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Kanha Resort

Kanha National Park Kanha , Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 1 of 66 hotels in Kanha

5.8/7 91 Traveller Ratings

The hotel was located outside the city. The appearance of the hotel was nice. The garden was available i... More >

Club Mahindra Kanha Resort

Survey No. 277, 278/2 & 283 Mocha Village, Bichchya Taluk , Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 2 of 66 hotels in Kanha

6.4/7 18 Traveller Ratings

JPMiles No. - 170998796<br />Our search for the elusive big cat took us to Kanha, our fourth attempt at ... More >

Grand Tiger Resort

Near Mukki Gate, Village Manjitola Tahsil Baihar, Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 3 of 66 hotels in Kanha

5.8/7 27 Traveller Ratings

I visited this resort last month of june 2016. I directly booked this resort. It was a great time for us... More >

2,332 Book Now

Chitvan Jungle Lodge

Village Sampur, Post Mukki Kanha National Park, Tehsil Baihar Balaghat Dist., Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 4 of 66 hotels in Kanha

6.3/7 23 Traveller Ratings

Chitvan Jungle Lodge is an Amazing resort located in Kanha Forest and Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh. I... More >

16,000 Book Now

The Baagh - a forest Retreat

Village Gudma Mukki Gate Tehsil Baihar, (Malajkhand), Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 5 of 66 hotels in Kanha

5.9/7 39 Traveller Ratings

The Baagh Resort is located at Gudma Village in Balaghat, three miles outside of the Mukki Gate of Kanha... More >

8,399 Book Now

Wild Chalet Resort

Village Mocha Post Kisli Mandla, Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 6 of 66 hotels in Kanha

5.5/7 13 Traveller Ratings

Wild Chalet Resort is located at Mocha Village in Kisli. The nearest airport is the Dumna Airport. It is... More >

Baghira Log Huts

PO Kisli Kanha , Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 9 of 66 hotels in Kanha

5.8/7 58 Traveller Ratings

Baghira Log Huts of MP tourism is situated inside the core area of Kanha National Park. It is consisted ... More >

Koushalya Resort

Mocha Kanha National Park , Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 14 of 66 hotels in Kanha

5.8/7 15 Traveller Ratings

Koushalya Resort is located at Mocha in Kanha National Park. The nearest transportation hub is Jabalpur.... More >

Motel Chandan

Kahatiya Village Kanha National Park Mandla Dist., Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 16 of 66 hotels in Kanha

5.5/7 37 Traveller Ratings

After a long and tiring journey, my girlfriend and I arrived at Motel Chandan where we found a nice and ... More >

Royal Tiger Resort

Mukki PO via Baihar District Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 17 of 66 hotels in Kanha

5.2/7 21 Traveller Ratings

Royal Tiger Resort is located at Mukki in Baihar. The Dumna Airport is 200 km from the resort and is the... More >

8,622 Book Now

Courtyard House

Kanha National Park, Kanha , Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 21 of 66 hotels in Kanha

6.5/7 4 Traveller Ratings

We were a group of 9 friends who went in February 2014, to see the Tigers at the jungle reserve. Courtya... More >

10,600 Book Now

Infinity Kanha Wilderness

Near The Mukki Gate Kanha , Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 22 of 66 hotels in Kanha

5.7/7 10 Traveller Ratings

The hotel at this great destination was very good. The whole employees of the hotel was very supportive ... More >

6,800 Book Now


Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 24 of 66 hotels in Kanha

6.4/7 2 Traveller Ratings

To enjoy your honeymoon this is a right resort. The villas was very good, very clean and staff were very... More >

4,169 Book Now

Muba At Mukki

Near Mukki Gate Village Bahmi, Kanha , Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 29 of 66 hotels in Kanha

6/7 11 Traveller Ratings

The staff is very enthusiastic and courteous. Mr. Iqbal - Asst. Manager was very supportive. We had a gr... More >

Celebration VanVilas

Moccha, Bufferzone Khatia Gate Kanha, Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 30 of 66 hotels in Kanha

5.8/7 18 Traveller Ratings

Celebration VanVilas is located in Mocha Gram near the Khatia Gate of the buffer zone of Kanha Wildlife ... More >

Satya Ashoka Resort

Village Khatia Kisli Gate Post Mocha, Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 32 of 66 hotels in Kanha

5.8/7 18 Traveller Ratings

There was no problem faced to find the hotel. The staff behaviour was good. The rooms were neat and clea... More >

3,760 Book Now

Bagh Tola

Village Bhimlat Baihar Tehsil via Mukki , Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 39 of 66 hotels in Kanha

5.8/7 9 Traveller Ratings

The purpose to visit Kanha National Park is to explore wild life and get into the nature as close as pos... More >

7,000 Book Now

Hiawatha Resort

Village Khatia Kanha National Park Mandla Dist., Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 46 of 66 hotels in Kanha

5.9/7 3 Traveller Ratings

Hiawatha Resort is located near Khatia Gate at Kanha. The Dumna Airport is 180 km from the resort and th... More >

Muba Resort

Village Bahmani Mukki Gate, Kanha National Park , Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 51 of 66 hotels in Kanha

6.6/7 6 Traveller Ratings

We stayed here for about two nights and really appreciate the efforts put in by the management. We also ... More >

Pugmark Resort

Village Khatia Khana Mandla, Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 52 of 66 hotels in Kanha

5.1/7 7 Traveller Ratings

Hotel owner & staff are very friendly & helpful, they try to ensure a good experience for tourists. They... More >

Bison Resort

Khatiya Village, P.O. Kisli - Kanha National Park, District: Mandla , Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 53 of 66 hotels in Kanha

5.5/7 9 Traveller Ratings

Our 2nd destination was Kanha. After spending 2 days in Pachmarhi, we started early morning in 2 Scorpio... More >

Vanya Resort

Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 58 of 66 hotels in Kanha

5.1/7 3 Traveller Ratings

Room was excellent, location is good near Kanha national park. Service is very good, we stayed for 1 day... More >

Kanha Village Eco Resort

Near Kanha National Park Village Boda Chhapri Post Mocha, Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 7 of 66 hotels in Kanha

6.1/7 33 Traveller Ratings

Kanha Village Eco Resort is located at Boda Chhapri Village, nearby Kanha National Park. The eco resort ... More >

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Tuli Tiger Resort

Kanha National Park Village PO Mocha , Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 8 of 66 hotels in Kanha

5.6/7 50 Traveller Ratings

Tuli Tiger Resort is located near Kanha National Park, Mocha. This resort was opened to guests in 1999. ... More >

Minimum price

7,000 Enquire Now

7 Tigers Resort

Bheemlat Village , Madhya Pradesh

Ranked 10 of 66 hotels in Kanha

6/7 30 Traveller Ratings

We stayed in this lodge in the month of March 2016. The food was excellent. The staff was humble. The am... More >

Minimum price

8,000 Enquire Now
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