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Karnataka is one of the four southern states of India. Bordered by the Arabian Sea on the west, it is surrounded by Goa, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The state has three main regions: the coastal plains abutting the sea; the Western Ghats running parallel to the coastline; and the inland plains of the Deccan Plateau. One of the most industrialised states in India, Karnataka also produces 90% of India's gold, almost 60% of its coffee and a significant amount of raw silk and sandalwood products.


Bangalore (now called Bengaluru) in southeast Karnataka is the capital as well as the biggest city. Bangalore has more than 50% of software companies in the country based in it and is called the Silicon Valley of India. It is also famous for its pubs and gardens and has a pleasant climate through the year. South of Bangalore is the city of Mysore, the erstwhile capital of the Wodeyar kings. The festival of Dussehra, with caparisoned-elephant processions being its main attraction, is celebrated in October-November.


At Hampi in central Karnataka, are the ruins of the capital of one of South India's largest historical empires the Vijaynagar Empire (14th-16th century); the 16th-cenury Vittala Temple is a World Heritage site. The towns of Belur and Halebid are in the south, famous for their 12th-century temples built by the Hoysala dynasty. Sravanbelgola is also in south Karnataka and is host to probably the world's tallest monolithic statue a 17-m high image of a Jain deity built in the 10th century. The village of Badami in the north is famous for its ancient cave temples built between the 6th and 8th centuries.


Madikeri is the main town of the hilly tracts of southwestern Karnataka called the Kodagu (Coorg) region. The area has a number of spice and coffee plantations and is good for trekking. Popular spots here are the Jog Falls and Kudremukh. Further south are the Bandipur and Nagarhole National Parks.


The western coastline of the state along the Arabian Sea has a number of beach towns including Mangalore, Karwar, Gokarna, Malpe and Marwanthe.

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M s Harish

  • Scout
  • M s Harish
  • Lives in Hyderabad
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"It was a wonderful experience in Karnataka"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Nov 28, 2015
I have visited Karnataka last month with my office friends it was a wonderful feeling I got when I visited all the places tourist places in Karnataka. I visited Abbi Falls, harangi Dam, Mandalapatti and finally mysore palace, brindavan Gardens. Mandalapatti is a awesome place it is a hill station beautiful location it was. I stayed 4 days in karnataka with my friends in Bota Royal. Just four days is not enough to visit all those places still there is so many places I left without visiting. Really had full fun.
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Anthony Cambrit

  • Scout
  • Anthony Cambrit
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"Must Go place with awesome place to visit"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Nov 11, 2015
Karnataka is the best picnic place for families. You can see National Animal Park(Mysore Zoo)etc here. And also you can see the most familier temples like Sringeri, Horanadu, and also Gokarna. The fame cave temple "Badami" is also here for your site visit.
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Somashekhar Pattanashetti

  • Scout
  • Somashekhar Pattanashetti
  • Lives in Bijapur
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"Good place to visit!"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Oct 28, 2015
The destination is considered as the historical due so many emphasising places like the"gummata nagari" bijapur, mysore, bidar, gulbarga. Bangalore is known as silicon city in the country as well as electronic city also hence it is preferred as the capital of Karnataka.
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Deepika Ahuja

  • Connoisseur
  • Deepika Ahuja
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"One of my best vacation in Karnataka"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Oct 10, 2015
My overall experience is fully blended with various emotions as I visited various religious places, historical places, beaches, restaurants, mountains, parks and many more. But you have to book your hotels to stay in advance otherwise to difficult. I think trip ended because I don't have more vacations otherwise there are still so many things which are remain unseen.
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Raghuneesh rattan

  • Scout
  • Raghuneesh rattan
  • Lives in Chandigarh
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"Exploring Karnataka!"

