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Hyderabad to Srisailam distance is 213 kms . Out of the 9 reviews shared by travellers, 33% prefer Bus, 67% prefer Car or Cab respectively.

Srisailam does not have a train station, and the nearest station is Kurnool, at a distance of 92 kms from Srisailam.

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"Few pot holes here and there, entire stretch was a smooth drive"

Posted 21 Oct

Travelled by: Car

Travelled as: Family

Drive from Hyderabad was very nice as there was no traffic unlike the city roads and could reach Srisailam in 4 hours. Except for few pot holes here and there, entire stretch was a smooth drive. Entire route has got the sign boards except at diversion near Kalwakurty. There may be some signage, but it is not visible to most of car drivers. Have seen people going beyond that turning point and returned back and took the right route.




"Adventurous journey"

Posted 2 Sep

Travelled by: Car

Travelled as: Family

Should take the NH7, best time to start for the Srisailam journey is early morning around 6 or 7 am. SUV would be the best for the journey. Should carry sufficient drinks and food for the journey. Must take snaps during the journey. You can enjoy the moment with family and friends by site scene, dense forests, beautiful forest animals, lakes, etc.




"Drop by to see the Ganapati Temple! "

Posted 27 Mar

Travelled by: Car

Travelled as: Family

Its pretty convenient to travel by car from Hyderabad - Srisailam. The way is good and it takes 5-6 hours of travel before you reach the destination. As you approach Srisailam, you must visit the Ganapati Temple on the way. The idol of Ganapati is too good to miss here.




"Forest area with sharp bends in this road"

Posted 8 Sep

Travelled by: Car

Travelled as: Group

Srisailam is the place of Lord Shiva, it was located besides Krishna River and the temple is very pleasant. If you go once you would like it. The road way has got number of sharp bends and the forest area looked nice. Monkeys were sitting on the roads and the trip was enjoyable. Ten friends went to Srisailam Ghat and road driving was like a cruise and we enjoyed a lot. Dindi Cheruvu was looking awesome.



"Bus has good seating and a nice TV "

Posted 7 Oct

Travelled by: Bus

Travelled as: Group

Travelling by RTC was just good and the bus came late actually than the said time. Bus has good seating and a nice TV. The route in which we travelled was too good. We had a good halt station and we took a refreshing gap in-between the journey. The food at halt was not so good and also not so bad.

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Hyderabad to Srisailam By Train

Hyderabad ––› Kurnool
By Train 180 Km
Kurnool ––› Srisailam
By Taxi 92 Km
Hyderabad to Kurnool by Train (180 Km)
Train No. Train Name Origin Dep. Arr. Days Of Run
Hyd... Sri... M T W T F S S
17603 Kcg Ypr Exp Hyderabad Kacheguda 21:00 00:50 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
17607 Tungabhadra Express Hyderabad Kacheguda 07:45 12:30 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
17652 Kcg Ms Exp Hyderabad Kacheguda 16:30 20:10 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12785 Bangalore Exp Hyderabad Kacheguda 19:05 22:33 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12797 Venkatadri Exp Hyderabad Kacheguda 20:05 23:46 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
57305 Kacheguda Guntur Fast Passenger Hyderabad Kacheguda 15:29 20:55 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
57425 Kacheguda Guntakal Passenger Hyderabad Kacheguda 10:00 15:30 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
57435 Kacheguda Kurnool Town Passenger Hyderabad Kacheguda 17:35 23:45 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
57623 Kacheguda-guntur Passenger Hyderabad Kacheguda 05:10 11:43 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
17023 Tungabhadra Exp Hyderabad Kacheguda 07:45 12:30 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
17223 Sc Krnt Express Hyderabad Kacheguda 17:02 21:35 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
17606 Kcg Maq Express Hyderabad Kacheguda 06:00 10:15 N Y N N Y N N
22120 Tpty Double Dec Hyderabad Kacheguda 06:45 11:00 N N Y N N Y N
22684 Lko Ypr Superfast Hyderabad Kacheguda 02:00 07:03 N N N Y N N N
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