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Vivek Hotel

Figure of 8 Road Near UPASI Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Ranked 9 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

5/7 479 Traveller Ratings

Vivek hotel is located in Coonoor, Tamilnadu. The hotel is 75 km away from Coimbatore airport and 3 km f... More >

3,238 Book Now

Velan Hotel

Orange Grove Road Bedford Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Ranked 10 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

4.8/7 140 Traveller Ratings

Velan Hotel is located in Coonoor, 5 minutes drive from the main town. It is located in the Nilgiris Mou... More >

De Rock

2/16 E,Lambs Rock Guernsey, Conoor, Tamil Nadu

Ranked 12 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

6/7 21 Traveller Ratings

We are in De Rock yet again! And it has been as pleasurable as in our past visits. Charles is a great ho... More >

Bliss Homestay

25/7E, Cloud Land, Tan Tea Road, Tiger Hill, Coonoor,, Tamil Nadu

Ranked 14 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

5.9/7 19 Traveller Ratings

Located a little ways outside Coonoor on the way to sightseeing spots like Dolphin's Nose, the Bliss Hom... More >

Hotel Orchid Square

Brooklands Road Alwarpet Opposite Christian Mission Service, Tamil Nadu

Ranked 20 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

5.8/7 24 Traveller Ratings

This is a very good hotel to stay. The ambience is just fantastic. The super deluxe rooms are quite auth... More >

180° McIver

Orange Grove Road Coonoor , Tamil Nadu

Ranked 22 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

6.3/7 13 Traveller Ratings

Great place to stay!!! Good service and hospitable staff. A must stay place if you are visiting Coonoor.... More >

4,564 Book Now

Riga Residency

Appleby Road Wellington The Niligris, Tamil Nadu

Ranked 24 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

4.4/7 46 Traveller Ratings

Riga Residency is located in the Nilgiri district of TN. Coimbatore is the nearest railway station to th... More >

Runnymede Guest House

GlendaleEstate Coonoor , Tamil Nadu

Ranked 32 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

5.7/7 11 Traveller Ratings

Runnymede Guest House is located on the Glendale Estate in Coonoor. Coonor is about 30 km away from Ooty... More >

2,858 Book Now

El Divino Holiday Homes

114A/379 Raj Camal Building Mount Road, Tamil Nadu

Ranked 33 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

4.9/7 6 Traveller Ratings

We arrived on 22nd of June. It had drizzled a little and the temperature had gone down. When I saw the b... More >

2,943 Book Now


Tenerife Rosery Tea Gardens Kotagiri Road , Tamil Nadu

Ranked 34 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

5.7/7 2 Traveller Ratings

We stayed in Coonoor for 3 nights during of the south India tour and it was satisfactory stay in this ho... More >

6,000 Book Now

Maple Holiday Homes

569A, Kannimariamman Koil Street, Coonoor Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu

Ranked 44 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

5/7 2 Traveller Ratings

View from room S1 and S2 are spectacular! Peaceful! The owner and his wife cook pretty decent food and r... More >

2,542 Book Now

Ayurveda Retreat

286 Sanitorium Kambisholai Road Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Ranked 50 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

5.3/7 2 Traveller Ratings

Ayurveda Retreat, Coonoor is a GOI-certified Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy institution designed using 'Vaast... More >

10,227 Book Now

Sultana Bungalow

Pallaniappa Tea Estate Kollakambay Post Coonoor, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu

Ranked 62 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

0/7 0 Traveller Ratings

More >

3,293 Book Now

Highfield Holiday Guest House

Kotagiri Road, Coonoor , Tamil Nadu

Ranked 63 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

5.5/7 1 Traveller Ratings

More >

3,621 Book Now

The Gateway Hotel Church Road

Church Road Upper Coonoor Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Ranked 1 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

6.1/7 150 Traveller Ratings

Framed by the Nilgiri hills, the Taj Garden Retreat provides an old-world feel with its nearly 150 year ... More >

Minimum price

8,000 Enquire Now

Serenity Manor

176-B Walkers Hill Road HighField Kotagiri Road, Tamil Nadu

Ranked 2 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

6.2/7 15 Traveller Ratings

The place was good.. Rooms were nice.. The food was good too. But what was lacking were some of the basi... More >

Minimum price

2,500 Enquire Now

Kurumba Village Resort

Ooty Mettupalayam Road Between 4th&5th Hair Pin Bend Hill Grove Post,Kurumbadi, Tamil Nadu

Ranked 3 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

5.9/7 972 Traveller Ratings

The Kurumba Village Resort is a Jungle resort that takes approximately one hour from Ooty (35 km). From ... More >

Video Review

Minimum price

8,600 Enquire Now

Bella Vista

71, Shanti Vijay School Road Mount Pleasant Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Ranked 4 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

6.1/7 37 Traveller Ratings

Bella Vista is a homestay located on Mousnt Pleasant in Coonoor. The nearest transportation hub is Coimb... More >

Minimum price

2,815 Enquire Now

Tea Nest

Singara Estate Coonoor , Tamil Nadu

Ranked 5 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

5.9/7 340 Traveller Ratings

The appearance of the hotel was good. The location of the hotel was good. The overall service of the hot... More >

Video Review

Minimum price

3,200 Enquire Now

Wallwood Garden

Blair Athol Kotagiri Road , Tamil Nadu

Ranked 6 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

5/7 35 Traveller Ratings

Wallwood Garden is located near Sim's Park. The hotel is 86 km away from Coimbatore Airport. The nearest... More >

Minimum price

2,250 Enquire Now

MGM Hill Worth Resorts

Mount Pleasant Road Nilgiris , Tamil Nadu

Ranked 7 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

5.4/7 81 Traveller Ratings

MGM Hill Worth Resorts is located on Mount Pleasant Road. The resort is 20 km away from Coimbatore Airpo... More >

Minimum price

2,250 Enquire Now

Sunvalley Homestay

Near Stanley Park Ottupattarai Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Ranked 8 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

6/7 82 Traveller Ratings

Sunvalley Homestay is located near Stanley Park. The homestay is 80 km from Coimbatore Airport, 2 km fro... More >

Minimum price

4,200 Enquire Now

Bison Country

Wellington-Kotagiri Rd, Near Beulah Farm, Bandomai Village Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Ranked 11 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

6.2/7 35 Traveller Ratings

Bison Country is located near Beulah Farm in Bandomai village. The hotel is 75 kms away from Coimbatore ... More >

Minimum price

2,250 Enquire Now

The Nest

Coonoor Kotagiri Road Aniadah Village Bandhumai, Tamil Nadu

Ranked 13 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

5.5/7 57 Traveller Ratings

The Nest is located on Coonoor Kotagiri Road. Coimbatore Airport is 71 km from the home stay. The Nest i... More >

Minimum price

2,500 Enquire Now

Adderley Guest House

Adderley Estate Coonoor , Tamil Nadu

Ranked 15 of 84 hotels in Coonoor

5.8/7 25 Traveller Ratings

Adderley Guest House is a homestay located near Coonoor, 27 km away from Ooty. The closest airport and r... More >

Minimum price

3,500 Enquire Now
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