13248/Kyq Capital Exp

Kyq Capital Exp (13248) Train (Danapur to Kamakhya Junction)

Kyq Capital Exp
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Kyq Capital Exp/13248 Train Timetable, Route Map & Schedule

  • Runs on: Mon, Tue, Wed, Sun Travel time: 20 hours 29 minutes
Station Name (code) Arrival Time Departure Time Distance
Danapur (DNR) Source22:25 0 km
Phulwari Sharif (PWS) 22:3122:32 4 km
Patna Junction (PNBE) 22:4522:55 10 km
Rajendra Nagar Bihar (RJPB) 23:0223:04 13 km
Patna Saheb (PNC) 23:1423:15 20 km
Banka Ghat (BKG) 23:2223:23 26 km
Fatwa (FUT) 23:3023:31 32 km
Khusropur (KOO) 23:4023:41 41 km
Bakhtiyarpur Junction (BKP) 23:5523:57 56 km
Barh (BARH) 00:0900:10 74 km
Mokama Junction (MKA) 00:3200:34 99 km
Simaria (SAE) 01:5501:56 114 km
Barauni Junction (BJU) 02:1502:40 120 km
Begu Sarai (BGS) 02:5802:59 136 km
Lakhminia (LKN) 03:2003:21 154 km
Khagaria Junction (KGG) 04:0204:03 176 km
Mansi Junction (MNE) 04:1204:13 185 km
Mahes Khunt (MSK) 04:2504:26 195 km
Narayanpur (NNR) 04:5004:51 219 km
Thana Bihpur Junction (THB) 05:0205:03 227 km
Naugachia (NNA) 05:2005:21 243 km
Katareah (KTRH) 05:3205:33 254 km
Kursela (KUE) 05:4105:42 261 km
Karagola Road (CRR) 06:1706:18 277 km
Semapur (SMO) 06:3706:38 288 km
Katihar Junction (KIR) 07:1007:25 300 km
Labha (LAV) 07:5207:53 323 km
Khurial (KWE) 08:1308:14 335 km
Azamnagar Road (AZR) 08:2308:24 343 km
Barsoi Junction (BOE) 08:3808:40 356 km
Sudhani (SUD) 08:5308:54 368 km
Telta (TETA) 09:0509:06 377 km
Dalkolha (DLK) 09:1609:17 385 km
KishanGanj (KNE) 09:4509:50 413 km
New Jalpaiguri (NJP) 12:2012:35 501 km
Siliguri Junction (SGUJ) 12:5012:55 508 km
New Mal Junction (NMZ) 13:5613:58 556 km
Binnaguri (BNV) 14:3814:39 600 km
Dalgaon (DLO) 14:5014:51 609 km
Hasimara (HSA) 15:1415:16 634 km
Alipur Duar Junction (APDJ) 15:5516:05 669 km
New Bongaigaon Junction (NBQ) 17:5518:05 778 km
Goalpara Town (GLPT) 18:4518:47 858 km
Kamakhya Junction (KYQ) 21:10Destination 980 km

2 traveller reviews for Kyq Capital Exp

Pankaj  Kumar

  • Scout
  • Pankaj Kumar
  • Lives in Patna
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Posted Jun 30, 2016
Kyq Capital Exp Route: Patna ––› Gorumara
This trains runs between Rajendra Nagar, Patna which is just half a kilometer from my residence, to New Jalpaiguri 3 days and to Kamakhya 4 days. So getting reservation is easiest in this route. Though the train is not a super fast one and take lots of time but that is advantageous also. After Siliguri this trains passes through dense forest and three wild life sanctuaries. Its speed through out from Siliguri to till kamakhya is only 30. 00 km /hour. We traveled in AC-3. Though this train does not have pantry car which should be, but I am fully satisfies with ongoing on board cleaning of train coaches.
The entire route of this train from Siliguri onward is lush green field, fresh air and smell of fresh tea means full to joy and lots of freshness. It is lovely watching out. At times you will feel like that you are running through the lush tea gardens, flora and fauna lets you rejuvenate with full of energy. You can see either tea gardens both side of the train route or dense forest.
You may came across with animal like elephant, bison, wild boar, peacock etc. From train itself. Overall it was lovely journey and I had traveled a lot and this train is one of my favourite one.
Train name (Train no): Kyq Capital Exp(13248)
Tickets booked:
  • 30 days prior
This train has:
  • Clean toilets
Boarding Station: Rajendra Nagar Bihar
This station has
  • Books/Newspaper to buy
Last Station: Alipur Duar
This station has
  • Food available for purchase
  • Books/Newspaper to buy
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Lataguri was our 2nd stop during our summer trip to Dooars. The place Gorumara National Park in Lataguri, is a great place for nature lover and to some one who love bird watching and like to see the wild animals in their natural habitat.
The two main attraction here is Jungle safari and...more »
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Sunny Guptha

  • Explorer
  • Sunny Guptha
  • Lives in Patna
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Posted Jan 14, 2015
Kyq Capital Exp Route: Patna ––› Gangtok
I have been on this train many a times and my experience wasn't good. You would be lucky if it's on time which it hardly is. Toilets are not cleaned but one thing is good about this train is that one could get the reservation even a week before. The food served by the pantry is worst.
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Train name (Train no): Kyq Capital Exp(13248)
Tickets booked:
  • 7 days prior
This train has:
  • Veg. Food
  • Non-veg food
Boarding Station: Patna Junction
This station has
  • Accomodation
  • Books/Newspaper to buy
  • Prepaid auto/taxi
Last Station: New Jalpaiguri
This station has
  • Food available for purchase
  • Accomodation
  • Books/Newspaper to buy
  • Prepaid auto/taxi
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