12294/Ald Ltt Duronto

Ald Ltt Duronto (12294) Train

Ald Ltt Duronto
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Ald Ltt Duronto/12294 Train Timetable, Route Map & Schedule

Ald Ltt Duronto (12294)

  • Runs on: Tue, Sat
  • Travel time: 19 hours 20 minutes
Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Distance
Allahabad Junction Source19:30 0 Km.
Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus 14:50Destination 1348 Km.


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Mukesh Yadav

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Mukesh Yadav
Posted 3 months ago Jul 29, 2015
Ald Ltt Duronto Route: Mumbai ––› Allahabad
If you want to travel from Mumbai to Allahabad, this train is best option takes only 16 hours to reach. You will get all food, snacks included in ticket fare. The train staff were good, cleaning was done at regular interval. Apart from other trains this trains stands apart in speed and look, cleanliness as well.
Train name (Train no): Ald Ltt Duronto(12294)
Tickets booked:
  • 30 days prior
This train has:
  • Veg. Food
  • Non-veg food
  • On-time
  • Clean toilets
Boarding Station: Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus
This station has
  • Food available for purchase
  • Accomodation
  • Books/Newspaper to buy
  • Prepaid auto/taxi
Last Station: Allahabad Junction
This station has
  • Food available for purchase
  • Accomodation
  • Books/Newspaper to buy
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