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Arunachal Pradesh is India's easternmost state and lives up to its name (Arun = dawn, Achal = land) by being the first to meet the rising sun in the country. It borders China on the north, Myanmar on the east and Bhutan on the west. Set in the Eastern Himalayas, the state is covered by hill elevations ranging from 50m to 7000m, the whole cut across by a number of rivers and their valleys. The five major rivers are Kameng, Subansiri, Siang, Lohit and Tirap. There are 61,000 sq km of forests of pine, oak, maple, fir and rhododendron in order to protect which the timber industry has now been banned in the state.

 65% of the Arunachali's belong to tribes, mostly of either Tibetan or Thai-Burmese stock with diverse cultures and languages. Some important tribes are the Adi, Nishi, Monpa and Apatani. There are almost equal numbers of aninimists and Hindus, followed by Buddhists and Christians. They practise shifting cultivation, grow crops and fruits, and make bamboo and cane handicrafts.

Border security considerations restricted entry into Arunachal till recently. The state offers less by way of infrastructure but more in terms of unspoilt areas.

Arunachal can best be understood as a western, a central, and an eastern belt. Westernmost Arunachal can be seen as the Bomdila-Tawang circuit (accessible from Tezpur in Assam) covering the 13,700-feet high Sela Pass and Sela Lake. Tawang monastery has been, for almost 400 years, a center of the socio-religious life of the Monpa people and a fortress-like protector of the resident monks. It contains priceless paintings and ancient manuscripts.

Towards central Arunachal, capital Itanagar is the base of the Nishi tribe and is a good point to access picturesque Ziro, home of the Apatani tribe and another scenic location, Pasighat.

On the extreme east is the Tezu-Namdapha circuit (accessible from Dibrugarh in Assam). At 2000 sq km, the Namdapha National Park covers valley heights of 200m and snowy peaks of 4500m. It is the only natural habitat to hold the four big cats: Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Clouded Leopard.

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Sudipta Nandy

  • Connoisseur
  • Sudipta Nandy
  • Lives in Jamshedpur
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"Mesmerizing Raunchily"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted 3 months ago
First thing to remember that you require to have a permit to enter Raunchily. We got it from Kolkata and once you are through to Arunachal, as if you have come down to a land of amazing natural beauty. It was a hurricane tour of sort, as we travelled to Itanagar, Ziro, Daporijo, Pasighat and Teju in a span of four days. The freezing temperature of Ziro is unique, as rest of the place were comparatively warmer and much cosier compared to Ziro. The ferry to cross the Lohit river at Pasighat is also a unique experience, as crossing the mighty river with our SUVs in such pre-historic and shabby boats seems to be an impossible task. However, the operation laughed at our worry and proved to be perfect to his words, as the crossing was as smooth as a cake walk. The local food served at the Hotel and specially the road side eateries were extremely tasteful. If you plan to cover such a huge stretch in sort time, it is advisable to have your own stock of food, as for miles you will not have any eateries where you can have your food. Finally after a nature watch of four days, we come down to the Assam planes at Dibrugarh to commence our return to Jamshedpur.
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Ankita Kumar

  • Explorer
  • Ankita Kumar
  • Lives in Bangalore
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"Beautiful Arunachal!"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Oct 5, 2016
I have always been an ardent lover of the Buddhist culture - the bright and colourful monasteries, the low, rumbling Buddhist chants and the always smiling, ever helpful monks. The mountains lined with tiny temples with prayer wheels, the vibrant prayer flags adorning every little nook - the vibe of Tawang was just so happy and delightful!
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Alok chandra

  • Tourist
  • Alok chandra
  • Lives in Mumbai
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"Nice place to visit"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Jun 25, 2016
Uncial is a beautiful location situated in North East India. A very cold climate every time of year. Best time to visit is from August to December... If you love nature mountains and natural beauty and can stay without WiFi. Its best place.. Localities belong to Monpa tribe and are very kind hearted and beautiful people.
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Kanwal Preet

  • Tourist
  • Kanwal Preet
  • Lives in Ludhiana
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"Tenga valley and Chillipam monastery"

