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Poor management and Terrible Hospitality

Review of Sa - I - Mika Park, Cherrapunjee

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  • Destination 6.1/7
  • Location 6.1/7
  • Appearance 5.7/7
  • Front Office 5.2/7
  • Service 5.6/7
  • Room 5.6/7
  • Food & Drink 5.3/7
  • Activities 4.6/7

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Ajit kumar

  • Tourist
  • Ajit kumar
  • 3 Reviews
  • 1.8/7
  •  Posted 1 week ago
Our group of 7 visited the place on 28th April and had worst ever welcome by any hotel. The cottages do not a drivable route from main road which is almost. 5-1 KM. Unless you are in a big SUV do not even try getting inside. The so called manager (Mr Bhardwaj) was rude to the core. When we asked why there are no roads to reach the resort, his answer was "that's how it has been and we can't help it. You can complain to who ever you want to". At 8 PM we really did not have choice to search for another resort and moreover it was full ADVANCE PAYMENT so no question of refund also Then comes the dinner. We asked the manager if they can serve the dinner, for that answer was " Yes, but do not expect any choices, you have to eat whatever we prepare". For a moment I thought I was in some free dharamshaala where I as a guest has to listen to whatever the owner says Anyways below are the Good and Bad about the Resort.
1. Rooms are clean looking and nicely done. Good for bigger groups. However I could sense there are hardly any guest in this resort as rooms had dust and cob webs everywhere .
2. Staff members were cooperative to an extent .
3. On request we were served with dinner (Rice, Dal and Chicken Curry); this was tasty enjoyable .
4. Location is beautiful and resort is amazing for big groups Bad. No roads or route to reach to resort from main road. Driving is very difficult and can damage your vehicle you have to walk for almost half a Km with your luggage to reach the cottages you are lucky if power doesn't go in night as they have generator but it start only from 8AM to 10PM. In case you want to charge your phone for next day outing, carry a power bank Manager - Horrible, Rude, No courtesies, 0% hotelier ethics. Rest you can understand .
5. Advance payment for booking the hotel. This leaves you with no option to change your decision once you are in the resort .
6 Service charge of 10-15% on F&B services as mandatory .
7 Breakfast not included in tariff . 8 No Hot water even at 13 degree Celsius .
9 They have cute dogs but they wont let you eat when in restaurant and they roam around freely, So in case if you are not used to pet dogs then this place is not for you .
10 Room Service is at additional cost of 15%.
Ajit kumar 's rating on...
  • Destination 4/7
  • Location 2/7
  • Appearance 0.5/7
  • Front Office 0.5/7
  • Service 0.5/7
  • Room 3/7
  • Food & Drink 3/7
  • Activities 0.5/7
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Mandar Deb

  • Tourist
  • Mandar Deb
  • Lives in Silchar
  • 1 Review
  •  1 helpful vote
  • 4.9/7
  •  Posted Mar 10, 2017
I've been here three times and have not been disappointed. If you are looking for luxury, stay away. But if you want peace, and want to chill out amongst hills, a valley with a stream flowing by, then this is your place. The people here are very helpful and I didn't face any issue as such with the service. The rates are moderate, but the dormitory is very cheap. (But you won't regret taking the cottages). They easily arrange vehicles for sightseeing as well as droppings(which are separately chargeable of course) Bonus-on weekends you get a band playing live in the house Happy Travelling!
Mandar Deb's rating on...
  • Destination 6/7
  • Location 7/7
  • Appearance 5/7
  • Front Office 3/7
  • Service 5/7
  • Room 5/7
  • Food & Drink 5/7
  • Activities 3/7
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  • 1 vote

Anurag Agarwal

  • Tourist
  • Anurag Agarwal
  • Lives in Delhi
  • 3 Reviews
  •  1 helpful vote
  •  888 readers
  • 2.8/7
  •  Posted Jan 15, 2017
Ill behaved caretaker. Overcharged place. Non responsive staff. Poorly maintained and managed place. Please avoid. Even after advance payment of roomrent, the manager refused to acknowledge our reservation. After much fighting we got a poorly maintained room with no room heaters or TV or room kettles although the charged was 4000 per night. It was an awful experience during this holiday.
Anurag Agarwal's rating on...
  • Destination 5/7
  • Location 6/7
  • Appearance 4/7
  • Front Office 2/7
  • Service 1/7
  • Room 1/7
  • Food & Drink 2/7
  • Activities 1/7
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  • 1 vote

Harsh Dhanuka

  • Tourist
  • Harsh Dhanuka
  • Lives in Guwahati
  • 1 Review
  •  1 helpful vote
  • 4.4/7
  •  Posted Dec 21, 2016
I booked 2 rooms for total 6 people and had also deposited the advance payment. After the payment, I called the manager to confirm, wherein he sent me a confirmation mail But on the day of Check-in, I had to move 2 times between their 2 properties to actually find my room and finally, I am denied my room. The response they give is that, the rooms are already full and we can give you room for only 4 people and not 6. This kind of irresponsibility clearly shows the standards of customer satisfaction that this hotel possesses. On calling the manager and the caretaker, the response I get is that we do not have any other rooms. You have to adjust in that. I was terrified because I had already made advance payment and also, it was already 2 hours that I was struggling to find my room Finally, after the unnecessary troubles and a lot of conversations, I was given a room at some other property than booked. I do not understand if other rooms were already empty, then why I was asked to wait for 2 hours in the cold and waste the time struggling between conversations I think they rather reserve room for ghosts and ignore people who pay in advance In short, the hotel does not believe in advance payments and even after getting confirmation through mail, you will be harassed a lot. They certainly need to develop professionalism in hotel management.
Harsh Dhanuka's rating on...
  • Destination 6/7
  • Location 6/7
  • Appearance 6/7
  • Front Office 0.5/7
  • Service 0.5/7
  • Room 6/7
  • Food & Drink 6/7
  • Activities 4/7
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  • 1 vote

Jeewant apurba

  • Tourist
  • Jeewant apurba
  • Lives in Guwahati
  • 1 Review
  • Verified Traveller
  • 6.6/7
  •  Posted Dec 10, 2016
The hotel was excellent. I had booked the room on the spot. The reception was friendly. There was no problem to reach the hotel. The food quality was good. I don't remember the complimentary breakfast was provided by the hotel. The room was well maintained. WiFi connection was not provided in the room. The appearance was good. The activity was not conducted at the hotel. I had visited this hotel for family trip.
Jeewant apurba 's rating on...
  • Destination 7/7
  • Location 7/7
  • Appearance 7/7
  • Front Office 7/7
  • Service 7/7
  • Room 7/7
  • Food & Drink 7/7
  • Activities 4/7
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