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Posted by Aparna | Tue Sep 06, 2011 7:04 pm

What are the chief attractions here in Udaipur? Please tell me which are the good hotels in udaipur.We are going next month and will be staying there for 4 days. Our budget is around 2000 per night.

Re: next month

Posted by Sumit | Wed Sep 07, 2011 2:36 pm

Udaipur is a fantastic and vibrant place. The memoirs of Rajput history will rekindle every now and then.

The Udaipur City Palace facing the Lake Pichola rises 30 metres above it.The palace complex built entirely in granite and marble is one of the most beautiful palatial structures.There are several structures inside the City Palace compex.'Amar Vilas'(the highest point of the City palace is a raised garden having wonderful hanging gardens with fountains)...'Badi Mahal' (Also known as Garden Palace is an exotic central garden palace )...'Durbar Hall'(Now a heritage hotel,originally used by the royal ladies to observe the court proceedings)...'Fatehprakash Palace'(Although now converted into a luxury hotel, it has a crystal gallery that consists of crystal chairs, dressig tables, sofas, tables, chairs and beds, crockery, table fountains)...'Jagadish Temple'(a Vishnu temple)...'Krishna Vilas'(Inside Fatehprakash Palance. Has wonderful collection of miniature paintings that portray royal processions, festivals and games of the Maharanas)...'Manak Mahal'(Has a raised alcove inlaid completely in mirror glass)...'Mor Chowk or Peacock Square'(The elaborate design of this chamber consists of three peacocks (representing the three seasons of summer, winter and monsoon.The peacocks have been crafted with 5000 pieces of glass, which shine in green, gold and blue colours)...'Zenana Mahal or Women's Palace'(women’s quarters now converted into museum)...'Rang Bhawan'(Royal treasury)...'Sheesh Mahal'(considered as the oldest part of the Palace, the palace of mirrors and glasses was built in 1716).

Udaipur has also as many as 5 beautiful lakes, among which the Fatehsagar Lake(created in 1678) and the Pichola Lake(created in 1362) are extremely popular with the tourists.

Besides the City Palace, Udaipur has other things to offer to tourists. The 'Saheliyon ki Badi'(garden of the maids)...'Sukhadia Circle'...'Udaipur Solar Observatory' (one of Asia's largest)...'Gulab Bagh'(a rose garden with a zoo inside)...'Doodh Talai'(gives you a panoramic view of the old city. Also a ropeway for tourist attraction)...'Bagore-ki-Haveli '(has a large and exquisite collection of Mewar painting and glassworks)...'Ahar Museum'(more than 250 cenotaphs of the maharajas of Mewar that were built over approximately 350 years).

There are major toursist attractions around Udaipur also. The 'Jagat Temple', (58 km) built in 961 A.D. is renowned for its intricate carvings in the exteriors. The 'Eklingji Temple' (20 km) is one of the most famous temples of Rajasthan.

90 km from Udaipur stands the impeccable 'Ranakpur Temple'.Dedicated to the first Jain Tirthankar Adinath (Lord Rishana), the temple was supposed to have been built between 14th to mid-15th centuries. The handcrafted sculptures on white marble is second to none. Over 1444 marble pillars, carved in exquisite detail, support the temple. The pillars are all differently carved and no two pillars are the same. One can only be mesmerized by the artwork. The road condition between Udaipur and Ranakpur is not very soothing though. It is roughly a 3 hours journey (one way).

About 112 km from Udaipur, stands Chittorgarh, the earstwhile capital of the Mewar Rajputs.Although Chittorgarh has a rail station, it is a convenient place to cover by road. NH-76 and NH-79 passed through Chittorgarh - well connected by both buseds and private cars.

The very name Chittorgarh brings the memories of Rani Padmini and her act of 'Sati' to save her sanctity from the hands of Alauddin Khilji. The second is Meera Bai the most famous female Hindu spiritual poetess.

The Chittorgarh fort is one of the largest amoung all the Rajput forts. Built in 7th. century,it has seven gates to fend off elephants and cannon shots. Inside the fort, there are several awe-strucking monuments.

'Victory Tower' (the vijay stambha stands as a symbol of Chittorgarh built by Rana Kumbha in the mid 15th. century. The 122 ft high structure has a narrow staircase of 157 steps to reach the top)...'Kirti Stambha'(the tower of fame, dedicated to Lord Adintha, the first Jain Tirthankara)...'Rana Kumbha's Palace'...'Padmini's Palace'(the residence of Rani Padmini. Rani Padmini's beauty is compared to that of Cleopatra. It is widely believed that this beauty besotted Alauddin Khilji and convinced him to destroy Chittor in order to possess her)...'Meera Temple'(Vishnu Temple built in 1449).

Nearby attractions include 'Kalika Mata Temple'...'Tulja Bhavani Temple'...'Fateh Prakash Palace'...'Gaumukh Reservoir'.

For accomodation in Udaipur within your budget, you can try the Rajasthan Tourism Lodge KAJRI or ANAND BHAWAN. You can log onto for details.

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