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Hotel Dreamway

Village Bhuri Post office Morni Hills Dist Panchkula, Haryana

Ranked 1 of 7 hotels in Morni Hills

6/7 27 Traveller Ratings

Stay in a Hotel is not always about Luxury, Big rooms or Lavish infrastructure, sometimes it's about how... More >

1,192 Book Now

Morni Resort

Morni Hills , Haryana

Ranked 4 of 7 hotels in Morni Hills

5/7 68 Traveller Ratings

Morni Resorts was opened to guests in 1993. It is located 45 km away from Chandigarh Airport and 40 km a... More >

2,099 Book Now

Royal Huts Resort


Ranked 5 of 7 hotels in Morni Hills

6.2/7 16 Traveller Ratings

Stayed here for about three days and always acknowledge the time spent here by us. Nice open and huge en... More >

1,964 Book Now

UV Resort

Village Balag Morni Hills Panchkula, Haryana

Ranked 2 of 7 hotels in Morni Hills

6.4/7 4 Traveller Ratings

Perfect stay. So hospitable. New property with basic amenities. Home cooked food. Attention to details. ... More >

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1,800 Book Offline

Mountain Quail Resort

Village Morni Dist Panchkula , Haryana

Ranked 3 of 7 hotels in Morni Hills

5.1/7 78 Traveller Ratings

An ultimate place for holidaying on weekends. Mountain Quail Tourist Resort has a motel, bar and restaur... More >

Minimum price

1,100 Book Offline

Tikkar Tall

Morni Hills Panchkula , Haryana

Ranked 6 of 7 hotels in Morni Hills

6.2/7 15 Traveller Ratings

Tikkar Taal (7 km away from Morni) has log huts, rooms and an open-air restaurant. For budgets traveller... More >

Minimum price

1,500 Book Offline

The Little Morni Hotel


Ranked 7 of 7 hotels in Morni Hills

0/7 0 Traveller Ratings

More >

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