Five Star Hotels in Kollam (Quilon)

5 Star Hotels in Kollam (Quilon)

3 hotels in Kollam (Quilon) ranked by traveler reviews

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WelcomHotel Raviz Ashtamudi

Thevally, Mathilil, Kerala 691601 , Kerala

Ranked 2 of 123 hotels in Kollam (Quilon)

6.1/7 188 Traveller Ratings

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The Gateway Hotel

Near Government Guest House, Janardhanapuram, Varkala, Kerala 695141 , Kerala

Ranked 3 in Varkala

5.6/7 96 Traveller Ratings

Taj Garden Retreat (Gateway) is located near Pavasanam Beach. The hotel is 55 kms away from Trivandrum A... More >

SS Beach Resort

Near Helipad, Papanasam Cliff, Varkala, Kerala 695141 , Kerala

Ranked 4 in Varkala

5.3/7 191 Traveller Ratings

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Vedanta Wake Up-Helipad North cliff

North Helipad Cliff, Varkala, , Kerala

Ranked 5 in Varkala

5.6/7 126 Traveller Ratings

One of best places I have ever been. The people out there are very friendly, cooperative and gives the b... More >

Hindustan Beach Resort

Papanasam Beach Janardhanapuram P.O., Varkala, Kerala

Ranked 6 in Varkala

5.9/7 50 Traveller Ratings

Hindustan Beach Resort is located at Janardhanapuram in Varkala. The property is 50 km from Trivandrum I... More >

Hills park

Kumbazha , Kerala

Ranked 8 in Pathanamthitta

6.2/7 6 Traveller Ratings

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Clafouti Ayurvedic Beach Resort

Near North Cliff, Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695141 , Kerala

Ranked 8 in Varkala

5.4/7 251 Traveller Ratings

The complimentary breakfast was provided with good quality. The room was spacious and clean. There were ... More >

Raja Park Beach Resort

Papanasham North Cliff Opp Akhil Beach Resort, Varkala, Kerala 695141 , Kerala

Ranked 10 in Varkala

5.2/7 25 Traveller Ratings

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Mannil Regency

Near Stadium College Road Pathanamthitta Dist., Kerala

Ranked 12 in Pathanamthitta

3.9/7 6 Traveller Ratings

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Akhil Resort

North Cliff, Near Papanasham Cliff , Kerala

Ranked 12 in Varkala

5.6/7 57 Traveller Ratings

I had visited this hotel for relaxation purpose. The overall experience of this hotel was good. The Wi-F... More >

Black Beach Resort

North cliff end, Thiruvambadi beach, Varkala , Kerala

Ranked 13 in Varkala

5.1/7 21 Traveller Ratings

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Palm Tree Annex

Odayam Beach, Varkala , Kerala

Ranked 16 in Varkala

6.7/7 3 Traveller Ratings

My family and I had been to Varkala in last month and stayed here during our holiday trip. The hotel was... More >

Jickys Room

Near Helipad, Varkala Helipad Road, Varkala, Kerala 695141 , Kerala

Ranked 17 in Varkala

5.2/7 19 Traveller Ratings

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Oceanic Beach Residency

North Cliff Varkala , Kerala

Ranked 19 in Varkala

5/7 1 Traveller Ratings

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Deshadan Cliff & Beach Resort

Kurakkanni Cliff Varkala , Kerala

Ranked 20 in Varkala

5.5/7 24 Traveller Ratings

Deshadan Beach Resort is located at Kurakkanni cliff. The hotel is 55 kms away from Trivandrum Airport. ... More >

Anamika Ayurvedic Heritage

North, Oceano Cliff Rd, Varkala, Kerala 695141 , Kerala

Ranked 21 in Varkala

5.7/7 21 Traveller Ratings

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Kshetra Beach Resort

North cliff, Varkala , Kerala

Ranked 22 in Varkala

5.1/7 31 Traveller Ratings

The location of the hotel was easy to reach the destination. The services of the staff in this hotel wer... More >

Hill Top Ayurvedic Beach Resort

Papanasam Cliff Varkala Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Ranked 23 in Varkala

5.2/7 12 Traveller Ratings

I had visited this hotel for personal trip. The parking space was available at the hotel. The provided r... More >

Thanal Beach Resort

North Cliff, North Helipad Cliff, Varkala, Kerala 695141 , Kerala

Ranked 24 in Varkala

6/7 8 Traveller Ratings

I had visited this hotel with my wife. The beach was nearby the hotel. The view was nice from the room. ... More >

