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Jungle Lore Birding Lodge

Northwestern Forest Range Pangot Village Nainital, Uttarakhand

Ranked 6 of 514 pangot in Nainital

5.7/7 13 Traveller Ratings

Jungle Lore Birding Lodge located in Pangot. This lodge was opened to guests in 2002. The lodge is 320 k... More >

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Ashokas Naini Chalet

Village Pangot, District Nainital, Pangoot, Uttarakhand 263001 , Uttarakhand

Ranked 44 of 514 pangot in Nainital

4.9/7 101 Traveller Ratings

I travelled to Nainital and stayed in this hotel in the month of November 2016. The destination and loca... More >

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The Nest Cottages

Kilbury Road,Pangot , Uttarakhand

Ranked 57 of 514 pangot in Nainital

5.5/7 21 Traveller Ratings

We went there to enjoy the scenic beauty of Nainital. The cottages were as good as they looked in pictur... More >

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Monal Inn

Pangot Nainital , Uttarakhand

Ranked 65 of 514 pangot in Nainital

5.7/7 19 Traveller Ratings

It was the month of December when I travelled there and I stayed in Monal inn. The hotel was good in loo... More >

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The Nest Cottages Birds Valley

Pangot Kilbury Road Nainital, Uttarakhand

Ranked 122 of 514 pangot in Nainital

6.3/7 1 Traveller Ratings

We enjoyed our stay at this destination and enjoyed a lot. The place is peaceful with good housekeeping ... More >

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Woodside Retreat

Pangot, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263001 , Uttarakhand

Ranked 135 of 514 pangot in Nainital

4.9/7 14 Traveller Ratings

I was there for a romantic visit with my wife. This place gave us a feeling at home with comfortable roo... More >

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Monal Inn Hotel

Vill- Pangot, Nainital , Uttarakhand

Ranked 166 of 514 pangot in Nainital

5.3/7 6 Traveller Ratings

Stayed here for two nights, it was a great experience. The breakfast was really good with huge variety o... More >

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Kamp Land Nature Resort

Sigri Village, (Via Pangot) Dist: Nainital , Uttarakhand

Ranked 42 of 514 pangot in Nainital

5.4/7 26 Traveller Ratings

It was a holiday trip I went to Nainital during the month of January 2017 with my friends. I booked a ro... More >

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Kafal House Lodge

Pangot Nainital , Uttarakhand

Ranked 155 of 514 pangot in Nainital

5.8/7 8 Traveller Ratings

If you are a Bird lover you must visit the Kafal house, Sat Tal. They have the best Bird spotter in thei... More >

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Mountain Quail Lodge & Tented Camp

Pangoot, Uttarakhand 263002 , Uttarakhand

Ranked 183 of 514 pangot in Nainital

4.7/7 9 Traveller Ratings

Location of the hotel is awesome, view from the hotel is very nice and pool facility is not available. I... More >

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