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Tapovan Exp (17618) Train

Tapovan Exp
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Tapovan Exp/17618 Train Timetable, Route Map & Schedule

Tapovan Exp (17618)

  • Runs on: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
  • Travel time: 11 hours 12 minutes
Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Distance
Hazur Sahib Nanded Source10:10 0 Km.
Purna Junction 10:4010:42 31 Km.
Parbhani Junction 11:1511:17 59 Km.
Manwath Road 11:3711:38 87 Km.
Selu 12:0412:05 102 Km.
Partur 12:2412:25 129 Km.
Jalna 13:2313:25 174 Km.
Aurangabad 14:3014:35 237 Km.
Lasur 15:0415:05 270 Km.
Rotegaon 15:3415:35 298 Km.
Manmad Junction 16:5017:00 350 Km.
Lasalgaon 17:1917:20 375 Km.
Niphad 17:2917:30 392 Km.
Nasik Road 17:5718:00 423 Km.
Devlali 18:0918:10 429 Km.
Igatpuri 19:1319:15 474 Km.
Kalyan Junction 20:5020:55 557 Km.
Thane 21:1321:15 577 Km.
Mumbai Dadar Central 21:4021:42 601 Km.
Mumbai CST 22:05Destination 610 Km.

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Victoria Lozano

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Posted May 29, 2015
Tapovan Exp Route: Mumbai ––› Igatpuri
The train is always a cheaper way to travel, and since is very cheap is always over crowded. We had barely our own sits, and like any local someone squeezed himself in the 4th sit of the bench. The beauty of traveling by train is that you get to enjoy the view, you don't spend gas or petrol ( Which is very expensive now a days) and whoever is driving doesn't reach tired, since none drove. And if you are lucky enough you will find few locals willing to help you once you reach your final destination.
Train name (Train no): Tapovan Exp(17618)
Tickets booked:
  • 7 days prior
This train has:
  • On-time
Boarding Station: Mumbai Dadar Central
This station has
  • Food available for purchase
Last Station: Igatpuri
This station has
  • Food available for purchase
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I and my husband went to Igatpuri for a small "get in touch with nature and greenery trip" since we live in Mumbai we decided to go to Igatpuri, read couple of reviews about this "hotel" and decided to give it a try. Worse mistake ever!

When we arrived at the train station we took a...more »
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