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County Inn Beach Resort

South Cliff, Varkala Thiruvananthapuram , Kerala

Ranked 26 in Varkala

5.9/7 13 Traveller Ratings

I stayed with my family for two days in this hotel in the month of October. It was recommended by one ... More >

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Eden Garden

Papanasam Beach Road,Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695141 , Kerala

Ranked 27 in Varkala

5.4/7 9 Traveller Ratings

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Blue Water Resort

Near Parambil Temple Odayam, Varkala , Kerala

Ranked 28 in Varkala

5.8/7 19 Traveller Ratings

The overall experience of the hotel was very goods. The garden was available at the hotel. The parking p... More >

Keratheeram Beach Resort

North Cliff, Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695141 , Kerala

Ranked 30 in Varkala

6.1/7 8 Traveller Ratings

During our week long journey to Kerala, we spent a day at this magnificent hotel last year. We were real... More >

Golden Beach Resort

Veli - Kadinamkulam Road, Puthenthope, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695527 , Kerala

Ranked 31 in Varkala

5.5/7 8 Traveller Ratings

Golden Beach Resort is located near Janardhana Swamy Temple. This resort was opened to guests in 1994. T... More >

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Puthooram Ayurvedic Beach Resort

North Cliff, Varkala, Kerala 695141 , Kerala

Ranked 33 in Varkala

5/7 3 Traveller Ratings

Its a very peaceful location where the hotel is facing the beach. Very calm, foods are so delicious, ser... More >

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Kadaltheeram Beach & Ayurvedic Resort

Panavilacode, Nellikunnu, Mulloor, Vizhinjam, Kovalam, Kerala 695521 , Kerala

Ranked 34 in Varkala

5.7/7 15 Traveller Ratings

Kadaltheeram Beach Ayurvedic Resort is located in Edava near Varkala beach. The resort is 40 kms away fr... More >

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Santaclaus All Seasons Village

North End Cliff Varkala Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Ranked 38 in Varkala

6/7 3 Traveller Ratings

I had gone there with my friends in the month of February. I did not face any problem in locating the ho... More >

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Heavenly Breeze

Behind Rock''n Roll cafe, North Cliff, Kurakkanni, Varkala, Kerala 695141 , Kerala

Ranked 40 in Varkala

6/7 3 Traveller Ratings

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The Haiwa Beach Residency

North Cliff, Varkala Beach, Varkala, Kerala 695141 , Kerala

Ranked 42 in Varkala

5.9/7 9 Traveller Ratings

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Pulari Gardens

Kairali Nagar, Near Janardhanapuram Temple, Varkala , Kerala

Ranked 43 in Varkala

5.8/7 2 Traveller Ratings

Started during 2015. Friends suggested Kerala so we planned going there. Varkala is the place which we h... More >

Nikhil Residence

North Cliff Varkala P.O , Kerala

Ranked 45 in Varkala

5/7 3 Traveller Ratings

It was convenient to locate the hotel and it was close to the city. The internal and external appearance... More >

Rajadhani Fifth Season Beach Resort

North Cliff Near Helipad , Kerala

Ranked 47 in Varkala

6.9/7 2 Traveller Ratings

My boyfriend and I pre booked a room in another guest house on, but it turned out not to be what we were... More >

Indraprastha Beach Resort

Papanasam Beach Road Janardhapuram , Kerala

Ranked 48 in Varkala

6.1/7 4 Traveller Ratings

Everything was good in this hotel. The activity was arranged at the hotel. All amenities were provided i... More >

Sea Breeze Beach Resort

Thiruvambadi Beach, Kurakkanni, Varkala, Kerala 695311 , Kerala

Ranked 49 in Varkala

5.2/7 9 Traveller Ratings

Hotel is located at the cliff on the beach side and the scenery is breathtaking. Ideal for backpackers a... More >

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Ashiyana Homestay

Varkala, Kerala 695141 , Kerala

Ranked 50 in Varkala

5.8/7 19 Traveller Ratings

It was a good hotel. The room was awesome in the hotel. The activity was not conducted by the hotel. The... More >

Omsam Guest Home

Varkala, Papanasam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695141 , Kerala

Ranked 53 in Varkala

5.1/7 4 Traveller Ratings

We had been to this place last December (2015) and we stayed there for 2 nights. The rooms what we got w... More >