  • 5.5/7
  • Posted Oct 8, 2015
Visiting Karnataka makes one feel of grandeur mixed with history. One learns as to how well developed our ancient civilization was as compared to the present one. Even though I was on 12 days vacation and I could barely get to see 1/3 rd of the state. It is a blessing for a traveller with many sightseeing options like waterfalls, dams, forests, temples, excavation sites, sea shores, rivers and hill stations. Places that I visited in Karnataka are Mysore, Medikeri, Bangalore, Belur, Shimoga, Chikkmagalur, Hassan, Arsikere, Srirangapatna. Being so close to Ooty I could not resist the temptation and visited the place along with forest reserves of Madumalai. I ended my journey at Tirupathi ideally the most revered pilgrimage site of the Hindus.

Ooty being a hill station had excellent weather and is famous among film-makers for its landscape. Full of lush green tea gardens. Chamaraj Tea serves as one of the best teas (many flavours chocolate, masala, herbal) to be relished worldwide. Coonoor and Nilgris railway from Coonoor to Ooty was very enjoyable though not that long and scenic as Kalka-Shimla rail journey. Wildlife open safari in forests of Madumalai was disappointing as there were very few animals (mostly deer, elephants) and they also appeared domesticated.

Mysore was the next stop and it is 80 kms from Madumalai. The place oozes royalty with breathtaking palaces such as Mysore Main Palace, Jaganmohan Palace and Tipu Sultan Summer Palace at Srirangapatnam. The exhibits leave you awe-struck like the paintings, golden throne, marble statues, ivory objects etc. It is disappointing that photography is prohibited. Gumbaz and Triveni Sangam were worth watching locations in Srirangapatnam. Even Karanji Lake despite it being picnic spot for couples has an excellent collection of birds. Butterfly park is another must watch with numerous butterflies flying over the hedge at the same time. Sand Museum is another unique experience with beautiful sculptures in sand. Brindaban Garden with KRS Dam is also worth visiting. Mysore is blessed by goddess Chamundi (existence of Chamundeshwari temple at Chamundi Hills) who killed Mahishasura after whom Mysore is named.

If Mysore was grand then Medikeri (next stop) (Coorg) was a haven for nature lovers. Never have I seen such a diversity in foliage. I think that other than Kerala, God must have planted all specimens of flora in this region. Bhagalmand, Tal Kaveri (where river Cauvery originates) and Abbey falls were sites visited. Coorg is famous for Coffee and spices. (Good quality but high on prices). Another place worth mentioning is the Elephant Camp at Dubare. A place which is must visit if you are nature lover. Lots of elephants and fun. Bathing and feeding elephants, fun ride on elephants are experiences that can never be forgotten.

Hampi (known as Kishkinda in ancient times) is a dream place for excavators. Birthplace of Lord Hanuman has history written all over. The well planned architecture of this city of Vijaynagar kingdom makes one realize how well managed and well developed were cities of old. It is a pity that such cities lie in tatters due to treachery and foreign invasions. Rocky land mass of Hampi with beautifully excavated temples (pillars that play music, 500 year old tree, replica of sun temple, Hazarama Temple with 1000 statutes of Lord Rama, Ugra Narsimha Statue of Lord Vishnu, Shiva Linga, Underground Shiva Temple, Virupaksha Temple at the banks of Tungabhadra river and many other temples are marvels of architecture). There are cab's and auto that move you around the place but at exorbitant charges (Rs. 700-). One has to bargain.

Tungabhadra Dam is the biggest Dam in South India. The most scenic of dams visited has a beautiful garden, zoo and aquarium. The garden is illuminated with fascinating fountains and provide a breathtaking sight. Next visit was Jog Falls. Very disappointing. Scanty waterfall based on rain. People very unfriendly will try to empty your pocket. Belur with Chennkeswami temple is again a marvel. The beautiful entrance to main temple, carved statues of Mandakinas and other carvings holds one enthralled.

Bangaluru being the capital city is urbanized and glamorous. It also has beautiful monuments (Vidhan Soudha, Summer Palace, High Court, Palace etc. ), temples (ISCKON, Bull etc. ), gardens (LAL BAgh (240 acres), Cubbon Park (360 acres), Museum (Industrial & Technology (must-see for a science oriented person)) etc.

The city is highly populated with traffic problems. The food is cheap, lots of famous outlets ( SLV, Arvi, Theendi (opp. Bull temple)). Dosas and vada, idlis are available in aplomb. Silk, sandalwood and Aromatic Oils, Incense sticks and perfumes are items mostly sold.

