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Athirappilly, located to the east of Chalakudy in Thrissur District, is a famous holiday destination in the state of Kerala. Situated on the fringes of Sholayar forests of the Western Ghats, which are the rain forests of Kerala, Athirappilly is......Read more on Athirappilly

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Athirappilly Falls, Athirappilly
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Located 63 km from the city region of Thrissur is the Athirappilly Falls, which is also a popular picnic spot for the travellers because of the location and the 80 ft high waterfall. Laying in the Sholayar ranges this waterfall consists of two amusement parks in the nearby... Read More »
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  • Type: Water Fall
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Vazhachal Falls, Athirappilly
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The Vazhachal Falls are located just 3 km to the official entrance of Athirappilly Falls and it has its origin from Chalakudy River. This waterfall, cascading on the edge of the Sholayar forest range has been categorized as one of the finest present in India. There are several... Read More »
"Decent falls"Feb 5, 2016 "Good location to hangout"Jan 30, 2016
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Chalakudy River, Athirappilly
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Chalakudy River also known by the name of Chalakudy Puzha is located in the Thrissur district of the state of Kerala. It is also the source of many water falls across Kerala state and is the fourth longest river of Kerala. Deep vegetation cover is located near to the region of... Read More »
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Charpa Falls, Athirappilly
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Located to the nearby region of Athirappilly waterfalls, is the Charpa Falls, which is about 60 km from the district of Thrissur. The height of this waterfall is not at all impressive compared to the other waterfalls but during monsoons, the water flow in the region is... Read More »
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  • Type: Lake
Vachumaram Lake, Athirappilly
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"A scenic spot"Oct 10, 2014

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