Honeymoon Hotels in Nainital

Honeymoon Hotels in Nainital

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Naini Retreat

Ayarpatta Slopes , Uttarakhand

Ranked 2 of 417 honeymoon hotels in Nainital

5.5/7 418 Traveller Ratings

Naini Retreat is a Heritage Hotel, located on Ayarpatta Slopes overlooking the Naini Lake. The hotel is ... More >

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Maharaja Hotel

Upper Mall,Zoo Road,Nainital , Uttarakhand

Ranked 21 of 417 honeymoon hotels in Nainital

5.2/7 1701 Traveller Ratings

Maharaja Hotel is located at Nainital. The hotel is 70 km from Pantnagar Airport and 34 km from Kathgoda... More >

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Woodsvilla Resort

E-4, 2nd Floor, Defence Colony, Ring Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110027 , Uttarakhand

Ranked 1 in Ranikhet

5.6/7 89 Traveller Ratings

Woodsvilla, located on Majkhali, Almora Road. This hotel was opened to guests in 1999. The hotel is 120 ... More >

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Holm Farm Heritage

Dist Almora, Ranikhet, Uttarakhand 263645 , Uttarakhand

Ranked 2 in Ranikhet

5.6/7 55 Traveller Ratings

Holm Farm Heritage spreads over 13 acres and is located facing the Himalayas. Holm Farm Heritage retains... More >

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Welcom Heritage Windsor Lodge

Kalika Estate, Dadgallia, Ranikhet, Uttarakhand 263645 , Uttarakhand

Ranked 3 in Ranikhet

5.8/7 41 Traveller Ratings

Windsor Lodge Hotel, located near Kalika Temple/Golf Ground, Dadgallia. This hotel was opened to guests ... More >

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West View Hotel

Pandey Kota, Ranikhet, Uttarakhand 263645 , Uttarakhand

Ranked 4 in Ranikhet

5.7/7 280 Traveller Ratings

West View Hotel, located on The Mall Road, near Jhuladevi Temple. This hotel was opened to guests in 199... More >

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Moon Hotel

Sadar Bazar, Ranikhet Almora , Uttarakhand

Ranked 5 in Ranikhet

5.3/7 54 Traveller Ratings

Moon hotel is located in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand. The resort is 150 km away from Patna Nagar airport and 1... More >

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Woodsvilla Residency

Majkhali, Ranikhet, Uttarakhand 263652 , Uttarakhand

Ranked 7 in Ranikhet

5.6/7 78 Traveller Ratings

The food quality was nice in the hotel. The behaviour of the staff’s was helpful in the hotel. The fac... More >

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Queen's Meadow Hotel

No.381, Mayur Complex, Sadar Bazaar Road, Near Roadways, Ranikhet , Uttarakhand

Ranked 8 in Ranikhet

5.2/7 60 Traveller Ratings

It's a good hotel intact it's location is good. It is situated in main market road so everything is near... More >

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Ranikhet Grand Hotel

Sadar Bazaar Ranikhet , Uttarakhand

Ranked 10 in Ranikhet

5.7/7 32 Traveller Ratings

I stayed in Pancharathna Hotel in the month of January 2017. It was my business trip with family. The ci... More >

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Vimoksha Resorts

Village - Digoti Majkhali , Uttarakhand

Ranked 11 in Ranikhet

5.3/7 29 Traveller Ratings

The location of the hotel was very good. I had visited this hotel with my family. The hotel was located ... More >

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Ranikhet Club

The Mall Road, near Head Post Office, Ranikhet Rd, Airari, Ranikhet, Uttarakhand 263645 , Uttarakhand

Ranked 13 in Ranikhet

4.9/7 20 Traveller Ratings

The hotel was not good. The service was not good in this hotel. Everything was good in this hotel. The r... More >

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Aman's Annabella Hotels & Resorts

Chillianaula, Birla Boys School Road, Ranikhet, Uttarakhand 263645 , Uttarakhand

Ranked 14 in Ranikhet

5.7/7 34 Traveller Ratings

It's a very good hotel. I always want go to this resort and suggest to other. 7 himalaya hills seen from... More >

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Kalawati Retreat

Near Ayurvedic Drug Factory Ranikhet , Uttarakhand

Ranked 15 in Ranikhet

5.4/7 7 Traveller Ratings

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Ranikhet Inn

Near SBI, Gandhi Chowk, Ranikhet, Uttarakhand 263645 , Uttarakhand

Ranked 16 in Ranikhet

5/7 42 Traveller Ratings

The check in and checkout was done on time at the hotel. The provided room was very good at the hotel. T... More >

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Cosmos Himalayan Villas

Altius Villa Annexe Naini, Ranikhet, Uttarakhand

Ranked 17 in Ranikhet

5.3/7 42 Traveller Ratings

Cosmos Himalayan Villas, located in Open View Estate, Raniket. This hotel was opened to guests in 2002. ... More >

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Alka Hotel

Gandhi Chowk, Ranikhet, Almora, Uttarakhand 263645 , Uttarakhand

Ranked 18 in Ranikhet

5.3/7 31 Traveller Ratings

Alka hotel is located in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand. The hotel is 150 km away from Ranikhet airport and 84 km... More >

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Camp Bliss

Balmoral, Ranikhet Cantonemt, Upper Mall RoadUpper Mall RoadRanikhet , Uttarakhand

Ranked 20 in Ranikhet

5.3/7 13 Traveller Ratings

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Sahaj Hotel

Majkhali, Ranikhet, Uttarakhand 263601 , Uttarakhand

Ranked 24 in Ranikhet

5.4/7 8 Traveller Ratings

I have been to Ranikhet with my family to have some peaceful time away from Delhi pollution. At first wh... More >

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Rhodo Retreat and Resort

Malli Riyuni, Majkhali , Uttarakhand

Ranked 25 in Ranikhet

4.8/7 19 Traveller Ratings

The hotel location was really good and conveniently located. The appearance of the hotel was good and th... More >

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The Xanadu Retreat

Village & Post Office:Majkhali, Ranikhet , Uttarakhand

Ranked 28 in Ranikhet

5.3/7 7 Traveller Ratings

We visited Ranikhet Uttarakhand on 15 March 2016. We stayed in Hotel Xanadu Retreat. The hotel was very ... More >

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Parijat Retreat


Ranked 29 in Ranikhet

6.1/7 8 Traveller Ratings

No words to describe this beautiful place. Simply an awesome retreat. As soon as we reached there, it fe... More >

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The Royal Court

Sattal Road, Bhimtal, Near Graphic Era University, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263132 , Uttarakhand

Ranked 7 of 417 honeymoon hotels in Nainital

5.8/7 79 Traveller Ratings

I had booked The Royal Court when I had been to Nainital during the month of December 2016. It was my pe... More >

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Ashok Hotel

Near Bus Stand, Cant Road, Talli Tal, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263002 , Uttarakhand

Ranked 74 of 417 honeymoon hotels in Nainital

5.2/7 1294 Traveller Ratings

Ashok Hotel is located near the bus stand in Nainital. The hotel is just a kilometre from the airport, ... More >

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KMVN Tourist Rest House Tallital

Tallital , Uttarakhand

Ranked 78 of 417 honeymoon hotels in Nainital

5.1/7 150 Traveller Ratings

We had a family room to ourselves overlooking the lake. Great view of the lake! Step out of the hotel an... More >

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