Finally Tirupathi with its richness (temple of gold) and positive spiritual vibes left me dumb struck. It appeared as though whole of South India was there for darshan. It is a pity that so much crowd leads to inconvenience if undisciplined. But still way to the temple itself is very scenic.

On the way back to Punjab I felt a feeling of pride because of my Indian roots. Weather is suitable for travel in September. It is the beginning of season which reaches its high during Dussehra which is celebrated grandly.
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Arun Ganesan

  • Scout
  • Arun Ganesan
  • Lives in Chennai
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"Good travel with scenic places and nice homely food"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted May 7, 2015
Good native Karnataka food at Hallimane (home type food I suppose). North is comparatively hot than south Karnataka. Don't forget to buy dhood peda from Dharwad. Enjoy the greenery in Gangavati - Sindhanur belt. Try benne dosa (butter dosa) in Davengiri. Overall good visit, nice food and scenic places.
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Anish Shah

  • Explorer
  • Anish Shah
  • Lives in Ahmedabad
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"Combination of historical, cultural & wild part of India"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted Apr 13, 2015
What was the most critical or energizing piece of your vacation?

The entire occasion was a highlight, it truly was. Our 3 night stay at the Aakriti homestay with Jay, Reema and Arundhini was truly critical. Such a flawless inviting family, their neighbourliness and warmth is awesome, we truly felt like individuals from the crew. The family are instructed, open individuals who truly made us feel greatly welcome. Reema' cooking is completely flavourful she utilizes all provincially sourced crisp fixings, she makes her own bread, chutneys, jams, and on and on she does it, and it is all inconceivable. Consistently we ate the most astounding nourishment in a flawless family climate. We had great organization, exuberant intriguing exchanges each night around the supper table. This homestay encounter truly permitted us some understanding into ordinary life which would regularly be exceptionally troublesome for us to experience. We adapted such a great amount about Indian society, their religion, we attempted to get a comprehension of their complex otherworldly culture, Jay, Reema and Arundhini never tired of noting our unlimited inquiries. The homestay is arranged in The Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu a lovely zone, the tea ranches are shocking such an unwinding spot and we saw a Malabar squirrel.

The houseboat excursion was likewise a highlight, astonishing and unwinding, it was splendid to simply watch the world pass by, seeing life on the stream banks. The staggering view, the neighbourly local people, the kids waving as we cruised by. The superb water craft team, the sublime naturally arranged nourishment by the cook this merits an uncommon notice it was amazing. I don't know how he figured out how to set up a six course dinner on only two gas rings. Purchasing new fish and tiger prawns from the anglers for our night dinner it was downright extravagance. The stunning bird life and viewing the sun set over the conduits with a decent chilly Kingfisher brewskie.

The ayurvedic back rub at the legacy inn Serenity was astounding one of the best back rubs I have ever had.

What tips would you give different voyagers booking this occasion?

Tell Rajat precisely what you need to do and see, trust him he will pull out all the stops to suit your wishes. Bring binoculars there are such a variety of excellent flying creatures to see. Bring pens with you, that was the most obvious thing the neighbourhood youngsters requested. Local people are warm and well disposed, in the towns when shopping, the businesspeople do attempt and bait you into their shops. In the event that you would prefer not to, simply be firm and amicable they truly don't bother you, they are pleasant and abandon you to go on your way. Run with a feeling of enterprise, keep a receptive outlook and simply drench up the experience.

Did you feel that your vacation profited neighbourhood individuals, diminished ecological effects or upheld protection?

Yes, doubtlessly, we utilized a nearby visit organization and the facilities which we stayed in were by regional standards claimed and utilized neighbourhood individuals. We ate in neighbourhood eateries purchased sustenance and blessings in nearby shops, we utilized neighbourhood aides and drivers. Rajat and his family are extremely cognizant about maintainability and green issues they reuse and are replanting the nearby woodland trees all alone land. They are really energetic about what they do.

At last, how might you rate your vacation general?

