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Travelling within Zurich

Other Public Transportation in Zurich

Travelling within Zurich - Other public transportation
  Other public transportation

The bus system in Zurich starts its operations from 5:30 am and continues till midnight. Night buses are available on Fridays as well as Saturdays from Bellevue with a bus departing each hour between 1 am to 3 am. Usually, a bus in Zurich can be found reaching a stop after every 6 minutes. ZVV travelcards are valid for commuting by buses in Zurich. The charges of the tickets are based on the zone or zones one is traveling to.

The most important bus station is adjacent to the primary train station. Yellow post buses connect all those points, where the S-Bahn network has no reach. There are several bus routes that can take one from airport to other places. For instance, bus numbers 510 and S511 ply from airport bus stop O to Stadel bei Niederglatt and to Dielsdorf respectively.            

It is difficult to find taxis instantly on Zurich roads. Therefore, they have to be hired either at the taxi stands or through a telephone call. Some of the companies providing taxi services are operational round-the-clock. Extra luggage and passengers in taxis cost more and so does the waiting time. When looking for taxis at Zurich airport,

it is possible to find them outside arrival gates 1 and 2. It takes around 15 minutes to reach the city from airport by taxi, with the journey costing 2,340.39 INR. Although taxis are metered, the payment for taxis includes a tip. A special taxi service operates in Zurich for convenience of disabled individuals.            

The fully electrified 'S-Bahn' system in the canton of Zurich is an efficient and punctual means of transportation. The system in general is characterized by high frequency, with trains reaching stations in the central parts after every 5 - 10 minutes. It takes around 20 minutes for these trains to reach those stations that are not centrally located.

Some of the lines of Zurich S-Bahn are now either closed or their names have been changed. Many of the S-Bahn lines currently operational in Zurich serve the station at Winterthur Hauptbahnhof, which is situated close to Zurich. These line are S7, S8, S12, S16, S26, S29, S30, S33, S35 and S41.       

River buses in Zurich will take a visitor to Landesmuseum, which is close to Hauptbahnhof. They sail on Limmat River and Zurichsee (Zurich Lake), with boats stopping at various points. With the help of these boats, one can reach the Tiefenbrunnen beach in Zurich. As far as the frequency of boat service is concerned, river boats are operational solely during summer season. The lake boats are also subjected to reduced operational frequency, during winter.

 A trip on ZSG steamers begins at Burkliplatz, which is at the end of Zurich's famous shopping destination Bahnhofstrasse. Rapperswil is one of the places many tourists visit, while on a trip on the ZSG steamers. Tickets issued by ZVV are applicable for transportation by boats in zone 10.

Like buses, trams in Zurich become operational at 5:30 am. They continue their services till    midnight, with many of the lines having Burkliplatz as one of its stops. The tram lines stopping at this tourist point are 2, 4, 8, 9 and 11. These line also serve Bellevue, another important tram stop that is also served by lines 5 and 15 of Zurich trams.        

Besides these means of transportation, one can also avail bikes and skateboards in Zurich. These can be borrowed without any charges from 7 am to 9:20 pm. The bike gate at the main train station is one of the locations where these are available.       

Zurich Map
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