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Himalaya Darshan Resort Kausani

Kausani – Bhatariya Road Kausani Estate. , Uttarakhand

Ranked 1 of 38 hotels in Kausani

6.3/7 55 Traveller Ratings

Nicely and happiness time spent at Kausani with my wife. Property is awesome. I will suggest any season ... More >

Krishna Mountview Resort

Kausani Bageshwar , Uttarakhand

Ranked 2 of 38 hotels in Kausani

5.8/7 71 Traveller Ratings

Krishna Mountview Resort is located near Anashaki Ashram. This resort was opened to guests in 1981. The ... More >

Pratiksha Himalayan Retreat

Baijnath Road View Point Kausani, Uttarakhand

Ranked 3 of 38 hotels in Kausani

5.8/7 408 Traveller Ratings

The hotel is perfectly located in the Valleys and on the mountains of Kausani and you will get a picture... More >

3,558 Book Now

The Heritage Resort

Tea Garden Baijnath Road Bageshwar Kausani, Uttarakhand

Ranked 4 of 38 hotels in Kausani

5.6/7 567 Traveller Ratings

The Location, Layout, Reception, Rooms, Room service, Food & Drink, Welcome or Departure service of the ... More >

Blossom Hotel & Resort

Near VIP Guest House Kausani Estate, KMVN Road Kausani, Bageshwar Dist., Uttarakhand

Ranked 5 of 38 hotels in Kausani

5.5/7 275 Traveller Ratings

This hotel is on a great location. You can view the Himalayan range from your room's balcony. Service an... More >

Chevron Mountain Villa

View Point Kausani Estate , Uttarakhand

Ranked 7 of 38 hotels in Kausani

5.6/7 22 Traveller Ratings

Chevron Mountain Villa is located near Kausani Estate Bungalow. This villa was opened to guests in 1919.... More >

Kausani Best Inn

View Point Kausani Estate Kausani , Uttarakhand

Ranked 8 of 38 hotels in Kausani

6.3/7 70 Traveller Ratings

Value for money and relaxation, food and service is nice. Staff is very cooperative. They always ready f... More >

Sagar Hotel

Sumitra Nandan Pant Marg Kausani, Almora , Uttarakhand

Ranked 9 of 38 hotels in Kausani

5.4/7 70 Traveller Ratings

I stayed in Sagar Hotel for 2 days and it was worth it. From Window side, you can see the Himalaya range... More >

Nature’s Valley Resort Kausani


Ranked 10 of 38 hotels in Kausani

5.6/7 24 Traveller Ratings

On 30th June I visit there with my family. That day was very hot. In the room there was only one fan on ... More >

Sumit Hotel

Kausani Uttaranchal , Uttarakhand

Ranked 11 of 38 hotels in Kausani

5/7 144 Traveller Ratings

Stayed here in November 2015. Staff was polite and helpful. Beautiful view of snow clad mountain s - Tri... More >

Pine Havens Hotel

Near UCO Bank Kausani,Almora , Uttarakhand

Ranked 12 of 38 hotels in Kausani

5.1/7 237 Traveller Ratings

Located near UCO Bank is Pines Havens Hotel at Almora. The hotel is 410kms from Delhi Airport and 150kms... More >

Suman Royal Resort

View Point Kausani Bageshwar, Uttarakhand

Ranked 13 of 38 hotels in Kausani

5.9/7 46 Traveller Ratings

Suman Royal Resort is located in VIP Road, View Point. This resort was opened to guests in 2002. The res... More >

Shivay Hotel

Near Bus Stop, Main Chowrah, Kausani,, Uttarakhand

Ranked 14 of 38 hotels in Kausani

5.1/7 155 Traveller Ratings

Kausani is too far of from Delhi and does not have any areas for sight seeing. Though it is somewhat pea... More >

Hotel Uttarakhand

Village and Post kausani Distt. Bageshwar , Uttarakhand

Ranked 15 of 38 hotels in Kausani

4.7/7 230 Traveller Ratings

Hotel Uttarkhand Kausani is located at Kausani in Bageshwa- Uttarkhand. The hotel is 150 km from the rai... More >

Hotel Prashant

Near Anasakti Ashram, Dist-Bageshwar , Uttarakhand

Ranked 16 of 38 hotels in Kausani

5.2/7 33 Traveller Ratings

Since we had booked rooms through MMT, hotel gave us the worst possible rooms in otherwise a good hotel.... More >

1,845 Book Now

Chevron Eco Lodge

View Point Kausani Estate Kausani, Uttarakhand

Ranked 18 of 38 hotels in Kausani

5.2/7 25 Traveller Ratings

Chevron Eco Lodge is located in View Point, VIP Road. This lodge was opened to guests in 2006. The lodge... More >

Himvadi Resort

Kausani Dist:Bageshwar , Uttarakhand

Ranked 19 of 38 hotels in Kausani

5.3/7 59 Traveller Ratings

First of all hotel Himvadi is not a resort.. Not a hotel... Room condition was terrible because of leaka... More >

Kausani Village Resort

Near Tea Garden Kausani Bhageshwar, Uttarakhand

Ranked 21 of 38 hotels in Kausani

5.8/7 23 Traveller Ratings

This rural ambiance gives close accord to anyone advancing from an burghal setting, distinctively the on... More >

New Pine Hotel

Near UCO bank, Kausani, , Uttarakhand

Ranked 22 of 38 hotels in Kausani

5.2/7 16 Traveller Ratings

Place is good but the rooms are teriable not worth to stay as there were no ventilation in room and the ... More >

The Buransh

HSCR, Baijnath Road, Bageshwar , Uttarakhand

Ranked 23 of 38 hotels in Kausani

6.3/7 20 Traveller Ratings

Very good hotel, good management, good food but approach from main road is steep, although management pr... More >

Jeetu Hotel

Near Anashakti Ashram, Kausani , Uttarakhand

Ranked 24 of 38 hotels in Kausani

5/7 17 Traveller Ratings

Location is awesome, sunrise and sunset views are ineffable. Himalaya views are too awesome. It can be s... More >

Himalayan Village Resort

Baijnath Road Tea Garden Kausani, Uttarakhand

Ranked 25 of 38 hotels in Kausani

5.7/7 9 Traveller Ratings

More >

Hotel Vishaka Palace

Kausani - Bhatariya Road, Kausani, Dis. Bageshwar , Uttarakhand

Ranked 26 of 38 hotels in Kausani

5.6/7 13 Traveller Ratings

I am booking for 2 days but behaviour of staff is very bad. I request to change the menu in food but he ... More >

Kausani Hotel Mystic Mountain

Baijanth Road Near Tea Factory Kausani, Uttarakhand

Ranked 27 of 38 hotels in Kausani

5.8/7 23 Traveller Ratings

Overall nice experience.<br />Worth money at all. Nice to be at Mystic Mountain, pleasant experience. He... More >

Grand National Hotel

View Point, Below Army Camp, Kausani,, Uttarakhand

Ranked 28 of 38 hotels in Kausani

5.3/7 8 Traveller Ratings

Last year I went to Kausani with my wife. I enjoyed there. We stayed at grand national hotel. Very good ... More >

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