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The Iora Retreat

Bogorijuri Post Kohora Kaziranga National Park, Assam

Ranked 1 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

6.1/7 110 Traveller Ratings

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No 2 Sildubi Kohora Kaziranga National Park, Assam

Ranked 2 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

6/7 46 Traveller Ratings

Very nicely decorated entrance and lobby, beautiful and large rooms. Greenery and immaculately manicured... More >

United 21 Grassland Resort

Harmoti, Bagori Range Kaziranga , Assam

Ranked 3 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

5.8/7 32 Traveller Ratings

Grassland Resort is a wildlife and eco-tourism resort located in Kaziranga. The resort is 225 km from Gu... More >

Landmark Woods

Kaziranga National Park KanchanJurie Kaziranga, Assam

Ranked 7 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

5.5/7 32 Traveller Ratings

We 6 Friends, Lady officers have booked Kaziranga Package of one night two days and we have been upgrade... More >

Kaziranga Florican Lodge

Kaziranga National Park Kohora, Golaghat , Assam

Ranked 12 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

4.8/7 39 Traveller Ratings

It was a very nice experience to stay here, the staff took care of our needs and were very polite. Rooms... More >

1,500 Book Now

Prayag Emerald

Bogorijuri Tiniali Kohora, Kaziranga Dist. Golaghat, Assam

Ranked 21 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

5/7 7 Traveller Ratings

Hotel stay was very great staff is very polite and nice. Location of hotel is also very good. Food was g... More >

2,967 Book Now

Sneha Bhawan

Village Kohora, Post Kaziranga National Park, National Highway 37,, Assam

Ranked 22 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

4.8/7 2 Traveller Ratings

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1,335 Book Now

Green Reed Resort


Ranked 29 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

4.8/7 12 Traveller Ratings

Nice hotel to stay in a jungle like experience. Reception is cooperative. Rooms are suitable to budget. ... More >

Dhanshree Resort

Kohora Kaziranga National Park , Assam

Ranked 4 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

5.5/7 370 Traveller Ratings

The hotel is conveniently located and the location was really good. The staff at the hotel were very co-... More >

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1,050 Enquire Now

Wild Grass Lodge

Joint Director of Tourism Kaziranga National Park Golaghat, Assam

Ranked 5 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

5.8/7 80 Traveller Ratings

Located just outside the Kaziranga National Park, the lodge is set in 40 acres and uses traditional rura... More >

Minimum price

1,900 Enquire Now

Nature-Hunt Eco Camp

Bachagaon, Diring, Kaziranga National Park , Assam

Ranked 6 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

5.5/7 35 Traveller Ratings

Had an amazing experience in Nature Hunt Eco Camp. The surrounding, food, the service, the mesmerizing v... More >

Minimum price

2,700 Enquire Now

Bonhabi Resort

1no. Kohora Gaon, Bogorijuri Kaziranga National Park Golaghat Dist., Assam

Ranked 8 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

5.6/7 77 Traveller Ratings

Bonhabi Resort is located near Kaziranga National park. This resort was opened to guests in 2002. The re... More >

Minimum price

1,000 Enquire Now

Kaziranga Golf Resort


Ranked 9 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

5.3/7 17 Traveller Ratings

I had visited this hotel for family trip. Everything was very good in this hotel. I didn't take food fro... More >

Minimum price

4,500 Enquire Now

Bonani Lodge

Kaziranga National Park Golaghat Dist. , Assam

Ranked 10 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

5/7 28 Traveller Ratings

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Minimum price

500 Enquire Now

Emerald Hotel & Resort

Bogoriguri Tiniali Kohara, Kaziranga Assam, Assam

Ranked 11 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

5.9/7 23 Traveller Ratings

Emerald Hotel & Restaurant is located in Kaziranga. The Guwahati Airport is the nearest at a distance of... More >

Minimum price

1,900 Enquire Now

GL’s Kaziranga Resort

NH-37, Phulaguri, Kaziranga National Park, , Assam

Ranked 13 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

4.8/7 47 Traveller Ratings

GL’s Kaziranga Resort is located at Phulaguri, nearby Kaziranga National Park. The property is 175 km ... More >

Minimum price

1,200 Enquire Now

Prashaanti Cottage

Kazriranga , Assam

Ranked 14 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

5.2/7 22 Traveller Ratings

Room was neat and clean. Toilet was not nice. Staff was very cooperative. Food was also mediocre. Locati... More >

Minimum price

1,500 Enquire Now

Infinity Kaziranga Wilderness

Near Kaziranga National Park, Bochagaon, Post Office Kaziranga , Assam

Ranked 15 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

6.2/7 10 Traveller Ratings

Whatever to praise for the hotel, its staff and food and room is very less. In-spite of a small resort i... More >

Minimum price

3,400 Enquire Now

Jupuri Ghar

Kaziranga National Park Dist :Golaghat , Assam

Ranked 16 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

5.3/7 16 Traveller Ratings

Jupuri is a perfect place to stay for a jungle holiday in Kaziranga. It is located very near to safari b... More >

Minimum price

1,800 Enquire Now

Diphlu River Lodge

Kuthuri Near Bagori Police Outpost , Assam

Ranked 17 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

6/7 10 Traveller Ratings

Kaziranga is an amazing wildlife sanctuary well known for the Indian one horned Rhino. I came in search ... More >

Minimum price

12,000 Enquire Now

Aalohi Ghar Guest House

Near Kohora, Chariali, Kaziranga , Assam

Ranked 18 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

5.7/7 10 Traveller Ratings

Reach there with 5 friends, location just awesome and just beside main road. Owner is very kind of peopl... More >

Minimum price

700 Enquire Now

Camp Rhino

Opp Kanchanjuri View Point Kaziranga , Assam

Ranked 19 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

4.4/7 22 Traveller Ratings

Quite satisfied with hotel in this much cost. Hotel service was good. Food was also good. Had a pleasant... More >

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Hills N Lake Resort

Mohi Miri Ting, Harmoti, Bagori, Karbi-Anglong, Kaziranga National Park , Assam

Ranked 20 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

5.9/7 4 Traveller Ratings

After reading that Kaziranga has been opened for this season I contemplated visiting there on 24 Nov. As... More >

Minimum price

600 Enquire Now

Agoratoli Eco Tourism Resort

Opp. Agoratoli Range Office, Kaziranga , Assam

Ranked 23 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

5.4/7 13 Traveller Ratings

Had a wonderful night in the resort. They provided us with a bamboo hut so that we can enjoy there with ... More >

Minimum price

2,500 Enquire Now

Koliabor Manor

Kaziranga National Park, Assam , Assam

Ranked 24 of 43 hotels in Kaziranga

4.6/7 1 Traveller Ratings

Appearance of the hotel from interior and exterior was normal. Staff services were on time. Hotel manage... More >

Minimum price

8,000 Enquire Now
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