  • 5.5/7
  • Posted Apr 15, 2016
If given a choice between mountains of J&K, Himachal and Arunachal, bet me Arunachal is THE choice. Lush green mountains, waterfalls and many more. We went from Guwahati to Bhalukpong (Assam Arunachal border) where we halted for a night and next day we moved towards Tenga Valley. The drive was amazing. In the month of Sept it was cool winds touching your body and giving a pleasant touch. Chillipam a colorful monastery on top of Tenga mountains and most importantly it created a trip to remember.
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Suketu Shah

  • Connoisseur
  • Suketu Shah
  • Voyager
  • Lives in Ahmedabad
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"Best for one who love nature and adventure"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Nov 2, 2014
We loved nature and adventure, travel from Ahmadabad to Guwahati by Kamakya express train, we rent taxi from Guwahati to return 12 days up to Kaziranga by Enova and Aasam Meghalay by indigo(41000 +3000 Tawang top+1500 majuli fair)1st day reached Nameri (9.00 to 14.00 )stayed at Jia bharoli , good service and food, good cottages ,second day reached Dirang (8.00 to 14.00), required woolen clothes,stayed at Awoo resort, excellent room, good service and food, 3rd day reached Tawang (8.000 to 15.00) visited Jasvansinh Gudh memorial and sell pass full of snow, place of heaven, visited Tawang old monastery , stayed at Dolma Khangsar Gh, beautiful room, lovely nature of host,4th day visited Tawang Maduri Lake, Bumla pass border , lady monastery (gompa), war memorial, by private taxi of Tawang ,cant reached at Madhuri Lake because of heavy snow fall. Excellent place, must visit. 5th day return from Tawang to Bomdila stayed at doe Gukha Monestry GH, excellent calm place, good room and service. Sixth day visited Kaziranga, stayed at Prashanti cottages, good room and service, Seventh day visited Kaziranga national park, temple, hill top. Eighth day visited Majuli Island, reached by fery, satra dance and facing homemade, must visit, Ninth day way to Shilong-Meghalaya. Tenth day visited Shilong local sightseen, Eleventh day visited Cherapunji, cave, Clean village.
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Kunal Gore

  • Scout
  • Kunal Gore
  • Lives in Mumbai
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"Best place to relax in nature's beauty"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted Sep 2, 2014
Best place to visit. Instead of going to Switzerland and other destinations this is for sure the one, which we should definitely visit. It is one of the best places for adventure and a romantic destination as well. Because of its greenery and the food.
Food: India is known as a country of flavours. And this place is another one to simply justify it. With its local food everyone would enjoy the beauty of flavours and the ambiance of the nature's lap.

Travelling with holiday IQ has been of good and best support.
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Sangeeta Das

  • Scout
  • Sangeeta Das
  • Group tripper
  • Lives in Kolkata
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"Journey to Bhalukpong-Bomdila-Tawang-Dirang during October,2011"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Jan 31, 2012
An unique place in the Himalayas. Arunachal Pradesh is the state with diversified flora-fauna and various tribes. This is the place for people having interests in various fields, - history, international politics, anthropology, botanists, ornithologists and last but not least - the nature lovers.
As you enter the state in Bhalukpong, coming by road from the plains of Assam, - you will find yourself in the foothills, with wider river valleys and dense evergreen forests. Until you reach Tawang via Dirang and Bomdila, - you will experience the journey through all the ranges and valleys of the mighty Himalayas from south to north, with changing geographical aspects. Tawang is the second highest town of India (after Leh), which is situated in the highest ranges of the area. If you travel beyond Tawang, towards the China border to visit the Bumla Pass and the Sangetser Lake, - you will found yourself above the snowline where beauty of the permafrost grounds are enhanced by the multi-coloured flora. After crossing the Sela pass and the Paradise Lake you will find yourself in the paradise.....

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Special foods : Tibetan cuisines including momo and thukpa and chhang.
Sight-seeing : Bhalukpong - river Kameng, Tipi Orchidarium, (can visit nameri and Eagles nest and Pakhui sanctuaries).
Bomdila - Craft centre, ethnographic Museum (beside the stadium), upper and lower monesteries, and RR hills (from here in the early morning Kangto and Gorichen peaks are visible).
Dirang - hot spring, and the beautiful river side. (warning : do not went to look for the Yak Research Centre - which has no existence!)
Tawang - Tawang monestery, war memorial, various markets, craft center and emporium ( those are closed on holidays), Anni gumphas ( one easily reached by road, another you have to trek down the odd angled hill path), Bumla pass (where you may set your foot in China), Takshang gumpha, Sangester Lake, PTso Lake and the numerous lakes on the way.
Shopping - Tawang is the place for all your shopping. Mostly 'made in China' products are easily available here and the prices are not so much high as expected in high altitude remote towns.

