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Rajeet Hotel

New Digha East Midnapore Kolkata, West Bengal

Ranked 2 of 214 hotels in Digha

5.8/7 244 Traveller Ratings

Did not meet the expectations created by their marketing!!! Everything else can still be put aside but t... More >

The Palm Resort

Shibalaya Road Old Digha Digha, West Bengal

Ranked 3 of 214 hotels in Digha

5.5/7 192 Traveller Ratings

The Palm Resort is located on Digha shibaloy road, opposite to Digha bus stand. The resort is 180 km fro... More >

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Park Prime Residency

New Digha Digha , West Bengal

Ranked 4 of 214 hotels in Digha

5.7/7 105 Traveller Ratings

One of the worst hotels I have stayed. Problem started once we arrived at the reception. They gave us tw... More >

Hotel Rubina

Economy Hotel Sector, Vill P.O. New Township, New Digha Digha, West Bengal

Ranked 5 of 214 hotels in Digha

5.5/7 127 Traveller Ratings

Hotel is so good. Pomfret fry and fish finger very nice. Food is well and good room service. Reception s... More >

2,793 Book Now

Greenland Inn

Near Railway Station New Digha , West Bengal

Ranked 6 of 214 hotels in Digha

5.5/7 404 Traveller Ratings

This is my third visit to Digha.. The Hotel was pretty good.. But location was not that good. The Servic... More >

Seagull Hotel

Barrister Colony Purba Madinipur Old Digha, West Bengal

Ranked 7 of 214 hotels in Digha

5/7 262 Traveller Ratings

There is nothing to say room for 1st day was OK but subsequent day is not up to the mark, meal is costly... More >

Ownland Resort

Old Digha Market Sibalay Road Digha, West Bengal

Ranked 8 of 214 hotels in Digha

5.5/7 113 Traveller Ratings

The Ownland Resorts is located on Digha shibaloy road, nearby to the old Digha market. The resort is 180... More >

1,210 Book Now

Dolphin Hotel

Old Digha, Near Bus Stand Digha, East Midnapore Dist. , West Bengal

Ranked 9 of 214 hotels in Digha

5.2/7 794 Traveller Ratings

Dolphin Hotel is located near Barrister Colony in Old Digha. This hotel was opened to guests in 1974. Th... More >

Hotel Sea Coast

Barrister Colony Old Digha , West Bengal

Ranked 10 of 214 hotels in Digha

5.1/7 266 Traveller Ratings

The hotel was very good, clean, near to sea. The service was too good. The garden attach to it was fine.... More >

Ajoy Minar Hotel

Dadan Patra Bard (Mandarmani), Mandarmoni Ramnagar, West Bengal

Ranked 12 of 214 hotels in Digha

5.6/7 28 Traveller Ratings

Hotel location was good.. Rooms were great... Spacious, clean. Just in one sentences. If I get chance to... More >

Hotel Kanchan International

Plot-62, New Digha, Purba Mednipur , West Bengal

Ranked 13 of 214 hotels in Digha

4.9/7 42 Traveller Ratings

I stayed with my Family and one of my Friends' Family in this Hotel Kanchan International in Digha, West... More >

1,009 Book Now

Hotel Mahek

New Digha P.O Purba Midnapore , West Bengal

Ranked 14 of 214 hotels in Digha

5.1/7 96 Traveller Ratings

Very near to beach. I didn't think you can find any other hotel near to beach. Excellent service. Awesom... More >

Larica Holiday Inn

Foreshore Road Near Digha Hospital Digha, East Midnapore Dist., West Bengal

Ranked 19 of 214 hotels in Digha

4.7/7 234 Traveller Ratings

The hotel is in budget. Appearance is also good. Staff is well-mannered and cooperate with customers. I ... More >

Amantran Hotel

Main Road, Old Digha , West Bengal

Ranked 24 of 214 hotels in Digha

5.2/7 49 Traveller Ratings

Room service was very bad, staff was not good, they talking rowdily.. I asked him to give your Wi-Fi pas... More >

1,380 Book Now

Hotel Basantpriya

Plot No.-6,Mini Holiday Home Sector New Digha Purba Medinipore, West Bengal

Ranked 37 of 214 hotels in Digha

5.6/7 42 Traveller Ratings

We went with our family last month to Digha. We did advance booking to Basantpriya through an agent. Tho... More >

Hotel Rohini International

West Bengal

Ranked 38 of 214 hotels in Digha

5.7/7 41 Traveller Ratings

More >

Belanibas Hotel

Foreshore Road Digha , West Bengal

Ranked 41 of 214 hotels in Digha

4.8/7 91 Traveller Ratings

The hotel Belanibas in Old Digha is a nice hotel but is not as seen in the website. The hotel is totally... More >

South End Hotel

New Digha Purba Medinipur , West Bengal

Ranked 42 of 214 hotels in Digha

5.2/7 25 Traveller Ratings

More >

Ashamukti Hotel

Barrister Colony Near Axis ATM Old Digha, West Bengal

Ranked 43 of 214 hotels in Digha

5.1/7 68 Traveller Ratings

The overall experience was good and went here on train but easy to reach the hotel. The hotel was not co... More >

New Hotel Classic Inn

6, New Digha Purba Medinipur , West Bengal

Ranked 50 of 214 hotels in Digha

5/7 36 Traveller Ratings

It is beach area. From hotel we can watch the sea. Crab and fish fry of the beach is very famous. The ro... More >

Lahari Guest Inn

Near Yuba Abas, New Digha, Purba Medinipur , West Bengal

Ranked 52 of 214 hotels in Digha

5.8/7 9 Traveller Ratings

I stay in the date of 13may2016 to 15may2016 I booked 5rooms in this hotel staff are very good and coapa... More >

3,494 Book Now

Hotel Greenland Inn

N-2 Sector, Plot No. 84 New Digha, West Bengal

Ranked 53 of 214 hotels in Digha

5.4/7 25 Traveller Ratings

More >

Hotel Sea Pearl

Near Railway station Near Amrawati Park Digha, West Bengal

Ranked 57 of 214 hotels in Digha

5.6/7 63 Traveller Ratings

I went to New Digha on 26/05/16(morning) to 26/05/16(morning) with family and find that New Digha is nic... More >

1,158 Book Now

Roofers Pearl

Plot 27, Economy Hotel Sector New Digha, Purba Medinipur , West Bengal

Ranked 60 of 214 hotels in Digha

5.3/7 127 Traveller Ratings

More >

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Hotel Classic

Economic Hotel Sector Plot No 6 New Digha, West Bengal

Ranked 61 of 214 hotels in Digha

4.9/7 49 Traveller Ratings

This is a good hotel, though little far from beach & beach not visible from hotel. Front view of the hot... More >

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