56385/Ernakulam Kottayam Passenger

Ernakulam Kottayam Passenger (56385) Train (Ernakulam Junction (South) to Kottayam)

Ernakulam Kottayam Passenger
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Ernakulam Kottayam Passenger/56385 Train Timetable, Route Map & Schedule

  • Runs on: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun Travel time: 1 hour 40 minutes
Station Name (code) Arrival Time Departure Time Distance
Ernakulam Junction (South) (ERS) Source07:30 0 km
Thrippunithura (TRTR) 07:4407:45 9 km
Chottanikkara Road (KFE) 07:4907:50 3 km
Mulanturutti (MNTT) 07:5407:55 3 km
Kanjiramittam (KPTM) 07:5908:00 5 km
Piravom Road (PVRD) 08:0708:08 6 km
Vaikom Road (VARD) 08:1908:20 6 km
Kaduturutti Halt (KDTY) 08:2408:25 3 km
Kuruppanthara (KRPP) 08:2908:30 3 km
Ettumanur (ETM) 08:4408:45 7 km
Kumaranallur (KFQ) 08:5408:55 7 km
Kottayam (KTYM) 09:20Destination 3 km

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Posted Dec 27, 2013
Ernakulam Kottayam Passenger Route: Kochi (Cochin) ––› Kottayam
IF you are planning to a trip in Kumarkom and are short of funds then the best option is to catch the morning Ernakulam -Kottayam passenger from Ernakulam junction (south) station. The ticket costs less than Rs 20/- which is to be purchased early otherwise the train will be missed. The train no. is 56385 which one can find in the notice board. But it is an unreserved train mind it ! You cannot reserve tickets for this train and the only option is to arrive early at the station and purchase ticket from the counter by standing on a snake like queue. The other option is purchasing tickets from JTBS counter at only extra Re 1/- just opposite the main ticket counter. The train starts from south station at 7.30 A.M. in the morning and reaches Kottayam at 9.20 A. M. which is something half an hour more than the express trains but the fare is also one-third compared to an express train. Generally the train reaches Kottayam junction by 10 to 15 min. late but that will never be a problem. After coming out of the station you will find private buses of Vembanad Travels plying between Kottayam to Kumarkom at a very reasonable cost. The other option is to hire an auto-rickshaw from the prepaid stand by paying the regulated fare fixed by the local authorities which is near about Rs 200/- and time taken is about 30 mins. (15km).
Train name (Train no): Ernakulam Kottayam Passenger(56385)
Tickets booked:
  • Tatkal
This train has:
  • Veg. Food
  • On-time
  • Clean toilets
Boarding Station: Ernakulam Junction (South)
This station has
  • Food available for purchase
  • Accomodation
  • Books/Newspaper to buy
  • Medical facility
  • Prepaid auto/taxi
Last Station: Kottayam
This station has
  • Food available for purchase
  • Books/Newspaper to buy
  • Prepaid auto/taxi
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