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Akshar Pillai

Akshar Pillairatingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

2 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

Kerala is just superb!

Being from Kerala, one would expect a feeling of motherland 'affection' that would prompt me to write this review.

But surprisingly enough, not really!

Till a few short years ago, my childhood summer-vacations meant a trip down south to meet our extended family. (Which I am pretty sure most Indian kids, living in Metro cities, who grew up in the 80's and 90's were subjected to by their parents. No matter where the 'Motherland' was. ) My blurry memories of our trips to Kerala were of interminably long, sweaty train rides and jungle-like greenery.

But, I have very vivid recollections of mosquitoes, the size of pigeons and an overwhelmingly fishy smell that seemed to pervade everything!

In short, Kerala was not on my 'Must See' list ever!

That is until I went 2 years ago.

I had to go to Kerala for a shoot I was directing and wasn't terribly enthusiastic about it. That is, till I got there!

I am going to keep this short and not going to wax-overly-eloquent on the subject, but suffice it to say, that now I "sincerely-Feel" for my mother land! And now, completely understand why it is commonly referred to as 'God's own Country'.

In the last 2 years, I have travelled the length and breadth of Kerala, by car, by train, by boat and air too. And I am still thrilled to be there every time!

Many still think Kerala can be stereotyped into 'coconut palms, backwaters and beaches. But hark! Unaware person. There is such a world more to see and experience!! It truly is, quite boggling!

The assortment of cuisine, as a result of the Hindus, the Muslims, the Konkanis, the Christians and Jews makes Kerala a paradise (pardon the cliche) for anybody with food on their mind.

The diversity of picture perfect, postcard locations to chill (or correspondingly 'not-to-chill'), will also leave you breathless. It's probably the only state in our country that offers a traveller the diversity of cloud covered mountains, tropical rainforests, lush meadows, placid backwaters, tranquil beaches and raging oceans. It's astounding! And for those a little more culturally inclined, Kerala will definitely not be found wanting!

In-fact, I am currently contemplating retirement plans in Kerala. Thats serious!

Considering, I don't even really speak the language! Which by the way is not Kerala-ese. It's Malayalam :) So, all in all (since I committed to keep this brief).

Don't forget to get there and don't worry about where to begin. Just pack a bag and get there! The rest will figure itself out.

Theres a reason, why it happens to be God's own Country. Enjoy! :)

And to be a little more specific for the few who might now feel motivated to make a trip to Kerala.

Cochin - Used to be a Portuguese stronghold centuries ago. Has an 'old-town' with colonial architecture with great restaurants and homestays by the beach.

Munnar - The entire region is hilly and feels like a hill-station. Has beautiful tea-estates and spice gardens.

Alleppey - The perfect place to just laze along the legendary-backwaters with a few beers and a plateful of prawns. Not too far from Cochin.

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Vishal Mirg

Vishal Mirgratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

3 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

Kerala- an Escape from Chaos

In these days, life is running at a pace where people have lost touch with friends, partners and even their Family .. And sometimes a Trip is required to get that feeling of family back in your life.
I was going through the same phase when My family decided for a trip and I was given the responsibility for choosing a location. As a North- Indian my first choice was going towards hill, first thing came to my mind was J & K, but due to the protest and violent condition in valley, it was wise to skip this choice. And then hills of Michal or Uttarakhand, but it's monsoon season and no-one dares to get there in this time ..
Somehow everything was Directing me towards the God's own country- Kerala, and I booked everything from tickets to hotels, houseboats .. And I was warned by many of friends and relatives that it's hard for North-Indian to get familiar with the food type here and then our Journey started.
From Delhi to Cochin International airport, it was a tiring 6 hours journey with 2 hrs stop in Bangalore.
After reaching Kochi, our Driver was waiting there and then out Journey to Munnar started, it was a mountain with a wavy path and then the breathtaking sceneries on the way was more than enough to left me speechless.
Munnar is so peaceful that I forgot the metropolitan in an instant, it was so quiet and beautiful from the chaos we are used to. Then came an exotic experience of Ayurvedic Spa, most of us have experienced our modern metropolitan Spa, it was really relaxing. You could explore a lot in Munnar, from breathtaking sceneries to lovely spice gardens and chocolate factories, and ofcourse their famous tea gardens.
Then next day we left for Allapuzha( Allepey), famous for its back waters and a silent beach, houseboat experience should be mandatory, that silent breeze, water and your loved ones, a perfect combination for a Holiday.
And I was warned that South Indian don't like north indians, and many things like that but guyz this is not at all true .. They are really polite people and their hospitality is really one of a kind and it'd make you feel so **** special.
A personal example:
In our houseboat, after wasting food in lunch (we weren't that much hungry, so we just took a little and left the rest and the chef threw it away) I have personally asked the chef to just make a Dal and any thing as we are not really hungry, but he still made us 3 more dishes with Daal, Pulaao and chicken and when I Asked him about the same, he said, " you are our guest, it's our pleasure" and then he left with a smile.

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  • Kerala- an Escape from Chaos
  • Kerala- an Escape from Chaos
  • Kerala- an Escape from Chaos
  • Kerala- an Escape from Chaos

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Kerala Overview

On the southwestern coast of India, almost touching the tip of the peninsula, Kerala occupies the region known as the Malabar Coast. It is surrounded by the south Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Kerala is like a narrow strip of land lying between the Arabian Sea to the west and the hill ranges called Western Ghats . This geography defines Kerala's main identity as a green, rain-rich state filled with inland water bodies.   The rain-laden southwest monsoon comes across the Arabian Sea to hit Kerala around 1st June, and expends much of its waters here. More than 40 rivers flow down the Western Ghats to meet the Arabian Sea forming, with the backwash of the sea, a complex of canals and lakes called the Kerala Backwaters. This combined package of beaches, backwaters and greenery is what the tourism department promotes as Gods Own Country, making tourism one of Kerala's main businesses.   Kerala's history of being a progressive princely estate (Travancore) and long stints of Communist Party rule in independent India have led to high rates of literacy and life expectancy. But the state is not industrialized. Agriculture is a dominant occupation  rice, coconut, tea, coffee, and the spices pepper, cardamom, cashew which the Malabar Coast has traded for centuries. Fishing is another mainstay. The main cities of Kerala are capital Thiruvananthapuram (popularly called Trivandrum) and Kochi (popularly Cochin) of which Kochi is now a rising hub of industry and investment. Both cities have international airports.   Kochi harbour was an international port for Arab, Portuguese, Dutch, and British trade since the 14th century. Modern Kochi has Portuguese churches, Dutch buildings and old Jew quarters. Thiruvananthapuram was earlier the seat of the royal family of the kingdom of Travancore. Its Fort area has palaces, temples, and ornate residences. Alappuzha (called Alleppey) is a good backwaters cruise hub. Down the coast, Bekal Fort Beach, Cherai Beach, (25 kms from Kochi), Varkala and Kovalam Beaches (south of Thiruvananthapuram) are popular spots. Eravikulam and Silent Valley National Parks are reachable from the hill spots of Munnar and Palakkad.   Culturally Kerala offers Kalaripayattu, an ancient martial art, and Kathakali dance in which elaborately costumed artists perform stories from the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata.