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The Lalit Golf & Spa Resort

Raj Baga Canacona , Goa

Ranked 1 of 70 hotels in Canacona

5.9/7 218 Traveller Ratings

Intercontinental The Lalit Goa is located in Raj Baga. The hotel is 63 km away from Dabolim Airport. The... More >

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Blue Lagoon Beach Huts

Cola (Khola) Beach Canacona , Goa

Ranked 2 of 70 hotels in Canacona

5.5/7 29 Traveller Ratings

More >

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Abba's Gloryland

275/B, Dhavalkhazan, Agonda. Canacona , Goa

Ranked 3 of 70 hotels in Canacona

5.8/7 104 Traveller Ratings

I must comment on the hospitality with what we were provided with, the people here were to good, they we... More >

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Royal Touch Beach Huts & Restaurants

Ourem, Palolemto Canacona , Goa

Ranked 4 of 70 hotels in Canacona

5.7/7 53 Traveller Ratings

A perfect place to relax in Goa. If north Goa is for night life then south Goa is for relaxed vacation. ... More >

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Om Shanti Restaurant & Huts

Patnem Beach, Canacona , Goa

Ranked 5 of 70 hotels in Canacona

6.3/7 6 Traveller Ratings

We stayed for 2 nights at the end of February. The place is fantastic, just out of the world. The entire... More >

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Royal Resort

Near The Grand Intercontinental Resort, Rajbag Beach, Canacona , Goa

Ranked 6 of 70 hotels in Canacona

4.8/7 16 Traveller Ratings

The palolem beach is ultimate location and very, beautiful clean beach comfortable accommodations, very ... More >

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Oceanic Hotel

Timbawadu, Palolem Canacona , Goa

Ranked 7 of 70 hotels in Canacona

5.8/7 12 Traveller Ratings

Quite rich in facilities and features but economical in terms of fares. Middle class family can afford t... More >

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Rio de Talpona


Ranked 8 of 70 hotels in Canacona

6.1/7 4 Traveller Ratings

Super Market, Gym, Kids zone and Swimming pool well maintained and appealing one.<br /><br />Food and ro... More >

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Palm Trees Resort

Patnem Beach,  Palolem, Canacona  , Goa

Ranked 9 of 70 hotels in Canacona

5.9/7 9 Traveller Ratings

Enjoyed it, the staff were really friendly and laid back. The room was big and clean. It was quiet and p... More >

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Palolem Green Inn

Davabag , Palolem , Canacona, Goa

Ranked 10 of 70 hotels in Canacona

5.7/7 3 Traveller Ratings

Best budget hotel in south goa. Rooms, staff, cleanness in every aspect. Hotel location is also good, aw... More >

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Art Resort Goa

Ourem Road , Palolem, Canacona  , Goa

Ranked 11 of 70 hotels in Canacona

5.9/7 11 Traveller Ratings

Resort is the shiniest gem in that crown situated at the heart of the shoreline, this resort spoils you ... More >

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Nina's Patnem Beach Resort

Patnem Beach, Canacona, Goa , Goa

Ranked 12 of 70 hotels in Canacona

5.8/7 2 Traveller Ratings

It is like a small apartment with a little kitchen with a gas stove and a refrigerator, with a nice and ... More >

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The Pentacon A Resort

Rajbag Beach Canacona Goa, Goa

Ranked 13 of 70 hotels in Canacona

5.3/7 5 Traveller Ratings

Excellent hotel near palolem beach and rajbagh beach Goa. I stayed here on 31st night new year time.<br ... More >

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Sevas Huts

Huts & Cabanas Palolem Colomb Beach Canacona, Goa

Ranked 14 of 70 hotels in Canacona

5.4/7 6 Traveller Ratings

After lots of sight seeing in Goa, my friends and I went Canacona in Goa. The Palolem beach in Canocona ... More >

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Molyma Resort Hotel

Kindlebag Canacona, South Goa , Goa

Ranked 15 of 70 hotels in Canacona

5.5/7 13 Traveller Ratings

Moluma Resort Hotel is located in Palolem Beach. This hotel was opened to guests in 1990. The property i... More >

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Ocean Breeze

Colomb, Canacona , Goa

Ranked 16 of 70 hotels in Canacona

5.5/7 3 Traveller Ratings

It was an awesome place to stay, a great resorts with breathtaking views. The staff had been very cooper... More >

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Kaama Kethna - ecological village

Gurawal 444 Agonda Canacona, Goa

Ranked 17 of 70 hotels in Canacona

6/7 3 Traveller Ratings

Actually we stayed 3 days in that hotel. It was very beautiful the good destination was awesome. Locatio... More >

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Dunhill Beach Resort

Canacona, Agonda South Goa , Goa

Ranked 18 of 70 hotels in Canacona

5.8/7 10 Traveller Ratings

Dunhill Beach Resort is located in Agunda and has been operational since 1982. The resort is 40 km from ... More >

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Cuba Patnem Bungalows

Patnem Beach Canacona , Goa

Ranked 19 of 70 hotels in Canacona

5.7/7 4 Traveller Ratings

The location is simply amazing. The cottages are spacious. Patnem beach is wonderful. The food is good w... More >

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D'Costa Cottages

Palolem Beach, Canacona , Goa

Ranked 20 of 70 hotels in Canacona

5.5/7 5 Traveller Ratings

Fantastic view from the hotel room is available. Amazing food just could try the breakfast and amazing s... More >

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Marron Beach Resort

Ourem, Palolem Beach, Canacona  , Goa

Ranked 21 of 70 hotels in Canacona

5.4/7 5 Traveller Ratings

I went to Goa last month and stayed their for a week. As you know Goa is amazing and for enhancing your ... More >

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Ocean View Cottages

Agonda Beach, Canacona, Goa , Goa

Ranked 22 of 70 hotels in Canacona

5.8/7 2 Traveller Ratings

Nice location right in front of the beach. You can see the beach from the room. Room No. 10 is the best ... More >

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Little Cova Yoga Holiday Retreat

Little cola beach, Canacona , Goa

Ranked 23 of 70 hotels in Canacona

5.5/7 1 Traveller Ratings

More >

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Dwarka Beach Resort

Near Matti MOL Canacona Goa, Goa

Ranked 24 of 70 hotels in Canacona

5.6/7 7 Traveller Ratings

If ever you visit Goa with your loved one you have to go to this place, Its awesome and adds to your enj... More >

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April 20 Villas By the Beach

April 20 Beach Resort, Patnem Beach, Cancona, Goa

Ranked 25 of 70 hotels in Canacona

5.6/7 2 Traveller Ratings

When I arrived in this hotel I was happy to see this hotel because its really nice hotel. I like this ho... More >

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