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The International Centre Goa

Goa University Road Dona Paula Post Office Dona Paula, Goa

Ranked 1 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

5.9/7 146 Traveller Ratings

A comfortable stay in a very well located hotel, the service is courteous, served with a smile and clean... More >

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The Hawaii Comforts

Hawaii Beach Road Hawaii Beach Behind Donapaula Police outpost, Goa

Ranked 2 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

6.1/7 113 Traveller Ratings

The stay in the hotel is too good. The staff is always ready to help you. It's so neat and clean. The ta... More >

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L Hotel Eden

Plot No 12/13 La Oceana Colony Donapaula, Goa

Ranked 3 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

5.9/7 37 Traveller Ratings

Everything is superb. Very good service. Each and everybody are very humble person. As far as I am conce... More >

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Casa Amarilla Serviced Studio Suites

Hawaii Beach Road Behind Police Outpost Dona Paula, Goa

Ranked 4 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

5.9/7 14 Traveller Ratings

Casa Amarilla Serviced Studio Suites is located on the Hawaii Beach Road in Dona Paula. The property is ... More >

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Pastina Beach Resort

Dona Paula Circle Behind Police Station , Goa

Ranked 5 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

6.2/7 19 Traveller Ratings

The hotel is nice. Close to Dona Paula and beach. Staff was good. The breakfast was very tasty. Got in c... More >

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2,500 Book Offline

Chances Casino and Resort

184-189 Machado's Cove Dona Paula, Goa, Goa

Ranked 6 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

5.5/7 118 Traveller Ratings

Hotel is good. Service is also good but this hotel does provide any facility at beach attached to it. Al... More >

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Sandalwood Hotel & Retreat

Vainguinim Valley Dona Paula , Goa

Ranked 7 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

5.6/7 70 Traveller Ratings

Nice and cosy. Not too much noise. 2 min from the beach. Good reasonable food. It is cean. Would recomme... More >

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Ocean Suite

Nagalli Hills, Bella Vista, Dona Paula , Goa

Ranked 8 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

5.6/7 45 Traveller Ratings

The room was ok. The bathroom wasn't clean to begin with, candle stand in the bathroom was dusty and ful... More >

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Bay15 – A jüSTa Resort

Odxel Beach Club & Events, Dona Paula , Goa

Ranked 9 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

5.7/7 17 Traveller Ratings

We arrived at the hotel at 9:30 am and were informed that we'll get a room by 10:30 am. After waiting fo... More >

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O Pescador

Near Dona Paula Jetty Dona Paula , Goa

Ranked 10 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

5.5/7 16 Traveller Ratings

O Pescador is one of the exotic resorts of Dona Paula community Goa. it is situated on the outskirts of ... More >

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Prainha Cottage

Dona Paula Panjim , Goa

Ranked 11 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

4.9/7 22 Traveller Ratings

Prainha Cottage is located in Dona Paula. The cottage is 29 kms away from Dabolim Airport. The nearest r... More >

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Casa Tropicana

22/9/A, Tropical Bay Jetty Road, Dona Paula , Goa

Ranked 12 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

5.8/7 9 Traveller Ratings

Hotel is very good. Staff is very nice stay, nice breakfast view is good near to dounapaula beach. Servi... More >

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2,200 Book Offline

Swimsea Beach Resort

Caranzalem Beach Dauna Paula , Goa

Ranked 13 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

4.7/7 73 Traveller Ratings

Swimsea Beach Resort is located 3 km near white sandy beaches between Miramar and Caranzalem. The resort... More >

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Zuari View

Opp. National Institute of Oceanography Dona Paula Jetty Road Dona Paula, Goa

Ranked 14 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

6.1/7 9 Traveller Ratings

It was an experience of a lifetime. Lies just in front of the beach and looks so beautiful, the twitteri... More >

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Villa At Dona Paula

Villa B8 Ocean Park Villas Goa, Goa

Ranked 15 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

6.1/7 6 Traveller Ratings

Its basically a self service property, we were a group of 17 people and hired the property for a week, i... More >

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Vainguinim Valley Resort

184/189,Machados Cave DonaPaula , Goa

Ranked 16 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

5.8/7 22 Traveller Ratings

Vainguinim Valley Resort is located near Manipal Hospital. This resort was opened to guests in 2004. The... More >

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Tropicana Guest House

Jetty Road Near Govt School Dona Paulo, Goa

Ranked 17 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

5.8/7 11 Traveller Ratings

Great place to stay with family & friends. Housekeeping is nice and well-maintained rooms. Pool availabl... More >

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Villa Sol Hotel

Next to Cidade de Goa Dona Paula , Goa

Ranked 18 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

5/7 15 Traveller Ratings

Good at room service. Near to Dona Paula Beach, I enjoyed a lot. Near to Panjim city, the roads are neat... More >

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Goa Highridge Residency

Plot No 171, Nagalli Hills Goa University Road Near IT Park, Donapaula, Goa

Ranked 19 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

4.8/7 5 Traveller Ratings

Goa as a tourist destination is good place for travelers. Location of the hotel was average. Appearance ... More >

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Youth hostel - Donapaula

Next to Dona Paula Police Station, PO. – N.I.O. Dona Paula, Tiswadi, Goa

Ranked 20 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

3.9/7 1 Traveller Ratings

Goa, one of the land of enjoyment, well known for tourism where people across the world comes for relaxa... More >

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SinQ Abode


Ranked 21 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

5.7/7 28 Traveller Ratings

Awesome view of the sunset from the terrace where the pool is located. Very clean rooms and courteous st... More >

Minimum price

4,500 Book Offline

Rendezvous Beach Resort


Ranked 22 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

5.5/7 2 Traveller Ratings

It's a decent property but doesn't resemble the name. It's not on a beach. Good staff. Right property fo... More >

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Hotel Reagons Donapaula Classic

Nio Circle , Goa

Ranked 23 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

6.3/7 1 Traveller Ratings

The location of the hotel is very appealing. Inside the hotel the ambiance was very good. The Outlook an... More >

Minimum price

850 Book Offline

Bernardo Hotel

Bela Vista Colony, Bela Vista Road, Dona Paula,, Goa

Ranked 24 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

5.6/7 5 Traveller Ratings

I stayed in this hotel last month with my family. The place is really beautiful, I stayed for five days.... More >

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SaffronStays Cliff Haven

Oxdel, Dona Paula , Goa

Ranked 25 of 27 hotels in Dona Paula

0/7 0 Traveller Ratings

More >

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