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Barnali Pal

Barnali Palratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

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Seafood and soaring spirits

As you step into this former Portuguese settlement from Gujarat, Daman greets you with wide, tree-lined and beautiful roads that are a diverse paradise unlike the ever busy and choc-a-bloc Mumbai roads that takes up a major chunk of our busy schedules every day.

Once you are in Nani Daman on the sea face road, the coolness in the air is quite palpable and then you catch a glimpse of the Devka beach lined with pine trees. We go past a plethora of resorts and finally we reach our destination, Sandy Resort (3* property) on the far end of the beach. This resort with its lovely villas with small balconies overlooking the garden and the pool facing rooms are a perfect retreat if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday on the beach side.

And what can be more rewarding when you get to have some great food dished out by their chefs (it was a pleasure for me to know that majority of the hotel staff are from my hometown Odisha and hence it was an instant connection) and the beaming and helpful supervisors taking your orders.

Day 1: A late lunch by the poolside in the hotel was a gastronomic delight. First we ordered two plates of chicken shaslik, a continental dish of barbecued chicken in yellow sauce, boiled vegetables, French fries and buttered rice. And oh, it was like being in heaven. After this continental fare we decided to order a local delicacy and hence boneless dara fish cooked in malvani masala accompanied with piping hot steamed rice and for sure we were transported to another world. And better still we washed it down with port wine.

Finally after the heavy meal, we headed to the Devka beach through the Devka Eco Forest area, which was just opposite to our hotel. Since it was the far end of the beach and entry was through this eco forest, there were only a handful of people around. We had to cross through a mound of sand and a small stream created by the sea and then we sighted the ocean. But then I was completely taken aback by the rocky beach rather to be more precise, it was a pebble strewn beach. You had pebbles in all kinds of shapes and I could not but admire these objects and of course the small shells also. The sea was calm with a gentle breeze caressing your face. I had a great time on the beach collecting pebbles, and for some time I was transported to my childhood days. During those days on our vacations, we used to go to Puri beach and there I used to collect sea shells. My priced possession was there for a long time in our home, until one day while cleaning up the house Mom decided to throw them away.

We didn't dwell on the beach till sunset, as we were told time and again by our hotel staff that the beach was not safe after sunset and since we were in an isolated area of the beach, we decided to leave for the day. Market: Before sundown we ventured to the Dubai market in Daman city, which is the main shopping hub for visitors. You get all kinds of imported products here at very reasonable rates ranging from shoes, bags, mobile phones, chocolates, toys and watches. You should use your bargaining skills.

After our shopping spree in the Dubai market, we headed for SB Liquor Unlimited (a liquor mall) as we had heard excellent reviews of this place. And I am glad that we visited this place. SB has a mind boggling array of liquor and let me remind you folks, daru here is duty free. So we picked up a bottle of red wine, an orange flavoured Smirnoff and a Kingfisher Ultra. And yes you guessed it right we were ready for a party at night.

Finally, after all this shopping, we were hungry and decided to have dinner outside at an affordable joint. The restaurant was done up in white and black and what attracted me was their plates which were in contract color scheme, red.
We ordered steamed rice and surmai malvani curry. The curry had four big and three smaller pieces of fish and was served in a steel pot. As it was pretty cold outside, the highly spicy fish curry was a good bet for us though later when the spices were at work, we started sweating. But, in short the dinner was great and money's worth. After this lip smacking dinner we again walked down up to the sea face road, from where we took an auto to our hotel. And in the later part of the night, we took a walk inside the hotel and were recharged for the next day.

Day 2: We started off the day and went directly to Moti Daman for sightseeing. The small town is unique as it is housed inside the colossal walls of the Fort of Moti Daman, which also has a lighthouse. En-route we saw the bridge that connects both Nani Daman and Moti Daman, the Secretariat, the Circuit House and The Church of Bom Jesus. It is highly recommended once you reach the Fort in Moti Daman to do sightseeing by walking then take an auto to the Jampore beach.

The church is an old shrine one of the most imposing historical and religious edifices of the city, this church reflects colonial influences it had in the past. Established in 1559 AD, this parish was finally consecrated as a church in 1603 AD. The church is an excellent example of the Roman style of architecture and engineering genius of the Portuguese. The intricately carved gateways, artistically done up interiors and rosewood altars of this shrine are at their best, even after several years. Six statues of revered saints, which are highly aesthetic in appeal, can be found on the southern entrance of this church.

