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Travel to Coorg from Pune via Davangere

Posted by Shrikant | Thu Nov 22, 2007 1:07 pm

HI Folks ,

We intend to drive dowm to Coorg during the New Year holidays. Shall be taking the Pune -Hubli - Davanagere Route. Could you suggest the route beyond Davanagere, one which is a good quality of road with restaurants and other facilities enroute.
What is the time frame that one should plan for for this Drive from Davanagere to coorg. I am driving a Toyota Corolla.


Re: Travel to Coorg from Pune via Davangere

Posted by Zircuu | Tue Nov 27, 2007 1:19 pm

Happy driving. The Pune -Hubli - Davanagere Route is a good one to go to coorg.

Re: Travel to Coorg from Pune via Davangere

Posted by Suresh | Wed Nov 28, 2007 6:05 pm

Hi Shrikant,
I travelled last year from Coorg to Pune by road (Indigo Marina). The route that I took was different from yours - from Coorg to Mangalore, then along Goa highway upto Ankola, turned right, took the highway to hubli. From Hubli NH4 to Pune. Total distance about 900 kms, took driving time of 15 hours.

I see that you are taking the Pune - Hubli - Davangare - Coorg route. I drove from Pune to Bangalore and back this month and let me tell you that the NH4 upto Haveri is a pleasure to drive. The road is pretty poor from Haveri to Chitradurga with constant diversions and single lane traffic. The diversion roads are really bad - however you will have to bear this only till Davangere before you turn off.

Happy driving.

Re: Travel to Coorg from Pune via Davangere

Posted by | Thu Nov 29, 2007 9:18 am

Hi Srikanth,

The pune - hubli - davanagere route is good, once you reach Tumkur drive further on the highway for 40 kms approximately till you reach nelmangla by pass, at nelmangla by pass take a right turn & drive down via Kunigal - Channaraypatna - hassan, once you reach hassan drive till balupet & once at balupet take a left turn to reach kodlipet(local people will be of great help, you can ask for directions if you know the name of the places) Kodlipet - somwarpet - Madikeri. This road is awesome & very scenic & there are lots of good restaurants & coffe shops on the way till Hassan. You can also check this route on the drive from the by pass to Coorg will take you about 5 unforgettable hours.

Kms in Detail
By pass to Kunigal approx - 80 kms
Kunigal To channaraypatna - 60
Channarayapatna to Hassan - 40
Hassan to Balupet - 30
balupet to Kodlipet - 20
Kodlipet to Somwarpet - 30
Somwarpet to Madikeri - 30

Re: Travel to Coorg from Pune via Davangere

Posted by BobYourUncle | Thu Nov 29, 2007 1:04 pm

Unless there is a specific reason for you to go to Hubli/Davangere, I would strongly recommend the coastal route via Goa. No doubt the NH upto Davangere is great - thanks to the Golden Quadilateral. But if you want to stick to NH driving then you will have to go to Bangalore and then head to Coorg via Srirangapatna/Mysore. The mention of the name Bangalore sends a shiver down my spine - coming anywhere within 50km of Bangalore can be a potential disaster.
Of course you can divert to Shimoga and from there reach Coorg via Arsikere and Hassan. You must remember these are state highways and there are stretches where the road can be bad. The one temptation to take this route is to visit the Hoysala temples at Belur and Halebid. Also the drive through the wooded coffee plantations can be quite enchanting.
The reason I recommend the coastal road is that this is also a national highway - even so, it has much less traffic than the 6 laned Golden Quad. This route also offers you a variety of sights - Goa itself can be a great break. Then there are quaint little towns all along the Konkan coast. Only point to remember is to ask for the Sullia/Mercara Road after your reach Mangalore. If you miss this turn on the Mangalore-Bangalore Highway you will end up on the Shirali Ghat section which is at the present point of time a monstrosity. The Sullia route is relatively better except for a small stretch after Sullia town.
While in Coorg, if you are going to be traveling around a bit, its advisable to cut your speed - the roads as you may know are relatively narrow and winding and you are likely to encounter a number of blind bends.
Considering the adventure you are planning for yourself, I envy you! Enjoy youself! Drive safe. And most importantly keep us all posted about your experiences once you return.

Re: Travel to Coorg from Pune via Davangere

Posted by Kaustubh | Thu Nov 29, 2007 3:20 pm

From Davangere continue on NH 4 till Tumkur [ 200KM] Go to Tumkur city and proceed to Kunigal [ 38 KM] From Kunigal do not proceed on NH 48 but go to Maddur on Bangalore - Mysore expressway [ 40 KM] from Maddur to Mysore 50 KM and from there Madikeri[ DistHQ of Coorg] 120 KM vis Piriyapatana and Kushal nagar. This the best route. From this route you need not go to Bangalore city and therefore you escape from terrible traffic of Bangalore city and the road is very good.

Re: Travel to Coorg from Pune via Davangere

Posted by np | Mon Dec 10, 2007 7:33 pm

shortest route from davangere to mysore is
davangere - challakere - kibbanahalli cross - Bellur cross - nagamangala - pandavapura - srirangapatna - mysore. road is excellent. it is the highway from bidar to srirangapatna. can reach mysore in 4 hrs from davangere
you can also bypass mysore by travelling from srirangapatna to yelwala directly will save you at least 30 min.

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