Fantastic location, but lacks the feel of homestay - Chir...

Fantastic location, but lacks the feel of homestay

Review of Chiramel Residency, Kochi (Cochin)

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Average ratings on...
  • Destination 5.3/7
  • Location 6.5/7
  • Appearance 5.6/7
  • Front Office 5/7
  • Service 5.1/7
  • Room 5.6/7
  • Food & Drink 4.6/7
  • Activities 3.8/7

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Chiraag Mehta

  • Explorer
  • Chiraag Mehta
  • Lives in Delhi
  • 8 Reviews
  •  7 helpful votes
  •  865 readers
  • 4.6/7
  •  Posted Jan 30, 2015
My wife and I had been staying in home stays all over Kerala and were quite excited by the idea of spending a day in a traditional Kerala Theravadu-style home, Chiramel Residency. The website pictures had looked promising and a couple of other home stays (which were full) had recommended Chiramel Residency, so we went with it Our stay was a bit of a mixed bag, we had some friends in town and so we didn't end up spending much time in the home stay, but the little time that we did wasn't spent feeling particularly welcome. Don't get me wrong all the common courtesies you'd expect of a small hotel / motel / inn front office were extended to us during check-in by the lady at the front desk (presumably Mrs. Chiramel), but the warmth for which one chooses a home stay over a hotel / motel / inn were missing from the equation. In fact, so much so that when we crossed Mr. Chiramel in the corridor, we had to introduce ourselves and the conversation lasted 30 seconds! Anyway, we didn't bother too much about it then, and went on into our rooms The whole place was quite charming, and the rooms are comfortable and very spacious. But then again, when we came back down and asked for sights to see in the area, we were handed a map in lieu of local / personal inputs (contrast that with Mr. Walton at The Walton Home stay, who I had corresponded with over email and who we went to just visit, and who spent a full half hour explaining our where about to us, and even gave us local incense sticks as a gift! One big positive about Chiramel Residency is that it is located very much in the heart of Fort Kochi, a 5-minute walk from the Chinese fishing nets, the Dutch cemetery and the church, and a very pleasant 10-minute stroll away from the touristy streets of Fort Kochi. In a nutshell, the place has its pros and cons. (P. S. We didn't really try the food or explore what activities they had to offer, so don't read much into the Average rating for those)
Chiraag Mehta's rating on...
  • Destination 5.5/7
  • Location 6.5/7
  • Appearance 5/7
  • Front Office 4/7
  • Service 4/7
  • Room 5/7
  • Food & Drink 3.5/7
  • Activities 3.5/7
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Marvin Israel

  • Scout
  • Marvin Israel
  • 1 Review
  •  3056 readers
  • 6.0/7
  •  Posted Mar 8, 2006
The rooms in the new wing are very comfortable.
Marvin Israel's rating on...
  • Destination 5/7
  • Location 7/7
  • Appearance 6/7
  • Front Office 7/7
  • Service 7/7
  • Room 7/7
  • Food & Drink 6/7
  • Activities 3/7
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