We reached the Jampore Beach in the afternoon. The beach is lined with casurina trees and is relatively less crowded and hence an ideal place for relaxing. Besides, the beach side has shacks by the Daman and Diu tourism department, where you can sit and enjoy with your family and order food to your heart's content.

Though we reached late to the beach, still we went ahead and ordered bread and omelette and lazed around for a few hours and then proceeded to the sea. An interesting mention here would be the fact that during low tide, the sea recedes and you can go for long walks into the sea, with the soft and balmy sand beneath your feet. And of course collecting mementos to take back home. For some time we romped about in the beach, soaking up in the warmth of the winter sun together with the azure sky, the sea, surf and sand. We then took a motor boat ride into the high seas where we could only see the ocean in front of us for miles together. It was refreshing and an exhilarating experience indeed.

You have a plethora of options to do on the Jampore beach. The pony ride, buggy ride, boat ride and even parasailing. That’s the one thing that I couldn't do this time and I will definitely go back for it again. You can't afford the small thrills of life when you are on a holiday.

After we had had our share of fun, we then went to our shack again and ordered for some crisp friend prawns. Relaxed that we were, we then had some butta (corn on the cob) and then a gola. The combination was awesome you bet.
Still we hadn't had enough of all the fun and frolicking of the day and headed to the main Devka beach in Nani Daman. We sat there for some time took lots of pictures of the sea and then tired and hungry by now, went Hotel Shilton for some early snacking. We ordered combination rice and tawa fried pomfret. A word of caution for all booze lovers, please be careful while ordering alcohol the quality of alcohol may not be good. To burn the calories, we decided to walk to our hotel. And dinner time we ordered for tandoori and roomali roti and egg curry. The food was good and we had some vodka along with it.

Day 3: After a quick brunch of chicken sashlik again, we checked out of the hotel. Daman has pleasant climate throughout the year and the best time to visit is September to May. But if you like to get drenched in the rain, then you must definitely try visiting during monsoon. What with the huge expanse of the sea, music of the raindrops, the yummilicious seafood, some good liquor will work wonders for your soaring spirits.

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Khagesh Patil

Khagesh Patilratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

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Good place to visit and spend some quality time

An awesome place. Many hotels, so no problem for accommodation. Foodies will have a great time if planning to have seafood. Please carry something to play on beach. Can play beach vollyball. Striking aspect of this beach is the cleanliness. Also beach is quite shallow and waves innocuous, one can walk quite a distance. In fact the only beach of Diu worth a visit. Rudra watersports is a good point of amusement.

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Daman & Diu Overview

Daman & Diu, the second smallest Union Territory of India, is located on the west coast. Daman and Diu are two separate areas, geographically located within the state of Gujarat. Daman is close to the town of Vapi in southern Gujarat, while Diu is near Junagarh in the Saurashtra Peninsula of Gujarat. Daman & Diu were part of the Portuguese territories in India, and joined the Indian Union in 1961. After that Goa, Daman & Diu were part of a single Union Territory till 1987 when Goa became a separate state. Daman is the administrative headquarters of Daman & Diu.   Daman is divided by the Damanganga River into two parts. It is known for its twin forts the Moti Daman and the Nani Daman. Moti Daman has wide streets, a 17th-century church the Se Cathedral and a lighthouse. Nani Daman has the Church of Our Lady of Rosary and a fishing village nearby. Near the river is an 18th-century Jain Temple with murals. In Dabhel village is the important Somnath Mahadev Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Devka Beach and Jampore beach are also tourist spots.   Diu is a tiny island in the Arabian Sea, near the port of Veraval, connected by two bridges to the mainland. Chassi is its main river. To the east of the town of Diu is the Diu Fort, right on the coast. The Panikotha (Water House) is a smaller fortress and accessible by boat. Gangeshwar Temple is dedicated to Shiva. The churches of St. Paul and St. Francis of Assisi are located at the Jallandhar Beach. The Nagoa Beach is a fine beach and so named because of its horseshoe shape. Diu is also noted for its birdlife including blue rock pigeon, doves and parrots. During the cooler months from August till February many migratory birds also visit the island.