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5 Star Hotels in Gulmarg

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Young Bombay Group of House Boats

Ghat No: Golden Dal Lake Opp. New Park Hotel Boulevard Road, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 1 in Srinagar

5.8/7 85 Traveller Ratings

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Vivanta by Taj - Dal View

Kralsangri, Brein Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 2 in Srinagar

6.2/7 173 Traveller Ratings

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Anand Hotel

jammu and kashmir, Poonch, 185101 , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 2 in Poonch

5.4/7 4 Traveller Ratings

This is a good hotel. It is situated near the Borders of India-Pakistan. The hotel gives the best servic... More >

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The Lalit Grand Palace

Near Dal Lake, Gupkar Road, , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 4 in Srinagar

6.1/7 261 Traveller Ratings

Grand Palace Hotel is located near Dal lake. The hotel is 18 km away from Srinagar Airport. The nearest ... More >

The Jewel In The Crown

Nagin West Opp, Nagin Club, Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 5 in Srinagar

6.1/7 21 Traveller Ratings

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Welcome Residency Hotel

Ram Munshi Bagh, Shiv Pora, , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 6 in Srinagar

5.2/7 70 Traveller Ratings

It was good destination place. The location of the hotel was very good. Interiors and exteriors of the h... More >

Heevan Resort

Ishber Nishat, Landmark 5 Minutes Drive From Mughal Garden Nishat, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 191121 , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 9 in Srinagar

5.6/7 73 Traveller Ratings

Heevan Resort is located near the Royal Springs Golf Course in Srinagar. The resort is about 15 km away ... More >

Hotel The Grand Mamta

Near Shiva Temple Near Chinnar Bagh Khonakhan Dalgate, Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 10 in Srinagar

5.9/7 135 Traveller Ratings

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Walisons Hotel

1st Lane Boulevard Dalgate Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 11 in Srinagar

5.3/7 459 Traveller Ratings

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Hotel Pacific

Opposite Chinar Garden, Kohna Khan, Dalgate , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 14 in Srinagar

5.5/7 136 Traveller Ratings

We stayed at this hotel for 2nights in April after spending 1 night on a houseboat. Hotel Pacific is cra... More >

Hotel CH2

National Highway 1D, Opposite Guzarwaan Mohalla, Near Badami Bal Contonment Area,Sonwar Bagh, Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 15 in Srinagar

6.1/7 102 Traveller Ratings

My overall experience at this hotel was good. The hotel was located conveniently and there was no diffic... More >

Nazneen Group of Houseboats

Dal Lake, Boulevard Road,gath no. 9 Srinagar opposite park hotel, Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 16 in Srinagar

5.8/7 24 Traveller Ratings

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Badyari Palace Group Of Houseboats

Boulevard Road, Ghat NO.09, Dal lake, Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 18 in Srinagar

5.9/7 19 Traveller Ratings

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Welcome Hotel

Boulevard Road, Dal Lake, Ghat #7 Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 19 in Srinagar

5.3/7 258 Traveller Ratings

Welcome hotel is located in Srinagar. The hotel is 28 km away from Sringar airport and 3 km from Srinaga... More >

Hotel Regal Palace

Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 20 in Srinagar

5.4/7 779 Traveller Ratings

The hotel is located out of city and it was easy to travel. The look of the hotel is good. The check in ... More >

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New Jacquline Heritage Houseboats

Nigeen Lake Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 21 in Srinagar

6.2/7 44 Traveller Ratings

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Lake Victoria Houseboat

oop ghat no9, dallake abi karpora, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190001 , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 22 in Srinagar

5.5/7 166 Traveller Ratings

Service was good in the hotel. The food quality was not good in the hotel. Behaviour of the staff’s wa... More >

Hotel The Pride Inn

Green Enclave, Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 23 in Srinagar

5.5/7 61 Traveller Ratings

The destination was very good and my overall experience at this hotel was good. The location of the hote... More >

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Moonvalley House Boat

Dal Lake Opp Park Hotel Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 24 in Srinagar

5.6/7 39 Traveller Ratings

The destination of the hotel was very good. The garden was not available in the hotel. There was no dela... More >

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Peacock Houseboats

Nagin Lake West Opp:-Nagin Club Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 25 in Srinagar

5.8/7 104 Traveller Ratings

It was an awesome hotel. The destination of the hotel was fantastic. The location of the hotel was excel... More >

3,449 Book Now

Akbar Residency Hotel

Durganag Road Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 26 in Srinagar

5.6/7 50 Traveller Ratings

My overall experience at this hotel was good and the hotel was located conveniently and easy to travel. ... More >

2,688 Book Now

New Lucky Star Group Of Houseboats

Dal Lake Golden Lake Area Opposite Dock Yard, New Khonakhan Road, Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 27 in Srinagar

5.9/7 27 Traveller Ratings

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New Bul Bul Group of Houseboats

Dal lake Ghat No:7, Boulevard Road, Srinagar Kashmir, Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 28 in Srinagar

5.7/7 23 Traveller Ratings

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Al Hamra Retreat

Behind Shalimar Garden Pazzalpura Shalimar, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 30 in Srinagar

5.5/7 496 Traveller Ratings

The hotel destination was very good. Everything was very nice in the hotel. The activity was arranged by... More >

1,908 Book Now

Impex Hill Resorts

Gupkar Nishat, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 191121 , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 31 in Srinagar

5.5/7 48 Traveller Ratings

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Jamal Resorts

JCI Complex, Ishber Nishat, Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 33 in Srinagar

5.1/7 92 Traveller Ratings

Jamal Resorts is located at JCI Complex, Ishber in Nishat, Srinagar.... More >

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Silver Star Hotel

Lasjan, Byepass Road Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 34 in Srinagar

