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Preetika gupta Gupta

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Lies outside Indian map but embodies all the beauty that an Indian can behold

Visiting Andaman was a dream come true. It truly justifies the reviews written by travellers in the past. We just booked the flight and hotels and went there to explore on our own. The best thing that happened to us was Andaman people. Honest, helpful and knowledgeable. They help you without asking for anything in return, guide you in the most appropriate way and always available on the phone. Surprise package was 20 rupees auto ride within Port Blair.
Annapurna hotel, located in the main market, serves delicious South Indian and North Indian food at affordable prices. It's a must visit.
We covered Havelock, Ross and Neil islands and still can't stop appreciating about the beauty that each island holds. Water activities like scuba and snorkel ling are absolutely stunning at Elephanta beach. The underwater world is breathtaking. Get your videos and photos clicked just by shelling out a little more money but it's worth it.
Visiting Radhanagar beach, one of Asia's best beaches, was a pure delight. Not even a piece of dirt ... Yes, nothing to harm your feet or spoil your mood. It's humongous and watching the sunset with thousands of people is a memorable experience.
Stop making other plans; visit Andaman first. I assure you, it will not disappoint you a bit. And go for at least 6 nights.

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Romantic Destination

It was my honeymoon. And for me it was perfect destination since me and my wife both love beautiful beaches. The one who love Beaches for them it's a perfect place to explore and one can get to know about history Specially related to freedom struggle due to Cellular Jail at Port Blair.

There are small islands. , mainly Ross Island, Neil Island, And Havelock island. Out of these we had Enjoyed more at Havelock Island. And I guess most of tourists will also enjoy here, Radhanagar Beach is main attraction at Havelock. It's a very long beach and clean, beautiful beach.

Andaman has a tropical weather so lot of humidity so choose your clothes accordingly, Carry always water bottles with while leaving hotel for excursion.

Almost all Beaches have same water sports activity but check with your local Guide for cheaper deal for water sports activities.

And do not forget to Coordinate with your travel agent regarding check-in checkout time of hotels since I have noticed on Neil island hotel's timings are different then other island.

Here Day Starts early, Nights are long.

There is no Night life so anyone is looking for nightlife they will be little bit disappointed.

And Please Do Not Compare With Goa since both Have one thing in common which are Beaches.

For me it is must visit destination.

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Natural Bridge


Cellular Jail


Bharatpur Beach


Sitapur Beach


Ramnagar Beach


Neil Island

Bharatpur Beach


Andaman & Nicobar Overview

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a Union Territory of India. This is a group of 572 islands, islets and rocks formed by a submarine mountain range in the Bay of Bengal, more than a 1000km from the east coast of India. The islands form an arc over a distance of 800km, from near Myanmar towards Indonesia.   The original inhabitants of the islands are many tribal groups. Over the last century due to the policy of settling people from mainland India here, the indigenous tribes are facing extinction. These tribes belong to two groups: the Onge, Sentinelese, Jarawa and Andamanese of Negroid descent inhabit Andaman islands, while the Shompen and Nicobarese live in Nicobar Islands. Non-Indian nationals need permits to visit Andaman Islands while the Nicobar Islands are inaccessible to tourists.   The Andaman Islands are divided into South, Middle and North Andaman. The islands are important for their unique ecosystem and are known for their evergreen tropical rainforest, corals, fishes and other marine life. Port Blair is the capital, the main town and the tourist hub in these islands.   In Port Blair the Cellular Jail was part of the British penal settlement during their rule in India and is now a national monument. The Chatham Saw Mill is one of the oldest and largest saw mills in Asia. Mount Harriet is the second highest peak in Andaman Islands and ideal for trekking and bird watching. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park at Wandoor comprises 15 islands and offers a rich variety of marine life and activities like snorkeling and glass bottomed boat rides. Andaman Water Sports Complex is under repairs after the damage due to the tsunami in 2004. It offers water surfing, skiing, water scooters, etc.   Havelock Island is known for the Radhanagar Beach and for scuba diving, snorkeling and mangrove creeks. From here one can visit other islands like Neil Island and Long Island. Baratang, Rangat, Mayabandar and Diglipur are known for their unspoilt beaches.