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Re: mysore to cochin

Posted by Murali | Mon Jul 14, 2008 12:10 pm

You can go to Coimbatore from Mysore by bus and from there you can go by bus or train to Kochi (Ernakulam).

Re: mysore to cochin

Posted by Jammy | Mon Jul 14, 2008 12:35 pm

Hi anonya,

From Mysore, the best option is opt for private buses which travel overnight and get to Cochin in the morning. There are Kerala state-run buses which do this route, but I wouldn't recommend them as they aren't really comfortable, esp since aged persons are travelling with you.

Kallada travels has a Volvo bus which goes from B'lore to Cochin via Mysore, Calicut - you can get their contact details from I am not sure of the timing, but my guess is it will leave Mysore around 11pm and get to Kochi around 7 or 8am (check with them on the timing). I believe some of the other private operators like Sharma transport, etc also have buses from B'lore routed via mysore.

About travelling with aged person: the route these buses take has a ghat section (Wayanad stretch) and the roads are full of curves right through, so ensure you try to get tickets in the front portion. Also insist on tickets on the Volvo bus as these are far more comfortable than the other ones. The journey time will be approximately 9 hours (my guess).

Have fun!

Re: mysore to cochin

Posted by Anonya | Mon Jul 14, 2008 12:47 pm

thanks a TON jammy, my experience with VOLVO is good since i travelled by Paeveen Travel from Madurai to Chennai, if i get same quality of service wont think there will be much problem(apart from GHATS) with aged person, at the same time i would like to share my experience with state bus from Bangalore to Kodaikanal,it was horrible and pathetic

Re: mysore to cochin

Posted by Ayonam | Mon Jul 14, 2008 12:47 pm

Dear Anonya,

The two road routes have already been explained to you in the earlier posts - the one that takes you through Mysore-Gundlupet-Sultan Battery-Kalpetta-Calicut-Cochin and the second one Mysore-Gundlupet-Bandipur-Ooty-Coonoor-Coimbatore-Thrissur-Cochin.

The former has a little bad stretch of road and takes you a little northwards while the latter one lands you about 100 odd kms down south.

Both the routes have considerable Ghat sections and hence may be a little tiring for aged people if you travel by bus. There are no direct buses on either section so you will invariably have to change buses. The best mode of transport on these sections is a taxi. You could take a taxi to either Calicut(Kozhikode) or Coimbatore. From either places you would get frequent buses to Cochin(Kochi) which is about 4-5 hours run.

If you take a taxi on the former route you could visit a place called Pookot Lake which is very picturesque - at least it was so when I cycled down from Mysore about 13 or 14 years back. You could stay in one of the beautiful resorts in the Waynad district which are located amidst tea gardens - don't expect those teas to be anywhere close to Darjeeling tea though :lol: . The ghats in general very beautiful and more so during this season of monsoon. From Kozhikode, you could also take the a train on the Konkan railway to reach Kochi (CLT - ERN). There are 7 trains that run daily and each takes about 4 hours time.

On the latter route you could stop by at Ooty where you can visit the Doddabetta Peak - the highest in South India, the botanical garden, the lake - its quite dirty though. You could make your next stop at Coonoor where you could visit the Sims Park - a very beautiful botanical garden. Coonoor is in general a little cleaner and more beautiful than Ooty.

In fact, you could take the NMR (Nilgiri Mountain Railway) to go down from Ooty to Mettupalayam and from there on to Coimbatore from where you will get a bus to Kochi. On the NMR you can reserve first class tickets in advance. There are nine tickets available per day. You can book them on the IRCTC website(search for trains from UAM to MTP - train no. 661 - boarding at 15:00, alighting at 18:35). The first class bogie is the last one with the last coupe having a window at the back. You can almost see 270 degrees of view from the last coupe. The nice thing about that railway is the huge gradient it runs on due to which it uses a special rack-and-pinion arrangement to prevent the wheels from slipping on the rails. If you fancy a steam engine, then the train uses a steam engine in the Coonoor to Mettupalayam stretch. From Mettupalayam there is a connecting train to Coimbatore (Nilgiri Express Train No. 2672 MTP - CBE boarding at 19:45 alighting at 20:30). At Coimbatore you could choose to either take a taxi to Kochi or take a train in the night or take a halt for the night and take a train in the morning. There are about 9 trains that run daily on Coimbatore to Ernakulam section(CBE - ERN). The travel time on this leg will be about three and a half to four hours, whichever mode of transport you take.

So you have many options now and will have to first decide what you want to see on the way and then choose the appropriate mode of transport. My personal suggestion would be one of the two below:

1. Take a car/bus to Ooty, then take the NMR to MTP and onwards to CBE by Nilgiri Express and from there on take a bus/car/train as it suits your comfort and budget.

2. Take a car (not bus) towards Kozhikode (enjoy the spots on the way). From there on take a train to Kochi. Prefer the short distance ones(the ones that have only CC and 2S classes) since they are less likely to be late.

Hope this helps.

Re: mysore to cochin

Posted by Ayonam | Mon Jul 14, 2008 1:00 pm

BTW, noted in the previous posts that now there are Volvo buses that take you direct to Kochi from mysore. However, taking a Volvo on a Ghat section _may_ have its own perils. I'm just guessing that due to the higher seating position than normal buses, the roll is likely to be greater on the hair-pin bends. I don't have a personal experience though and may be other travelers may be able to give you inputs on that. I have always driven on those roads and in a Sierra, with its higher seating position than other cars, I can feel the increased roll on those bends. IMHO, the best for aged people is to do the Ghats in a car with low suspension (or a train) and the rest in a mode that suits the comfort and budget constraints.

Re: mysore to cochin

Posted by Anonya | Mon Jul 14, 2008 1:10 pm

dear ayonam, thanks a lot,i never thought i would receive such wonderful and spontaneous reponses/answeres for my quiery,perhaps i would accept your suggestions but i have been already in ooty and from cochin i would like to extend my travel to kumarakam. allepy,kovalm, from there i will fly to return calcutta,hence enroute i cannot waste my time, may be some other time,but i am sure your suggestions will help other buddies who want to hault in between cochin and mysore
since you have given a very ceystal clear description about this route can u share your opinion about kumarakom. allepy and kovalam
thanks a lot once again, but my experience regarding VOLVO is good,but ofcourse not in hair-pin bends,it was Madurai to Chennai,we never felt we are travelling by bus,it was excellent but train would be the best option for aged persons no doubt
warm regards

Re: mysore to cochin

Posted by Jammy | Mon Jul 14, 2008 2:00 pm

Hi anonya,

Just to cull out another option based on the very useful suggestions given by Ayonam, you could also look at the option of taking a bus to Calicut (Kozhikode) and taking the train from there to Kochi; this would be less stressful for the aged persons travelling with you. However, do note that trains within Kerala are usually very crowded; make sure you do your reservation well in advance. I would suggest you look at AC Chair car options.

I wouldn't suggest taking a taxi from Mysore all the way to Kochi (or even to Calicut) as it could cost you quite a bit.


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