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Arjun ram

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Must visit

We visited Kavratti, kalpeni and Minicoy islands. The ship sails the whole night and every morning we were at a new Island. Every morning after breakfast they transfer us from the ship to the island through ferryboats. At each island they serve welcome drink. The water sports is at all the island i.e snorkling, kayaking, are free (included in the cost of the package). The lunch (Veg & Non-veg) at the islands is served with great hospitality. After lunch they perform their folk dances singing the folk songs. At night we are back to the ship. The beauty of sunrise and sunset can be captured from the deck of the ship. The vast blue sea all around. Nothing but water and beauty.

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Arjun ram

2 reviews

Lakshadweep is a bunch of Islands. There are 36 islands. I visited Kavratti, Minicoy and Kalpeni. I

Lakshadweep is a 'must visit' destination. You are in a diamond class cabin in the ship with everything inclusive in the package cost. The ship sails the whole night and in the morning we are in an Island. Three islands are covered during this trip. At all the islands we enjoyed water sports snorkling, kayaking, scuba diving, banana boat ride. Sumptous veg and non-veg food, beautiful folk music and dance. During the evenings enjoys the vast sky from the deck of the ship. The sunrise and sunset in the sea.
There is water all around.
Its matchless.

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Lakshadweep Overview

Lakshadweep is an archipelago located 200-400 km west of the coast of Kerala in the Arabian Sea. The archipelago consists of 36 main islands, many smaller islands, coral atolls and coral reefs. It is the smallest union territory in India. Lakshadweep means a hundred thousand islands in the local language, Malayalam. Earlier the name Lakshadweepa referred to the three archipelagos in the Indian Ocean the present Lakshadweep, Maldives and Suvadives.   Only ten of the Lakshadweep islands are inhabited and more than 90 percent of the indigenous population is Muslim. The main economic activities are fishing, coconut cultivation and coir twisting. Tourism is an emerging industry. Tourists require an entry permit to visit Lakshadweep; the permit is issued at Kochi (in Kerala). Foreign nationals are allowed only in Kadmat, Bangaram and Agatti islands. Agatti is connected to Kochi by air and sea; in fact Agatti is the gateway to Lakshadweep Islands with the only airport of the archipelago.   Kavaratti, the administrative headquarter is the most developed island. Its attractions include the Ujra mosque, marine aquarium, beaches and water sports. Kalpeni is known for the largest lagoon among Lakshadweep islands; the lagoon is good for kayaking and boating. Minicoy is located in southern Lakshadwep and its culture has affinity to that of Maldives. The language here is Mahl, which is a form of Divehi, the language of Maldives. Kadmat has lagoons both on its western and eastern peripheries. The island boasts of a water sports institute and a diving school. Bangaram is the only uninhabited island open to tourists. A short distance from Agatti Island, it can be reached by speedboat. Scuba diving, coral formations and a variety of fishes are the main attractions of Bangaram.