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Partha Bhattacharjee5.0/5

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See the places of Raunchily Pradesh, Bhalukpong, Bomdilla, Dirang & Tawang

Visiting Raunchily Pradesh is a very pleasure trip. The country of Rising Sun. Beautiful Springs, Green surfaces, Himalayan beauty and 14000ft motorable road cross Cella Pass. From Tawang the chinese border is only 30 K. M. Tawang Monastary is 2nd largest monastery after Tibet. Dalai Lama has come from Tibet to this Monastary first when he landed in India. Tawang is the place where chinese force defeat Indian force in 1962. There is also a monument to remember us the great sacrifice of Indian army.
Raunchily Pradesh has no of tourist circuit which will take a long time to reach all the places so it is advisable to select one or two circuit at a time.
My selection was Bhalukpong, Bomdilla, Dirang and Tawang. We took halt in every point because the road is very tough and physically you are unable to complete the tour not below six days if you want to enjoy of the above said spots . . All spot has his own beauty. We took a very good toyota car and travelled the entire strech. We are 3 family person. We enjoyed a lot and a lifetime memory to see the beauty of Eastern Himalayan strech. Hornbill is the beauty of Himalaya in that region.
To visit the Raunchily Pradesh you need an inner line permit. If you go to their website you will get the information and guide line. Tour operators are also arranging for their clients.
Take car from Guawahati and make a contract for your entire trip or otherwise select a Traveller of repute who has the infrastructure to give you a pleasant journey.
Selection of Hotel is also an art. If you have that expertise select from net otherwise visit the place through conducted tour by a good operator.
Enjoy your travel safely and harmlessly to enjoy the beauty of Himalay.

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Sunil Bissa4.3/5

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Day 2 Nameri to Bomdila

Day 2 of our sojourn, we started our voyage to Bomdila. Intermittent rain, camping river and gentle breeze with slight nip were our steady companions. Trek from bhalukpong to Nag mandir was extremely treacherous, roads full of rubble and dense fog was a perfect recipe for a inordinate experience. During our Odyssey, we saw mystic mountains, lush green gardens and roaring waterfalls which made the entire jaunt very picturesque. As I mentioned earlier, finding vegetarian food could be a big challenge and our experience didn't change much, except for the fact that our taste buds just got ignited at the very sight of hot samosas. Samosas and ginger masala tea prepared by Gupta ji at Nag mandir were simply moreish. Journey from Nag Mandir to Bomdila was pretty bonny and easy. We reached Bomdila at 5 pm and started a not so difficult hunt for a suitable dwell. Our tryst lead us to this beautiful property called lungta residency. Very courteous and customer centric staff and clean and tidy rooms with all the basic amenities makes it a perfect stabl. We wandered through the market, interacted with few locals and were extremely joyous to find marwaris. Hridya and self got up at 4 am to have a glance at first sun rays. Simply enjoyed and complimented nature's awe inspiring creation. We would start our journey towards Tawang in sometime. Stay tuned and have a wonderful Monday.

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I am heading to Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh Overview

Arunachal Pradesh is India's easternmost state and lives up to its name (Arun = dawn, Achal = land) by being the first to meet the rising sun in the country. It borders China on the north, Myanmar on the east and Bhutan on the west. Set in the Eastern Himalayas, the state is covered by hill elevations ranging from 50m to 7000m, the whole cut across by a number of rivers and their valleys. The five major rivers are Kameng, Subansiri, Siang, Lohit and Tirap. There are 61,000 sq km of forests of pine, oak, maple, fir and rhododendron in order to protect which the timber industry has now been banned in the state.  65% of the Arunachali's belong to tribes, mostly of either Tibetan or Thai-Burmese stock with diverse cultures and languages. Some important tribes are the Adi, Nishi, Monpa and Apatani. There are almost equal numbers of aninimists and Hindus, followed by Buddhists and Christians. They practise shifting cultivation, grow crops and fruits, and make bamboo and cane handicrafts. Border security considerations restricted entry into Arunachal till recently. The state offers less by way of infrastructure but more in terms of unspoilt areas. Arunachal can best be understood as a western, a central, and an eastern belt. Westernmost Arunachal can be seen as the Bomdila-Tawang circuit (accessible from Tezpur in Assam) covering the 13,700-feet high Sela Pass and Sela Lake. Tawang monastery has been, for almost 400 years, a center of the socio-religious life of the Monpa people and a fortress-like protector of the resident monks. It contains priceless paintings and ancient manuscripts. Towards central Arunachal, capital Itanagar is the base of the Nishi tribe and is a good point to access picturesque Ziro, home of the Apatani tribe and another scenic location, Pasighat. On the extreme east is the Tezu-Namdapha circuit (accessible from Dibrugarh in Assam). At 2000 sq km, the Namdapha National Park covers valley heights of 200m and snowy peaks of 4500m. It is the only natural habitat to hold the four big cats: Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Clouded Leopard.