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Konark Puri , Orissa

Ranked 3 of 15 hotels in Konark

5.4/7 11 Traveller Ratings

Panthanivas is located at Konark in Orissa. The property is in proximity to the famous Konark Sun Temple... More >

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Surya Inn

Near Canara Bank, Konark , Orissa

Ranked 4 of 15 hotels in Konark

5.6/7 14 Traveller Ratings

Good value for money, supportive staff and clean rooms. Near to Sun temple and on main road leading to t... More >

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Royal Lodge

Opp: Konark Temple Puri , Orissa

Ranked 5 of 15 hotels in Konark

5.8/7 15 Traveller Ratings

In my point of view, Konark Hotel gives a good quality service as well as food and room. I have stayed a... More >

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Hotel Sun Villa

Post Konark Distt Puri Orissa, Orissa

Ranked 6 of 15 hotels in Konark

5.5/7 18 Traveller Ratings

I was in Konark with my family to see the famous temple of Konark. Very nice temple. Hotel was also nice... More >

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Labanya Lodge

Close to Konark Sun temple, NearBy to Chandrabhaga Sea Beach. Konark , Orissa

Ranked 7 of 15 hotels in Konark

6.4/7 24 Traveller Ratings

My wife and I visited Konark in Nov 2015 as we had a friend's wedding in Cuttack and from there we took ... More >

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Hotel Sun Temple


Ranked 8 of 15 hotels in Konark

5.8/7 10 Traveller Ratings

Me and my family went to Konark Golden temple and stayed one night to Konark. Hotel Sun Temple is one of... More >

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Konark Lodge

Konark Police Station Konark Post,Dist.Puri , Orissa

Ranked 9 of 15 hotels in Konark

5/7 19 Traveller Ratings

Whenever I will come to Konark always to prefer to stay at Konark Lodge. It is a very good hotel in Kona... More >

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Panthanivas Yatrinivas

Puri Konark Orissa, Orissa

Ranked 10 of 15 hotels in Konark

5.4/7 17 Traveller Ratings

Hotel is nicely located in mid of the Sun Temple, The Museum and the Open Air Theater and even beach is ... More >

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Tarini Lodge

Konark , Orissa

Ranked 12 of 15 hotels in Konark

5.4/7 5 Traveller Ratings

We booked this hotel for our stay in the city but we decided to postpone our trip. So we thought that we... More >

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Travellers Lodge

OTDC, Konark Puri Dist. , Orissa

Ranked 13 of 15 hotels in Konark

4.9/7 4 Traveller Ratings

More >

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Pagoda Inn


Ranked 14 of 15 hotels in Konark

0/7 0 Traveller Ratings

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Banita Lodge

Konark , Orissa

Ranked 15 of 15 hotels in Konark

0/7 0 Traveller Ratings

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