Train Running Status Live

Train Running Status

How to track live train running status?

Train running status can help plan your trip better. Its especially useful planning connecting trips where you are hopping from one train to the other. The online services of Indian Railways are quite robust and you don't need to wait in long queues to get the desired information. Travellers can go online to track live train running status, coach position, arrival and departure time, the exact location as well as the stopovers. 

Here's how you can get the train running status on IRCTC site:

IRCTC train running status
  • Go to
  • Enter the destination (to and from)
  • It will show you all the trains on that route
  • Select a particular train and get details
  • It also gives information on the previous two stations the train has crossed, the next two stations and the arrival time at these stops.

You can also log on to
To check the train running status on this website

  • Enter train number or train name, source, destination or a combination of these
  • Select the train
  • Select the station for which you want to know the running status of that train.
Train running status on mobile

You don't need to be close to a laptop or computer, all you need is a smartphone. The website is compatible with most smartphones and you can use this site to check train running status.
No one wants to miss a train, but if you do, quick action can save a lot of money and future hassle. Here's your Guide on Cancellation and Refund. Decide on another train with the train schedule available on IRCTC site. For any other information you could go through our FAQs.
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By Rahul Kumar