5.8/7 66 Traveller Ratings

Silver Star Hotel is located in Lasjan, on the By-pass Road in Srinagar. Local attarctions like Dal Lake... More >

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Sikandra Palace Group Of Houseboats

Near Nehru Park Dal Lake, Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 35 in Srinagar

5.4/7 10 Traveller Ratings

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Hotel Royal Batoo

Khayam Chowk, Near Khyber Hospital, Dalgate, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190003 , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 37 in Srinagar

5.7/7 285 Traveller Ratings

The hotel location was good. The booking facility was not so good. Check in and checkout was done on tim... More >

Hotel Milad

Near Abdullah Bridge, Rajbagh, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190008 , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 38 in Srinagar

5.4/7 215 Traveller Ratings

The hotel location was good and there was no difficulty in travelling. The appearance of the hotel was g... More >

Comrade Inn

Rajbagh, Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 43 in Srinagar

5.5/7 167 Traveller Ratings

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Hotel Azad

Munawarabad, Near Petrol Pump Srinagar, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190001 , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 44 in Srinagar

4.9/7 40 Traveller Ratings

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Hotel The Grand Mahal

Near Agricultural University Road, Gupt Ganga - Ishber Rd, Shalimar, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 191121 , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 45 in Srinagar

5.4/7 325 Traveller Ratings

The hotel was located in the centre of the city. The parking area was available at the hotel. It was a n... More >

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H.B Floating Haven Houseboat

Nageen Lake Ashi Bagh Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 46 in Srinagar

6/7 19 Traveller Ratings

It is a very economical hotel and you can bargain the rates. Farhan one of the inhouse guys was very res... More >

Alif Laila House Boats

Dal Lake, Opposite Hotel New Park, Srinagar, 190001 , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 48 in Srinagar

5.6/7 22 Traveller Ratings

Very peaceful place to stay. I have stayed their for 5 days the service of the hotel was good and food p... More >

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Blooming Dale Hotel

Dalgate,Buchwara,, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190001 Srinagar Kashmir, Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 49 in Srinagar

5.8/7 48 Traveller Ratings

<a href="">tutors</a><br /><a href="http://tutoringservicesl... More >

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Ambassador Houseboat

Gate No:-7 Boulevard Road, Dal Lake, Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 50 in Srinagar

5.8/7 18 Traveller Ratings

The Stay in Srinagar is In complete without the stay in Sikara/House boat. This House boat is not very c... More >

Holiday Plaza Hotel

Zero Near Jammu and Kashmir, Rajbagh-Modern Hospital Bund Rd, Rajbagh, Srinagar, 190008 , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 51 in Srinagar

5.4/7 71 Traveller Ratings

It was a relaxation trip with my family for personal trip. The destination of the hotel was good. The ho... More >

Grand Hotel

Residency Road Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 52 in Srinagar

5.6/7 87 Traveller Ratings

Everything was very good in the hotel. I had visited this hotel with my family for relaxation trip. I wo... More >

1,478 Book Now

Zamrud Hotel

Boulevard Road, Dal Lake Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 53 in Srinagar

5.7/7 57 Traveller Ratings

Zamrud hotel is located in Srinagar. The hotel is 9 km away from Srinagar airport and 251km from Srinaga... More >

Texas Houseboat

Nehru Park, Dal Lake, Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 57 in Srinagar

5.6/7 8 Traveller Ratings

I and my wife had the most wonderful, most beautiful experience of our life which will always be cherish... More >

The Renaissance Hotel

NHA-1, Sonawar Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 58 in Srinagar

5.5/7 63 Traveller Ratings

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Hotel Mirage

Raj Bagh New Era Road Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 59 in Srinagar

5.6/7 43 Traveller Ratings

Mirage Hotel is located on Raj Bagh New Era Road in Srinagar. Local attractions like The Tourist Recepti... More >

Grand Habib Hotel

Zero Bridge, Rajbagh Next to Modern Hospital Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 60 in Srinagar

5.5/7 289 Traveller Ratings

The hotel was located in the city near the market. The appearance of the hotel was very good. The staff ... More >

Houseboat Prince of Vale

Behind Nehru Park Dal Lake , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 65 in Srinagar

5.5/7 47 Traveller Ratings

I reached the hotel easily. Hotel was located little bit far from the sea beach. Interior and exterior l... More >

4,569 Book Now

Heemal Hotel

Near Dal Lake Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 67 in Srinagar

4.4/7 103 Traveller Ratings

Hamel to us is the best budget hotel in Srinagar with excellent view from room balcony, as its govt oper... More >

Hotel Royal Khazir

Agriculture University Road , Shalimar, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 70 in Srinagar

5.3/7 20 Traveller Ratings

We got a nice reception, the room is little small but the food is delicious. The cost of food is also re... More >

3,942 Book Now

Ahdoos Hotel

Residency Road, Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 71 in Srinagar

5.4/7 103 Traveller Ratings

Ahdoos Hotel is located in Srinagar. The hotel is 9 km away from Srinagar airport and 3 km from Srinagar... More >

3,584 Book Now

WelcomHeritage Gurkha Houseboats

Opp Nageen Club Nageen Lake, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190006 , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 73 in Srinagar

5/7 44 Traveller Ratings

WelcomHeritage Gurkha Houseboats is in Lagoon Lake. The Houseboat is 16 kms away from Srinagar Airport. ... More >

Hotel Pamposh

Regal Chowk, Residency Rd, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190001 , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 74 in Srinagar

5.4/7 62 Traveller Ratings

More >

2,867 Book Now

The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa

Hotel Khyber Rd, Forest Block, Jammu and Kashmir 193403 , Jammu & Kashmir

Ranked 1 of 49 hotels in Gulmarg

6.2/7 113 Traveller Ratings

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