Duronto Express Trains Time Table, Schedule, Route Map

Duronto Express Trains

Below is the Duronto express time table that displays the details of the trains on different routes.

Duronto Express Train Schedule

Train No. Train Name Origin Destination Dep. Arr. Days Of Run
12213 Duronto Express Bangalore Yesvantpur Junction Delhi Sarai Rohilla 23:40 06:50 N N N N N N Y
12214 Ypr Duronto Express Delhi Sarai Rohilla Bangalore Yesvantpur Junction 23:00 07:30 N Y N N N N N
12219 Sc Duronto Express Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Secunderabad Junction 23:05 11:05 N N N Y N N Y
12220 Duronto Ac Express Secunderabad Junction Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus 23:05 11:05 N N Y N N Y N
12221 Howrah Duronto Pune Junction Kolkata Howrah Junction 15:15 19:40 N Y N N N N Y
12222 Hwh Pune Duront Kolkata Howrah Junction Pune Junction 08:20 11:35 N N N N Y N Y
12223 Ltt Ers Duronto Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Ernakulam Junction (South) 20:50 17:45 N N Y N N N Y
12224 Ers Ltt Duronto Ernakulam Junction (South) Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus 21:30 18:15 Y N N Y N N N
12227 Indore Duronto Mumbai Central Indore Junction BG 23:15 11:15 N N N N Y N Y
12228 Mumbai Duronto Indore Junction BG Mumbai Central 23:00 11:50 Y N N N N Y N
12239 Jaipur Duronto Mumbai Central Jaipur Junction 23:15 14:35 Y N Y N N N N
12240 Jp Bct Duronto Jaipur Junction Mumbai Central 19:15 12:05 N N Y N Y N N
12243 Shatabdi Express Chennai Central Coimbatore Main Junction 07:15 14:05 Y Y N Y Y Y Y
12244 Shatabdi Express Coimbatore Main Junction Chennai Central 15:20 22:15 Y Y N Y Y Y Y
12245 Hwh Ypr Duronto Kolkata Howrah Junction Bangalore Yesvantpur Junction 11:00 16:00 Y N Y Y N Y Y
12246 Duronto Express Bangalore Yesvantpur Junction Kolkata Howrah Junction 11:15 16:00 Y Y Y N Y Y N
12259 Ndls Duronto Kolkata Sealdah New Delhi 18:30 11:25 Y Y N Y Y N N
12260 Sdah Duronto Ex New Delhi Kolkata Sealdah 19:45 12:30 N Y Y N Y Y N
12261 Howrah Duronto Mumbai CST Kolkata Howrah Junction 17:15 19:40 Y N Y Y Y N N
12262 Hwh Cstm Duront Kolkata Howrah Junction Mumbai CST 08:20 10:30 N Y Y Y N Y N

Connecting several metros and state capitals of India, Duronto express trains come under the category of non-stop long distance trains run by the Indian Railways. Known as one of the fastest trains in India, Duronto express trains attain greater speeds compared to the popular Rajdhani express trains. Trains from Howrah to Jamshedpur, YPR Howrah express train and many others have Duronto express at their top list of trains plying multiple routes across the country. Duronto express features primarily are its speed and long distance coverage, which makes it one of the most preferred trains for travelling in India.