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Clam and clean place to relax

We have started at 730. From electronic city. After some **** bit, we were at attibelele toll gate by 8 AM.
After that we progressed though blore to Chennai road. After Krishnagiri we followed navigation and took a left turn. After 2 km on that small road, it asked us to take right, and it led us to a narrow road with big pot holes. We were astonished that will this 15 ft road lead to Yelagiri. Some 30 mind we have spend there. Searching in navigation and trying to understand if something is wrong. There were few bikes on that road and no car was seen. Finally one villager in a bike stopped and offered to help. He has described the same way in left and right as navigation showed. We followed navigation with a horrible feeling that we have to climb a hill by this narrow village road. But after 2 more km s we met a state highway and from there we took left for yelagiri. It was a sigh of relief. That road was good.
It took us around 30 mins slow drive to reach hill top. Place was clam and clean. We could locate the hotel easily. Reached hotel by 11 AM. Since our goal was to relax, we changed dress and started walking around the hotel, soaking in some fresh air. Ordered lunch and to our delight, it was very tasty.
Then we realised that sun is too instance and my husband had a nap, while my 7 yr old daughter and me were outside our room looking out, she wanted to watch grazing cows and loitering dogs :). We had a cup of tea and went out. Visited boat house and nature's garden. At 630 pm we came out and my daughter wanted dosa. We walked around the small place, but not even a single restaurant was serving dosa in the evening. All were preparing for dinner. My daughter was quite disappointed and refused to eat anything else. Then we looked for tea and that was also not available. When we drove towards hotel, on the main road before taking turn, noticed one tea stall. Tea was good. Daughter had some chocolate and chips and by 7:30 PM we were back to hotel.
Ordered dinner and had nice family time.
Next morning when we woke up, was delighted by fresh air and bright sunlight.
We were feeling like staying one more night. My daughter was refusing to pack up.
Overall very nice experience.

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Murali g.b Gummaraju5.0/5

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Totally satisfied an value for money

Nice place to relax for one night stay very nice lake for boating very nice nature park adventure park kurgan temple location is very nice. Night is very chill nice place to relax broad roads. Very very nice fruits we get there to eat staple is very cheap I got a very nice yellow apple very tasty I saw that in hollend name I have forgotten I can update photo

I am heading to Yelagiri Hills

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Punganur Lake


Yelagiri Hills Overview

History of Yelagiri

A cluster of small villages spread around its hills, Yelagiri is a beautiful place in Southern India. The whole of Yelagiri was earlier the property of the Yelagiri Zamindar Family whose house still exists in Reddiyur to this day. The area was taken over by the Government of India in the 1950s.

Famous for its trekking options, paragliding and rock climbing, it comprises of 14 hamlets and a number of temples scattered over its hills. Yelagairi has always been home to hundreds of snakes.

The weather in this area is always cool and comfortable with less rainfall in winter than in summer which makes it comfortable for Yelagiri sightseeing. The district administration here has now taken up the task of making Yelagiri a tourist destination and there are many tourist places in Yelagiri.

People and Culture of Yelagiri

The native people of Yelagiri are called Vellala Caunter and Malayali, which means people who live in the mountains. They are also called karalar which means one who rules the clouds. The Malayali people are from the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu. The Vellala Caunter people are a group of cultivators who were part of the warring factions of Tipu Sultan’s army in the seventeenth century. Another native tribal group here are the Irular.

Things to do in Yelagiri include the famous Yelagiri Summer Festival which is held every May by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Board. Dog shows, flower shows and various cultural programs are a feature of this festival in which people from all over the State and other parts of the country participate. Sightseeing in Yelagiri is also very popular.

Things To Do in Yelagiri

Places to see in Yelagiri include the Punganoor artificial lake and park. The lake is just 25 feet deep and you can go boating on it. Yelagiri attractions includeJalagamparai Waterfalls which are best visited in early November to mid-February when the water flow is more abundant than in the rest of the months of the year.

There exists a telescope observatory that offers an insight into the world beyond the Earth. Dr. Vaini Bappu constructed the observatory here. It is maintained by the Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore and is the home of Asia’s largest telescope. Though you need permissions to enter this area, you can get a similar experience at the closely located Visitor Telescope.

There are many other Yelagiri tourist places that exist.

Food and Shopping in Yelagiri

A number of small restaurants and hotels cater to a variety of cuisines. Jackfruits from this region are very popular and guavas and custard apples are available in different seasons.

Though there isn’t much shopping to do here, the home-made honey and jackfruit jams cannot be missed. Also go on a Yelagiri tour to get the whole experience.

Accommodation in Yelagiri

Yelagairi has both luxury as well as budget accommodation options and there are a lot of places to visit in Yelagiri. Clean and well-maintained, the places to stay are scattered around the area and you can pick one depending on convenience and proximity depending on your agenda in Yelagiri.

Chennai is the nearest airport to Yelagiri and Jolarpetti is the closest station with many trains to Bangalore stopping here from Chennai. By bus, Chennai and Yelagiri are around 4.5 hours apart and from Bangalore, the best route is the Bangalore-Hosur-Krishnagiri-Vaniyambadi-Yelagiri route.

In Yelagiri, you will find plenty of taxis or auto-rickshaws on hire to see all the Yelagiri places to visit.. As it is popular for trekking, you can also explore this area by foot to have the whole experience of sightseeing in Yelagiri.