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The Gold Beach Resort

2/1 B & 2/1 C, Devka Beach Road, Marvad,  , Daman & Diu

Ranked 1 of 61 hotels in Daman

6/7 73 Traveller Ratings

Nicely located, although Devka beach is not a beach in the traditional sense. Good, clean and well-laid ... More >

6,228 Book Now

Cidade de Daman

Devka Beach Road, Nani Daman, , Daman & Diu

Ranked 6 of 61 hotels in Daman

5.1/7 177 Traveller Ratings

Predominantly a resort that caters to the business traveller, this resort is equipped with conferencing ... More >

4,219 Book Now

Jazira Hotel

Devka beach Daman , Daman & Diu

Ranked 7 of 61 hotels in Daman

5.5/7 497 Traveller Ratings

This 25 room hotel faces the sea and has amenities for the business and leisure travellers. The beach th... More >

Hotel Sea Rock inn

Devka Beach Daman , Daman & Diu

Ranked 9 of 61 hotels in Daman

5.4/7 71 Traveller Ratings

Everything about it is nice like location and the amenities about Sea Rock. Worth the amount spent. I go... More >

9,712 Book Now

Gurukripa Hotel

Seaface Road, Nani Daman , Daman & Diu

Ranked 10 of 61 hotels in Daman

5.6/7 85 Traveller Ratings

Gurukripa hotel is located in Daman and Diu. The hotel is 10 km from Daman airport and 12 km from Vapi r... More >

1,632 Book Now

Sai Kripa Imperial Hotel

Airport Road Mashal Chowk Nani Daman, Daman & Diu

Ranked 11 of 61 hotels in Daman

5.1/7 469 Traveller Ratings

Everything was good, nice place to stay, food, room, service and all things were good only concern was A... More >

Miramar Hotel

Daman Devka Road Devka Beach Nani Daman, Daman & Diu

Ranked 12 of 61 hotels in Daman

5.4/7 205 Traveller Ratings

Located on two quiet manmade islands on the Mirasol Lake, this resort spans 2 acres of landscaped garden... More >

4,955 Book Now

Hotel Raj Palace

Nani Daman, Near Mashal Chowk. Daman , Daman & Diu

Ranked 13 of 61 hotels in Daman

5.4/7 143 Traveller Ratings

It was good experience but some areas have to improve like in the prospect Food and Drink etc, and servi... More >

1,968 Book Now

The Emerald Hotel

Sea face Road Nani Daman , Daman & Diu

Ranked 15 of 61 hotels in Daman

5.4/7 73 Traveller Ratings

Excellent experience, thanks to Makemytrip. Rooms were excellent, location was excellent, food was super... More >

1,855 Book Now

Nana's Palace Hotel

Sea Face Road Nani Daman , Daman & Diu

Ranked 16 of 61 hotels in Daman

5.3/7 59 Traveller Ratings

Place and rooms are good but not clean. Rest all is great and cost effective. It's relaxing if you are l... More >

Shilton Hotel

Opp to Devka Amusement Park Devka Beach , Daman & Diu

Ranked 19 of 61 hotels in Daman

5.1/7 65 Traveller Ratings

Located on devka beach, it is bang opposite devaka beach entrance. We were in group and managed to get t... More >

1,704 Book Now

Silver Sands Beach Resort

Devka Road Devka Beach , Daman & Diu

Ranked 20 of 61 hotels in Daman

4.9/7 339 Traveller Ratings

We visited this place on 20th May to 22nd May. This hotel is value for money. We went to relax. Kids enj... More >

3,058 Book Now

Dariya Darshan Hotel

Devka Beach, Nani Daman, , Daman & Diu

Ranked 22 of 61 hotels in Daman

5/7 34 Traveller Ratings

Dariya Darshan hotel is located in Daman. The hotel is 180 km away from Mumbai airport and 12 km from th... More >

1,421 Book Now

Princess Park Resort

Devka Beach Nani Daman , Daman & Diu

Ranked 24 of 61 hotels in Daman

5.3/7 45 Traveller Ratings

Princess Park resort is located in Devka Beach, Daman Diu. The hotel is 180 km away from Daman airport a... More >

3,906 Book Now

Brighton Hotel

Sea Face M.G. Marg Daman, Daman & Diu

Ranked 28 of 61 hotels in Daman

4.6/7 49 Traveller Ratings

Poor service. Arrogant & blunt manager. Non cooperative staff. Poor view from hotel room.<br /><br />Roo... More >

1,507 Book Now

Sagar Presidency

Tin Batti Nani Daman , Daman & Diu

Ranked 29 of 61 hotels in Daman

5.5/7 21 Traveller Ratings

Sagar Presidency Hotel is located at Daman. Mumbai International Airport is 192 km from the hotel. The n... More >

2,357 Book Now

Ashoka Palace Hotel

Opp. Devka Beach Park, Nani Daman , Daman & Diu

Ranked 30 of 61 hotels in Daman

5.8/7 41 Traveller Ratings

It was a wonderful stay in Ashoka Hotel and the room was very clean. I would definitely stay there again... More >

2,693 Book Now

Hotel Sai Regency

Narayan Park, Devka Beach Road, Daman , Daman & Diu

Ranked 35 of 61 hotels in Daman

4.9/7 8 Traveller Ratings

Good for money, centrally located. Reception guys are cordial and friendly. Deluxe Rooms are good option... More >

2,675 Book Now

Diamond Hotel

Near Main Taxi Stand, Nani Daman , Daman & Diu

Ranked 39 of 61 hotels in Daman

5.6/7 73 Traveller Ratings

Service & hospitality was so great that word of mouth publicity will be done by default.<br /><br />I ju... More >

1,811 Book Now

Summer House Hotel

Devka Beach Daman & Diu , Daman & Diu

Ranked 47 of 61 hotels in Daman

3.6/7 17 Traveller Ratings

I booked for AC deluxe so thought that it would be great but as soon as I saw the room, I was disappoint... More >

1,212 Book Now

The Deltin

Daman & Diu

Ranked 2 of 61 hotels in Daman

5.5/7 147 Traveller Ratings

Excellent staff. Thanks to Shyasa for making birthday extra special with wonderful room decorations and ... More >

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10,700 Book Offline

Hotel Reevanta

Teen Bati, Devka Road Nani Daman , Daman & Diu

Ranked 3 of 61 hotels in Daman

5.6/7 68 Traveller Ratings

Nice hotel. Well behaved & friendly staff. Good spacious room. Tasty food (both breakfast & dinner). Ext... More >

Minimum price

2,500 Book Offline

Sandy Resort

Devka Beach, Nani Daman , Daman & Diu

Ranked 4 of 61 hotels in Daman

5.6/7 232 Traveller Ratings

This 46 room resort is spread over 3 acres and is separated from the beach by a narrow road. Apart from ... More >

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Mirasol Resort

Kadaiya Village, Nani Daman, , Daman & Diu

Ranked 5 of 61 hotels in Daman

5.7/7 101 Traveller Ratings

Mirasol Lake Resort is located at Kadaiya Village. The resort is 150 km from Mumbai Airport, 21 km from ... More >

Minimum price

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Hotel Blue Lagoon

Opp. Goa Bank,Near Tin Batti,Daman , Daman & Diu

Ranked 8 of 61 hotels in Daman

5.5/7 91 Traveller Ratings

Worth to stay, I got room at just 950 rs and staff are very help. I request them for early check-in of 4... More >

Minimum price

2,000 Book Offline
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