Exceptional. We contacted this administrator through Responsible Travel. We booked a 14 day tailor made occasion with them in light of the fact that we needed an occasion composed by individuals with nearby learning. We needed a more remarkable occasion encounter, a knowledge into India, its kin and society and we were not disillusioned. From the first contact with Amar, we encountered an extremely proficient, individual administration, we couldn't have longed for a superior travel counsellor. Amar helped and exhorted us, refining our agenda and watching the expenses. He included fascinating spots and social exercises all with great aides. The aide who went hand in hand with us on the voyage through Cochin was amazing. The tender loving care in the association of our vacation was faultless. The lodgings which were chosen were great. Sheltered, clean transport was given, our driver Amar (I trust I have spelt it accurately) was great; he was patient, quiet, continually grinning, delicate and aware individual. He was an expert driver constantly dependable, we felt safe and absolutely agreeable with him amid the entire excursion. His English was not immaculate yet we all overseen incredibly all through the trek. The entire agenda was impeccable, very much adjusted in the middle of free and composed exercises. The individuals who make up this administrator are truly committed and loaded with enthusiasm for what they do. A great occasion with an extremely well run organization. I would exceedingly suggest booking with them, you won't be frustrated. We had a life-changing occasion.
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Naga Ritheish reddy

  • Scout
  • Naga Ritheish reddy
  • Lives in Kadapa
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"Travel to the land of temples"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted Sep 2, 2014
Starting from my aunt's house in Davanagere, I visited many places like Udipi, Dharma Sthala and Murudeswar. Udipi is the place of lord Krishna. The food items there were saltless. Then in Dharma Sthala, I did pooja to lord Shiva. It was really a very nice place. Then I visited Murudeswar. There also I did pooja to lord Shiva.. then I enjoyed playing in beach with my fellow beings. There I saw a huge statue of lord Shiva which was extremely attractive. Then we returned home. Really that was a beautiful experience. This is all about my holiday trip.
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Bhuvaneshwari  Venkatesan

  • Scout
  • Bhuvaneshwari Venkatesan
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 4 Reviews
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"Experience serenity at GAlibore Fishing Camp"

  • 5.5/7
  • Posted Aug 23, 2014
If it is serenity and quick get-away options in Karnatake you seek head to Galibore fishing camp which is just 100 Km from Bangalore (On Kanakapura Road).

Getting There: Take the Banshankari route and head to Kanakapura. There are sign boards only closer to the resort so use your Google maps on your phone to guide you.
The last 10 km is quite bumpy and requires skilful driving on uneven mud and pathway of stones. Since the resort is located in a jungle the natural habitat is kept untouched.

Activities to look forward to:
The camp initially allowed angling of fishes where one could angle large fence but the government has banned fishing since 2011. Nevertheless the camp offers whole lot of fun activities like Coracle rides, rafting (during season), trekking and nature walk.

Overview of the camp:
There are 15 cottages which is spacious with comfortable beds and very clean bathrooms. There are solar panels hence there is power supply throughout the day.
A quick look around the place we saw inviting hammocks around the place, swings not attached to metal but was attached to tall strong trees and when you swung and looked up at the sky you saw the sun sneaking through the wide branches of the deciduous forest. For sport enthusiasts there are badminton rackets, volley ball and cycles available.
In the morning one can opt for a mountain hike where you can see a beautiful view of the forest and experience strong wind. The other option is a Nature Walk where you can try and spot birds like owl, KingFisher, Wild Pegeons

Don't miss:
endangered giant squirrel which is seen only that area, river rafting which is a fun activity
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Hari Prasath

  • Explorer
  • Hari Prasath
  • Soulseeker
  • Lives in Chennai
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"Clean and relaxing place"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Jul 20, 2014
First day we visited Mysore and saw the most beautiful palaces and temples and took lot of photos. I request you not to buy any herbal or medical products. All are duplicates. The next day, we went to Coorg, a beautiful tourist part of Karnataka. Unforgettable climate and the most attractive place. It is not possible to roam there without warm clothes. We spent two days in Coorg. On the fourth day, we took rest for a while and returned back to Chennai.
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