Activities & things to do: Off-route from the known way, you can visit the Rupa village and Chilipom monestery - in between Bhalukpong and Bomdila - bifurcation from the Tenga valley.
Here you are in the lands of the Indian Army. You are surrounded, protected, helped and controlled by them. Your movement and photography are so - highly censored !

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: To visit these places in Arunachal, one requires to obtain ILP (Inner Line Permit), which is issued from (in Kolkata) Arunachal Bhawan, Salt Lake (opposite to Salt Lake Telephone Exchange).The authority insists for going there physically. In case of family or group, any one of the visitors may represent others. Do not forget to take original address proof and photocopy and two copies of passport photos for each one. They took 7 days to process the same and reach there after 2pm on the given date. Keep authorization letter from others to collect the ILP. Those who wants to proceed for Bumla Pass, from Tawang, requires a seperate permission from DC Office, Tawang - which is again to be endorsed by Army official at War Memorial, Tawang. These precess needs almost half days engagement . The DC office at Tawang remains closed on Saturday and Sunday (a very tourist un-friendly practice). We faced this trouble and found a sincere helping hand at Tawang Tourist Lodge. Alternatively one can approach the Army Brigade Head at Tawang for an exceptional permission to access to Bumla Pass.
For entering Arunachal for Bomdila sector, the first check post is at Bhalukpong. There is an office who can issue ILP. So, we Indian citizens who land up there without prior ILP, do have a possible recourse if properly explained at the check post. This is what we were told, but no first hand idea how effective is this procedure.
Our plan was to take a SUV for the trip from Tezpur, as drivers from this place are more conversant with east AP roads. So, we compared rates and finally struck deal at Rs. 2500/- (Scorpio-dry/day). Since fuel is difficult to measure at hills unlike 1 ltr./ 10 km., the car owner charged flat 150-170 ltr diesel for the whole trip. Due to very bad condition of road (blasting and road widening procedure was going on in those days), car charges are pretty high compared to plains, where per day dry charge is Rs. 1500/-. The distance we covered during our stay is around 900 km. (off course we stayed for 11 days and cover Sangetser Lake, Chilipom monestery, Anni gumpha etc.). Those who wish to have budget tour, should better avail daily Sumo service or bus service from Tezpur. Share sumo service is upto Tawang and fare is Rs. 650/-. If you wish to get down at some mid points - then for onward journey afterwards you have to book the seat in advance. The condition of public transport is pretty bad in this sector.
Private accomodations in Bomdila, Dirang and Tawang costs higher compared to service and amenities. Govt. Tourist lodges are rather infra-structurally better, but maintenance wise quite poor. Cost is significantly lower.
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Subhrajyoti Basu

  • Tourist
  • Subhrajyoti Basu
  • Lives in Kolkata
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  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Nov 11, 2011
One of India's best visiting place. Nature here is at her best. Can't be described in words. The nature here is a treat to your eyes. Our jawans here are doing their best to protect this land from China. Hats off to them. if you visit this place which is a must, you will surely whisper in the air, 'Incredible India'.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Indian & Chinese food are available but bit costly. Main tourist attractiona here at Arunachal Pradesh are Bhalukpong( Assam-Arunachal Pradesh border and gateway to Arunachal Pradesh), Bomdilla, Dirang & Tawang, Sela pass(above 15000 ft abv sea level and Bumla Pass(india China border above 16000 ft above sea level). Local handicrafts here are plenty for shopping and good news for the drinkers is that you will get liquor bottles half in price than what you gets in your state. Plenty of liquor shops.

