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Radhika Beach Resort

Nagoa Beach, , Daman & Diu

Ranked 1 of 70 hotels in Diu

6/7 365 Traveller Ratings

This resort is 50 meters from the beach and has hosted quite a few political conventions. Its clientele ... More >

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Sugati Beach Resort

Opp. Ghoghla check Post Ghoghla , Daman & Diu

Ranked 2 of 70 hotels in Diu

6.2/7 158 Traveller Ratings

Sugati Beach Resort is located opposite Ghoghla Check Post. The resort is 12 km from Diu Airport and 90 ... More >

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Azzaro Resorts & Spa

Fofrara-Fudam Diu , Daman & Diu

Ranked 4 of 70 hotels in Diu

5.8/7 109 Traveller Ratings

It is nice place located on main highway with all the good facilities with very good staff. Meals and br... More >

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Resort Hoka

Nagoa Beach Diu , Daman & Diu

Ranked 5 of 70 hotels in Diu

5.6/7 53 Traveller Ratings

Started by Aditya Dogra, Resort Hoka is a short distance from town and is surrounded by ‘Hoka’ branc... More >

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Richie Rich Resort

3340/7 Nagoa Beach Diu , Daman & Diu

Ranked 21 of 70 hotels in Diu

4.6/7 22 Traveller Ratings

Richie Rich Resort is located in Nagoa Beach. The beachfront resort is 1 km from Diu Airport and 90 km f... More >

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Krishna Park Resort

Near Azaroo Hotel, Near Nagva beach, Diu , Daman & Diu

Ranked 23 of 70 hotels in Diu

5/7 46 Traveller Ratings

It's nice experience of staying there. The services are good. Even the food and accommodation facilities... More >

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Prabath Beach Resort

Nagoa Beach, Diu , Daman & Diu

Ranked 33 of 70 hotels in Diu

4.8/7 330 Traveller Ratings

I was on a family trip for spending some good time near beach. The overall amenities were good including... More >

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Rasal Beach Resort

Nagoa Beach, Diu , Daman & Diu

Ranked 36 of 70 hotels in Diu

5.5/7 45 Traveller Ratings

It was a great trip for me and have a lot of fun in Diu, Gujarat it was a Diwali vacations and we stayed... More >

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2,500 Book Offline

Paramount Beach Resort

Nagoa Beach, Diu , Daman & Diu

Ranked 39 of 70 hotels in Diu

5.1/7 20 Traveller Ratings

Need to develop the hotel. But still it was a good experience. Beach was near to hotel. Person are coope... More >

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Festa De Diu

Daman & Diu

Ranked 66 of 70 hotels in Diu

0/7 0 Traveller Ratings

More >

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6,000 Book Offline