13113/Hazarduari Express

Hazarduari Express (13113) Train

Hazarduari Express
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Hazarduari Express/13113 Train Timetable, Route Map & Schedule

Hazarduari Express (13113)

  • Runs on: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
  • Travel time: 5 hours 20 minutes
Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Distance
Kolkata Chitpur Source06:50 0 Km.
Ranaghat Junction 08:2008:22 70.2 Km.
Krishnanagar City Junction 08:5608:58 96.6 Km.
Bethuadahari 09:3409:35 124.7 Km.
Plassey 10:1110:12 147.1 Km.
Beldanga 10:4710:48 165.1 Km.
Berhampore Court 11:0411:06 183.1 Km.
Murshidabad 11:1811:23 194.1 Km.
JiaGanj 11:3011:31 201.7 Km.
Lalgola 12:10Destination 224.6 Km.


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Soumitra Mukherjee
  • Soumitra Mukherjee
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Soumitra Mukherjee
Posted Oct 27, 2013 Oct 27, 2013
Hazarduari Express Route: Kolkata ––› Murshidabad
The station is very clean and specious. In fact the best in Kolkata/Howrah. The major problem is communication. If you are boarding an early morning train, try to carry some food for breakfast. Always try to reach there by taxi or a hired car. Bus service is very irregular and unpredictable. Furthermore, if you are returning to Kolkata Station, then please be extra cautious. You may find it difficult to obtain the service of any public transport at a reasonable rate. It's better to hire an auto to reach Shyambazar 5-point crossing and then proceed to your destination. Best thing is to walk to the main road if your luggage is not heavy. The train is reasonably good. It is advisable to travel in reserved compartment. You will get various kinds of snacks from the vendors. There is no pantry car. The up train usually reaches on time.
Train name (Train no): Hazarduari Express(13113)
Tickets booked:
  • 7 days prior
This train has:
  • On-time
  • Clean toilets
Boarding Station: Kolkata Chitpur
This station has
  • Food available for purchase
  • Books/Newspaper to buy
  • Prepaid auto/taxi
Last Station: Murshidabad
This station has
  • Food available for purchase
  • Books/Newspaper to buy
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Due to my profession I have to travel throughout the country and have to stay in various hotels and guest houses (ranging from 5 stars to lousiest ones). Whenever I visit Murshidabad, I usually stay in Baharampur hotels. This time I took my family along with me, so that they can visit the...more »
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