opposite to Ramakrishna beach. On the way to Vuda park, we can see the most beautiful hotels like Novatel, Taj Gateway, Park view etc.
2. Then Annamacharya statue, Mastet EK, who is a great Guru, statue. Further we can go to Vuda Park and spend some time there.
3. We can also see big Alluri Sitaramaraju statue. Before that we can also see the submarine and we can also go inside. Also we can see the aquarium and yoga village. From Vuda park if we go further, we can see Shanti Ashram, then further we can see Kailasa Giri, and many beach resorts, we can also go to Kailasa Giri. A small hill by cable car. From here we can see the entire Visakhapatnam. This is worth seeing.
4. If we go further we can see Gitam college and then further we can see beautiful hills on the way to Bheemili. When we are passing on this way, we will pass through a way between hills and the sea. This is a wonderful scene. On the way you will pass through Naval base and after that if we take a diversion, we can also see " erra matti dibbalu" where many films were Shoo ted. If we go further we will reach Bheemili, a very old town. Here you can also visit Sadguru Sivananda Murthy Ashram, called Anandavanam. He passed away last year.
This beach Tour is so peaceful and calm. We can also see " Ramadri", a temple complex on the way to Bheemili. A large Hanuman statue, Rama Nama stupas of Tulasi plants and Kadambari Tree and Mother Goddess statue situated here. It is worth seeing.
There are lot of beautiful beaches along the seashore and also cottages to stay.
Try once. Go with family and children. But remember one thing. Enjoy the sea from a distance. Don't go for swimming. The VIZAG beaches are not good for swimming. Most dangerous. Just enjoy and relax. So many cottages and resorts are there near to beaches. AP state resorts are also there on the small hill with beautiful sea view near Gitam College.

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Srikanth pullela

Srikanth pullelaratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

8 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

Awesome place but only in winters

The most lively beach city in the east and probably the best among the region. Though there isn't any night-life but the evenings are sparkling. A developing smart city. Avoid summer i.e from March-November. Transportation is at ease. Plenty of food chains with multiplex, inox theatres and what not. Have a pleasant stay. Avoid summers.

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Bojjana Konda

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Ramakrishna Beach

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Rishikonda Beach

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Rishikonda Beach

Visakhapatnam Overview

History of Vishakapatnam

The coastal city of Vishakapatnam or Vizag, located by the Bay of Bengal, has a history that dates back to the 6th century B.C. Once a part of the erstwhile kingdom of Kalinga, it was ruled by the Chola Dynasty of Tamil Nadu and the Gajapatis of Odisha. Other rulers included the Mughals, the Nizam, and the French colonists before the British annexed it. The British name for it was Waltair which is still used to denote certain parts of the city.

People and Culture of Vishakapatnam

Telugu and Oriya are the languages commonly spoken here apart from English and Hindi. There is a large migrant population in the city which comprises of employees at the shipyards, Naval Base, and steel plants. The Muslim community here predominantly speaks Urdu.

Despite being a major industrial centre, the people of Vishakapatnam have not lost touch with their folk and tribal culture. Members of the hill tribes perform their music and dances such as Dhimsa at various fairs and festivals. The ‘Vishaka Utsav’ and Rishikonda Beach Festival are some popular annual events that are enjoyed by those on a Vishakapatnam tour.

Things To Do in Vishakapatnam

There are plenty of places to visit in Vishakapatnam and its vicinity. The golden unspoilt Rishikonda Beach is a great place to indulge in some water sports during your vacation. Nearby is the Kailasagiri Hill Park which offers a spectacular view of the bay and is one of the many picnic spots in Vishakapatnam. Dolphin’s Nose, Submarine Museum, the city zoo, the harbor, and Matsyadarshini Aquarium are some of the places to see in Vishakapatnam.

Apart from the common Vishakapatnam tourist places, a drive along the coastline can bring you to various hidden slices of heaven. Tiny islands, isolated beaches, and pristine lakes are some of the lesser known Vishakapatnam places to visit.

Food and Shopping in Vishakapatnam

One dish you might want to sample during your trip to Vishakapatnam is ‘Pesarattu’, a local favourite which is a ‘dosa’ with a filling of semolina and onions. Fish curry, shrimp pickle, prawn curry, and rasam are some other items you might want to sample when sightseeing in Vishakapatnam. Just remember that Andhra cuisine is usually quite spicy like the famous mango pickle Aavakkai.

Shopping is definitely one of the things to do in Vishakapatnam. Pochampalli sarees and dress materials make great gifts for dear ones when you go home after Vishakapatnam sightseeing. Kalamkari printed fabrics and wall decor and Nakapalli toys are some other souvenirs you can take with you.

Accommodation in Vishakapatnam

There is no reason to be concerned about how to reach Vishakapatnam due to the availability of various options. The city is well-connected by air, rail, and road to numerous other places in the country and abroad. Vishakapatnam airport is the busiest in the region and flights to Singapore, Dubai, and Kuala Lumpur also originated here. The city railway station is a major hub and headquarters for the Waltair Railway Division. Accommodation is also not a problem for those on Vishakapatnam sightseeing trips given the choices available. You can find budget hotels in Vishakapatnam as well as boutique hotels and resort facilities.