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The Gateway Hotel

Ambika Niketan, Athwa Line, Surat Dumas Road, Surat, Gujarat

Ranked 1 of 146 hotels in Surat

6.1/7 205 Traveller Ratings

Gateway hotel is located in Surat, Gujarat. The hotel is 10 km away from Surat airport and 12 km from Su... More >

Budget Inn

10, Shubham Bunglows opp JH Ambani Reliance School University Road, Gujarat

Ranked 2 of 146 hotels in Surat

5.8/7 71 Traveller Ratings

Good experience but take long time at time of on boarding. Please try to improve and other all facilitie... More >

The Grand Bhagwati

Magdalla Circle, Dumas Road, , Gujarat

Ranked 3 of 146 hotels in Surat

5.8/7 286 Traveller Ratings

I have visited TGB Surat many time for official visit.<br /><br />Let me strait got to its Pros and Cons... More >

Hotel Merit

Opp. Ayurvedic College & Hospital,  Near Surat Railway Station, Surat, Gujarat

Ranked 4 of 146 hotels in Surat

5.9/7 57 Traveller Ratings

Hotel Merit was very good hotel.<br />Location of hotel is also good that is near railway station. Servi... More >

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Best Western Yuvraj Hotel

Gulambaba Mill Compound Surat , Gujarat

Ranked 5 of 146 hotels in Surat

5.5/7 178 Traveller Ratings

Yuvraj Hotel is located at Surat. The propert is 20 km from the Surat Airport and the Surat Railway Stat... More >

2,797 Book Now

Hotel Grand Pragati

Near Hotel Comfort, Galemandi Road Corner Near S.T. Bus Stand & Railway Station Delhi Gate, Surat, Gujarat

Ranked 6 of 146 hotels in Surat

5.6/7 49 Traveller Ratings

Value for money. Excellent location and room. Good facilities and the food was also good. Value for mone... More >

Vetro Inn

Near Railway Station Sumul Dairy Road Surat Railway Station Area, Gujarat

Ranked 7 of 146 hotels in Surat

5.7/7 41 Traveller Ratings

Hotel provides a clean, hygienic rooms. There was a buffet system for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Staff wa... More >

Ginger Hotel

Off Dumus Road Near Iskon Mall Piplod, Gujarat

Ranked 8 of 146 hotels in Surat

5.5/7 260 Traveller Ratings

Ginger Hotel I located near the Iskon Mall in Surat. The hotel is a 20 minute drive from Surat’s bus s... More >

Lords Plaza

Delhi Gate Ring Road Surat, Gujarat

Ranked 9 of 146 hotels in Surat

5.2/7 315 Traveller Ratings

We had come here to conduct our workshop. We were very happy with the service and everything else. Howev... More >

Ostria Hotel

Meghani Tower Dehli Gate, Surat , Gujarat

Ranked 10 of 146 hotels in Surat

5.5/7 97 Traveller Ratings

Services and cleaning is very poor, rat and cockroach in move in the room frequently. So please look for... More >

Sarita Hotel

Gulambaba Mill Compound, Railway Station Road, Near Best Western Yuvraj, Laldarwaja, Surat , Gujarat

Ranked 11 of 146 hotels in Surat

5.6/7 68 Traveller Ratings

Good hotel to stay. Good facilities and cleanliness. Also good staff and food is very much excellent. Yo... More >

Stay Inn Hotel

44/15-16-17, Ring Road Opp: Delhi Gate, Surat , Gujarat

Ranked 12 of 146 hotels in Surat

5.5/7 80 Traveller Ratings

To some extent the rooms are justified to the online payment done, but not that level which is shown in ... More >

Akash Hotel

Near Reshamwala Bhuvan Station Road, Surat , Gujarat

Ranked 13 of 146 hotels in Surat

5.3/7 83 Traveller Ratings

Good service. Good staff. Good breakfast. Good meal. Cleaning was very good. Reception place nice. I sug... More >

Budget Inn Hospice

Near Railway Station, Khand Bazar , Gujarat

Ranked 14 of 146 hotels in Surat

5.3/7 14 Traveller Ratings

Budget Inn Hospice is located behind Surat Railway Station. The inn is 15 km away from Dumas Airport, Su... More >

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Hotel Central Excellency

Opp: Railway Station Surat , Gujarat

Ranked 15 of 146 hotels in Surat

4.9/7 67 Traveller Ratings

Central hotel is located in Surat, Gujarat. The hotel is 7 km away from Surat airport and 12 km from Sur... More >

Embassy Hotel

Opp. Railway Station Surat Dist. , Gujarat

Ranked 16 of 146 hotels in Surat

5/7 70 Traveller Ratings

Room service is good.<br />Staff is very polite.<br />Cleanliness is very good. Good for business trip &... More >

Suncity Hotel

Lal Darwaja,Una Puna Road Near Surat Railway Station Surat, Gujarat

Ranked 17 of 146 hotels in Surat

4.8/7 64 Traveller Ratings

Prime location near by railway station. Clean and comfortable rooms good clean and comfortable rooms pri... More >

Bellevue Hotel

Near Railway station Sumal Dairy Road Surat, Gujarat

Ranked 19 of 146 hotels in Surat

6/7 32 Traveller Ratings

Budget Inn Bellevue is a 3-star hotel, located on Sumul Diary Road, at the heart of Surat. The hotel i... More >

Golden Star Hotel

Adajan Hazira Road Near Gujarat Gas Surat, Gujarat

Ranked 21 of 146 hotels in Surat

4.4/7 36 Traveller Ratings

Golden Star Hotel is located near Arzees Circle in Surat. This four star hotel is 12 km from Surat Airp... More >

Hotel Tex Palazzo

Ring Road, Surat , Gujarat

Ranked 22 of 146 hotels in Surat

5.7/7 41 Traveller Ratings

Hotel is at a perfect location at Very Near to millennium market, Adarsh I adarsh II, service was good. ... More >

Balwas Hotel

Delhi Gate, Ring Road, Surat , Gujarat

Ranked 30 of 146 hotels in Surat

5.5/7 25 Traveller Ratings

Very very good hotel and very good service I want to go again to that hotel and stay there so I will go ... More >

Oyster Hotel

Opp: Big Bazar, Dumas Road, Piplod,, Gujarat

Ranked 35 of 146 hotels in Surat

5.8/7 14 Traveller Ratings

One friend of mine booked hotel for me when I first came in Surat. I was quite tensed about the living p... More >

Tex Plazzo Hotel

Ring Road Surat , Gujarat

Ranked 36 of 146 hotels in Surat

5.5/7 25 Traveller Ratings

Tex Plazzo Hotel is located on Ring Road in Surat. The hotel is 20 km from Surat Airport and 1.5 km from... More >

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Maharaja Hotel

3rd Floor, Opp: Omkar Chambers Central Bus Stop Opp: Rly. St., Surat, Gujarat

Ranked 42 of 146 hotels in Surat

5.6/7 8 Traveller Ratings

Hotel staff was so good to me. Food was not that good. Still I liked that. Must visit once. Had good exp... More >

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Krishna Hotel

Opp.Chowapati Garden Athwaliens,Surat , Gujarat

Ranked 46 of 146 hotels in Surat

4.7/7 10 Traveller Ratings

Good rooms with neat and pleasing furniture. We went for our honey moon night. People are very pleasing.... More >

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