Activities & things to do: Just watch & feel the nature who is at her best here. Hire a good big car like bolero or tata sumo(spacio), book hotels in advance very much during season( except rainy season) as numbers of hotel here is less. load your camera & handycam.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: To visit Arunachal Pradesh, start from Guwahati or from Tejpur. you will get plenty of flights & rail coming to guwahati, capital of assam but fewer ones for Tejpur. so it is better to start from Guwahati. At Guwahati you will also find plenty of hotels of any budget but at Arunachal hotels are bit costly. At Assam you can visit famous 'kamakhya mandir', Kaziranga forest(famous for rhino), pobitora forest, manas forest. cruise along Brahmaputra river and watch sunset here. From Guwahati hire a car (bolero or tata sumo spacio) and travel to Bhalukpong(gateway for Arunachal Pradesh) from here you need to make inner line permits, so government approved photo identity is a must for every visitor alongwith 2 to 3 copies of passport photographs. From Bhalukpong travel to Bomdilla then to Dirang and lastly to Tawang. On the way from Dirang to Tawang you will have to cross sela pass(above 15000 ft above sea level). At Tawang you must visit Bumla Pass(India-China border). Arunachal Pradesh is a safe place to visit. It has no night life. Avoid travel during night, hire only big car for transportation. the driver will act as guide. The places mentioned above is fully controlled under military supervision. so photography is prohibited at many places. Have a safe journey.
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Rini Choudhury

  • Scout
  • Rini Choudhury
  • Lives in Kolkata
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"Arunachal - Paradise ruled by cheaters"

  • 3.0/7
  • Posted Oct 27, 2010
I have returned from Arunachal Pradesh just two days back. The scenic beauty there is just heavenly. Being a regular traveller I must admit that I have never seen such rustic and unspoilt beauty of Nature before. Surrounded by the lush green lofty mountain ranges of the gigantic Himalayayas and washed by the fast flowing Kammeng river and innumerable springs and beautiful lakes like the Sela lake and Madhuri lake (where Madhuri Dixit shot for the film `Koyla`), Arunachal is a feast for the eyes of the adventurous nature lover. I said `adventurous` because the road condition of this heavenly place needs serious repairing.The military looks after the roads and the Govt is painfully negligent about the horrible road condition. The tour operators, hotel owners and travel agents are, amazingly, the same. They are cheaters, liers, grabbers and opportunists. Exceptions may be there, but sadly, I didn`t meet any of them. The military officers at the Bumla border (India-China border) are exceptionally helpful and friendly. Their life is real tough at an altitude of 15,300 ft, but their patriotism and dedication towards India make them overcome their hardships. Otherwise, how can they look so happy and contented at such a lofty, cold and remote place like Bumla? The natural scenery there is absolutely heavenly - I have never seen the iced caps of the snow covered peaks so close at hand. My son played with snowballs and became quite popular with the soldiers as he gallantly expressed his desire to become like them when he grew up.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Food is really not up to the mark if one expects real flavours of Bengali, Punjabi or even South Indian dishes. Chinese and Thai food like Chowmien, Momos and Thukpa preparations are really good and worth trying. Food charges are extremely high. A veg thaali comprising of a small quantity of rice, two hard chapatis, a small bowl of stale veg curry, some watery daal and a microscopic pickle can cost you Rs 120. We had to eat this derogatory food at The Nature Inn at Bomdila. The places worth visiting are the Bumla border, Madhuri lake, Sela lake, War Memorial at Tawang, Tawang Monastery, Dirang valley, Tipi orchid research centre where we saw an insectivorous Pitcher plant, the Jiyabharli river at Bhalukpang and, of course, the magnificent roadside scenary in spite of the dangerous road conditions. Shopping should preferably be done at the Fancy Bazaar of Guwahati.

