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Highland Park Hotel

Gulmarg Baramulla Dist. , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 3 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

5.6/7 65 Traveller Ratings

I was here with my wife for holiday. This is perfect place for stay. Hotel is located on hill top with a... More >

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Affarwat Hotel

Near Hotel Kingslow Gulmarg , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 4 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

5.7/7 96 Traveller Ratings

This hotel falls in the list of getting more than expected. It looks better than what is seen on interne... More >

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Hotel Khaleel Palace

Site No - 5, Plot No - 2, Near Gulmarg Gandola, Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 6 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

5.4/7 577 Traveller Ratings

It was a good and pleasant stay at Hotel Khaleel Palace. I have stayed there in March 2016. Rooms are go... More >

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Hote Alpine Ridge

Near Gondola Gulmarg , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 7 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

4.8/7 206 Traveller Ratings

My stay in the hotel was comfortable and overall, experience was also good. Gulmarg surroundings is good... More >

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Royal Park Hotel

Gulmarg , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 8 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

5.5/7 169 Traveller Ratings

The hotel is situated in a prime location with beautiful views. It is 2km away from the gondola ride tho... More >

4,133 Book Now

Heevan Retreat

Gulmarg Baramula , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 9 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

5.7/7 75 Traveller Ratings

An average/ below average experience. Could have been much better. The ratings of various sites doesn't ... More >

10,015 Book Now

Gulmarg Resorts

Gondola Gulmarg , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 10 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

5.5/7 159 Traveller Ratings

Rooms are too small ... Smaller then Wat you see in d pics ... Gulmarg is a beautiful plc hotel should b... More >

5,663 Book Now

Gulmarg Sahara Hotel

Main Market Opp. Bus Stand Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 11 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

5.2/7 235 Traveller Ratings

Excellent place to stay in with nice staff who are always at your service. Serving typical Kashmiri cuis... More >

2,368 Book Now

Poshwan Hotel

Tank Main Gulmarg Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 12 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

5.2/7 311 Traveller Ratings

It was a great place to stay and the location is simply awesome. The staff was quite pleasing, I do reco... More >

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The Nedous Hotel

Opp: Golf Club, Gulmarg, , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 14 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

5.5/7 40 Traveller Ratings

Standard rooms are very small and old. Bathrooms are not maintained well. However staff are polite and v... More >

6,368 Book Now

Pine Palace Platinum

Near Gondola, Gulmarg, , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 15 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

5.8/7 20 Traveller Ratings

The hotel is a value for money if you are looking for an average hotel. If you feel like a star category... More >

6,156 Book Now

Fluorescence Hotel

Khilan Side Gulmarg Kashmir, Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 17 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

5.4/7 30 Traveller Ratings

Its very nice place to stay, the staff and the front office manager MR. WAHID was very good and co-opera... More >

Zahgeer Continental Hotel

Ist Point, Gulmarg Baramula Dist. , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 18 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

5/7 54 Traveller Ratings

Zahgeer Continental Hotel is located in First Point Gulmarg. The hotel is 50 km away from Srinagar Airpo... More >

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The Meadows

Near Gandola Next to Pine Palace , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 20 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

5.7/7 63 Traveller Ratings

Had a pleasant stay at The Meadows. Rooms are well heated and electric blankets provided. Well behaved s... More >

5,310 Book Now

Sun N Snow Hotel

Near J&K Bank, Gulmarg, Kashmir , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 21 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

5.5/7 23 Traveller Ratings

We stayed in Hotel Sun and Snow. The location of the hotel was great but it is bit difficult to reach he... More >

5,898 Book Now

Pineview Hotel and Restaurant

Gulmarg Road Tangmarg , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 24 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

5.8/7 10 Traveller Ratings

Gulmarg is good hill station, market is with high prices, rooms are clean, staff are cooperative and the... More >

Grand Mumtaz Hotel

Gulmarg Kashmir Baramulla, Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 25 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

4.9/7 132 Traveller Ratings

As per the services and facilities hotel is over priced. Can get better. Breakfast and dinner was very b... More >

Hotel Yemberzal

Near Gulmarg Police Station Dist Bilaspur Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 26 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

3.9/7 26 Traveller Ratings

Hotel is good. Room service and cleanliness is fine. Location is very good because from my room I can se... More >

2,157 Book Now

Raja Hotel

Near Gondola, Gulmarg, , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 33 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

6.1/7 14 Traveller Ratings

Very good location with comfortable accommodation. Rooms are spacious, airy and well decorated. Good vie... More >

2,368 Book Now

Shaw Inn Hotel

Gulmarg Road, Gulmarg , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 36 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

5.6/7 9 Traveller Ratings

Having picturesque view covered with snow mountains. We stayed for a night, we were welcomed by hotel st... More >

12,500 Book Now

Hotel Little SIlver

Opp Golf School Gulmarg, Baramulla , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 39 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

0/7 0 Traveller Ratings

More >

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The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa

Near Gondola Gulmarg, Baramulla , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 1 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

6/7 97 Traveller Ratings

Hotel that aspires to be a luxury property but falls woefully short. From malfunctioning AC to mini-bar ... More >

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Hotel Gulmarg Meadows

Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 2 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

6.2/7 27 Traveller Ratings

This was our best day in Kashmir. Lovely place. Clean and very quiet. Food was good and lot of options f... More >

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The Vintage

2739 Circular Road  GULMARG (J&K) , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 5 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

6/7 76 Traveller Ratings

It's a wonderful hotel offering great view of the mountains. The room was spacious with premium feeling,... More >

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Hill Top Hotel

Near Cable Car Gulmarg , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 13 of 42 hotels in Gulmarg

5.7/7 174 Traveller Ratings

Best hotel in Gulmarg with best service & excellent location that is a peaceful location. Good way for e... More >

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