Oceano Cliff Ayurvedic Beach Retreat

Near Perumkulam, Oceano Cliff Road, Varkala , Kerala

Ranked 54 in Varkala

5/7 2 Traveller Ratings

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Basuri Beach

Papanasam Beach, Near to Hindustan Hotel , Kerala

Ranked 55 in Varkala

5.5/7 4 Traveller Ratings

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Sea Shore Beach Resort


Ranked 57 in Varkala

5.1/7 4 Traveller Ratings

Hotel is good,rooms are clean and big with a peaceful interiors. Hotel staff were helpful and caring nat... More >

Rendezvous Beach Resorts

North Cliff End, Thiruvambadi Beach, Varkala , Kerala

Ranked 60 in Varkala

6.1/7 2 Traveller Ratings

A fine pleasant well-furnished rooms for one whom seeks peace and a tranquil atmosphere. Swimming pool a... More >

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Shiva Garden Homestay

North Cliff Kurakkanni, Varkala, Kerala 695141 , Kerala

Ranked 63 in Varkala

5.6/7 5 Traveller Ratings

I had visited this hotel with my friends. The destination of the hotel was good. The parking facility wa... More >

Paradise Beach Resort

Kappil, Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695311 , Kerala

Ranked 64 in Varkala

6/7 4 Traveller Ratings

Paradise Beach Resort, Varkala staff are very good in nature and in services. Hotel room is in very good... More >

Clifftop Beach Resort

Blooming Bay - Clifftop Beach Resort, Aliyirakkam, Chilakkoor P OChilakkoor P OVarkala , Kerala

Ranked 66 in Varkala

6.2/7 3 Traveller Ratings

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La Exotica

Varkala Helipad Road, Varkala, Kerala 695141 , Kerala

Ranked 67 in Varkala

5.1/7 2 Traveller Ratings

Service is good. Great place at comfortable price. Nice food and restaurants. Fresh environment. Near to... More >

Kerala Bamboo House

Papanasam Cliff Kurakkani, Varkala Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Ranked 68 in Varkala

4.8/7 9 Traveller Ratings

Kerala Bamboo House is located near Papanasam Beach. The hotel is 52 kms from Trivandrum Airport. The ne... More >

Varkala Bamboo Village

Near Perumkulam pond, south cliff, varkala, Varkala, Kerala 695141 , Kerala

Ranked 69 in Varkala

3.8/7 4 Traveller Ratings

Bamboo village is located very near to Varkala sea beach. Rooms were just average from inside, light was... More >

Savithri Inn Bamboo

North Cliff, Near Thiruvambadi Beach , Kerala

Ranked 70 in Varkala

4.9/7 4 Traveller Ratings

More >

Satta Beach Residence

Odayam Beach Road, Varkala , Kerala

Ranked 71 in Varkala

5.4/7 3 Traveller Ratings

I stayed at Satta for 2 nights and I must say that it is the best place for couples and solo travellers.... More >

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Thiruvambadi Beach Retreat

Thiruvambadi Road, North end Cliff, Varkala, Kerala 695141 , Kerala

Ranked 72 in Varkala

4.7/7 9 Traveller Ratings

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Maadathil Cottages

Odayam Beach, Manthara Temple Road, Varkala , Kerala

Ranked 75 in Varkala

5.3/7 3 Traveller Ratings

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Mango Villa

Kurakkanni North Cliff Behind Tibetan Market, Varkala, Kerala

Ranked 77 in Varkala

5.3/7 3 Traveller Ratings

Stayed at Mango Villa earlier this year. It is less than a 2-3 minute walk out onto the cliff by the bea... More >

The Quilon Beach Hotel

Beach Road Near M.G Park Kollam, Kerala

Ranked 1 of 123 hotels in Kollam (Quilon)

5.9/7 84 Traveller Ratings

The Quilon Beach is located near M G Park. The hotel is 75 km from Trivandrum International Airport and ... More >

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Club Mahindra Ashtamudi

Club Mahindra Ashtamudi, Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited, Chavara South, Ashtamudi, Kollam, KL 691584 , Kerala

Ranked 4 of 123 hotels in Kollam (Quilon)

6.1/7 143 Traveller Ratings

Club Mahindra Ashtamudi is located on the banks of the 8 armed Ashtamudi Lake. From the resort - be it... More >

Minimum price

10,500 Enquire Now

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