Activities & things to do: One should be very careful about hotel bookings as the hotel owners have a tendency to sell your booking to someone else if, due to horrible road conditions, you reach there late.This happened to us twice - once at Dirang and next at the Shipyang hotel at Bomdila. Ample woollen clothes should be taken as it is very cold after Bomdila at this time of the year. The homoeo medicine Coca-6 is very good for high altitudes. Also smelling of camphor, which has natural oxygen, helps at the high altitudes of Sela pass or Bumla border. We received heavy snowfall on our way back from the Bumla border. This is a common after the 15th of Oct. After we came down there was an avalanche and road to Bumla was closed. We were lucky to get the heavy snowfall and return safely, but there is always the possibility of getting caught in a snowstorm or blizzard or an avalanche. So enough dry food and drinking water to last for at least 3/4 days should be taken to cope with such situations.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: There are trains and flights to Guwahati. From there, either a car, preferably a jeep with very good tyres and brakes can be taken to reach Tawang after a one night halt at Bomdila or, if pocket permits, one can avail the helicopter service from Gwahati to Tawang in just 90 mins (Rs 3000 per head). Please make sure that the driver who is taking you to such a tough and tedious trip has got at least a few days rest before. The travel agencies continuously send the same driver in that route without giving him even a day's rest. This happened to us and on the way our driver almost fell asleep. This is extremely dangerous and can cause deadly accidents to the tourists. So please check whether your driver is physically fit or fresh or not. Before going to Arunachal you will have to get an Inner Line Permit which is issued at Arunachal Bhaban at Salt Lake.
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  • Tourist
  • sam
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"northeast india at its best"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Sep 28, 2008
Visiting the north eastern states of india had been my wish since my childhood as i was always very keen on indian geography and wondered why these seven sisters are soo isolated from the mailnland india.. finally after making a lot of research work and convincing my parents about their safety concerns we moved to this paradise undiscovered.we covered parts of meghalya,assam and arunachal pradesh.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: People don’t know about the beautiful north eastern Indian states, people even don’t know about their existence and others think those are the most terrorised states of India.

But I found all these things wrong when I insisted my family to tour to the north-eastern states of Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh. To my surprise there are also direct flights from mumbai to guwahati{by kingfisher airlines}. When we landed up in assam we were amazed to see beautiful green plains of assam full of greenery. The tea gardens of tezpur just took my breathe away. The wildlife of kaziranga, just insisted me to forget that there is a place in the world called Africa. I found the people of assam the most hospitable people I have ever seen. After assam we carried our happy feet to feel the neighbouring Meghalaya . We visited a border town of Noongooch to feel the traditional khasi culture. We also visited a bustling capital of Meghalaya, Shillong and also cherrapunjee[sohra]. Meghalaya can be called the ‘scotland of the east’ because of its extensive natural green grasslands and deep forests, a great place to visit for the bird watchers and tourists. On our way to Arunachal we made a point to take a halt at eco camp at the nameri national park in assam. This place is really crafted with good perfectionism, amazing bird watching sight, amazing river rafting experience, and the best of accommodations to live in for the nature lovers.

At last we entered to the most unexplored paradise of mother india, the state of arunachal pradesh, rightly called as the land of rising sun of india, by dr. Manmohan Singh. The beauty starts from the time you enter the state [one requires permission to enter arunachal pradesh] and goes along with you from bhalukpong’s lush green jungles to dirang’s beautiful valleys, from sella’s frozen lakes and snow-clad mountains to tawang’s large monastery and beatiful landscape. Arunachal Pradesh, best visited during the month of april-may is a complete package of forests, greenery, frozen lakes and snowclad himalayas which will make you feel proud about India – we got it back from china after fighting bravely against them in sub-zero temperatures. To feel the indo-sino war you can visit the war memorial at tawang and also can visit the Indo-Tibetan border via pangong-tso,a beautiful frozen lake with amazing beauty around it.

I think that we have visited a paradise which we all are unaware of. Just don’t think much and pack your bags and start exploring the unexplored gigantic north-eastern india..


Shillong, meghalaya hotel tripura castle
Nameri,assam the eco camp
Bhalupong,assam the tourist lodge ,assam tourism
Dirang,arunachal pradesh hotel pemaling
Tawang,arrunchal pradesh hotel tawang inn

Activities & things to do: Just activate your eyes to see a unknown and beautiful paradise of india

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: One can book a customised tour from mumbai, guwahati or dibrugarh to avoid any hotel booking problem. Though all the places mentioned above are safe to visit, personal safety is highly recommended. Respect the tribes of these areas, to avoid any problems. Recommended to take a single vehicle with good ground clearance (eg tavera}from guwahati or dibrugarh with a knowledgeable guide and driver .enjoy the paradise.
Travel in small groups of not more than 8 people to avoid delays in your programme.
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