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Dalmadal canon  Video Review

Dalmadal canon

by Swakhar Pachal
2nd Dec 17
Must visit this ancient market ran by women.  Video Review

Must visit this ancient market ran by women.

by Ruchi Shitole
16th Feb 17
Kangla Fort with forest surroundings  Video Review

Kangla Fort with forest surroundings

by Ruchi Shitole
27th Jan 17
A canon of historical importance  Video Review

A canon of historical importance

by Susanta Sadhukhan
2nd Dec 17
Beautiful temple at Bishnupur  Video Review

Beautiful temple at Bishnupur

by Swakhar Pachal
2nd Dec 17
Jor Bangla Temple  Video Review

Jor Bangla Temple

by Susanta Sadhukhan
2nd Dec 17
Rasmancha  Video Review


by Swakhar Pachal
2nd Dec 17
Rashmancha  Video Review


by Susanta Sadhukhan
2nd Dec 17
Largest fresh water lake of North East  Video Review

Largest fresh water lake of North East

by Ruchi Shitole
12th Jan 17

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Bikramjit Singh

Bikramjit Singh5.0/5

1 review

Khongjom war memorial complex

Khongjom War Memorial, Khongjom: The
Khongjom War Memorial located on the Kheba Hill on the Indo - Myanmar road in Khongjom was built as a tribute to the heroes who lost their lives in the war between the Manipuri soldiers and the British Army in 1891.
The Khongjom day is celebrated every year on
23rd April at the memorial. A grand celebration is held which is attended by all the renowned politicians and ministers along with a huge crowd. Manipur Rifles pay the guard of honor with a general salute. Reverse Arms, sounding of last two minutes silence, slope arms and order arms are the tributes of the celebration. The Paona Brajabashi statue is saluted and religious offering are made at the Khongjom River.
Thousands of visitors come here to pay their homage to the brave warriors who fought for their homeland. The site is gradually becoming a major tourist destination.
The memorial is a vital place in Manipur and more than a historic memorial it is a place that the locals feel blessed.
The Khongjom War Memorial Gate, measuring about 30 feet in height, was constructed by the engineering cell of Manipur Development Society and it coasted about INR 98 lakhs. It was built under the assistance of the Ministry of Tourism,

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1 review

Good place to visit

We enjoyed the food in Manipur. we ate chats, parathas and a very good street food and we enjoyed a temples there and we have been there for 7days. we enjoyed a lot. we are proud to be there and we have good collection of Manipur handlooms and we are proud to be that we have saw the things that we ever seen again. we have a nice collection of Manipur and now we are going to Thailand and going to enjoy the views.

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Manipur Overview

Manipur is a state in northeast India, sharing common borders with Myanmar in the east and the Indian states of Nagaland in the north, Mizoram in the south and Assam in the west. It forms a cup-shaped valley surrounded by hills of the sub-Himalayan ranges. Chinganguba (or Surameti) peak is the highest at 12,557ft.   The main ethnic group of Manipur is called Meitei. Their language, Meitei, is also known as Manipuri and is the main language of the state. Naga and Kuki groups also inhabit the land. Migrants from Bengal and Bangladesh form a significant proportion of the population.   Lai-Haraoba is the most important Manipuri festival. The week-long celebrations represent the beginning of the universe and is observed in the Manipuri month of Kalen (April-May). Manipuris are also known for their classical and folk dance traditions. Manipuri classical dance is one of the six classical dances of India. Agriculture is the main economic activity and paddy is the chief crop.   Imphal is the capital of Manipur. Dating from the 3rd century BC, it is one of the oldest urban sites in India. Shri Govindaji Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and famous for dance performances. Khwairamband Bazar (Mother's Market) is a large market run only by women and an excellent place to shop for handicrafts and handloom textiles. Imphal was an important centre of action during the World War II. There are two War Cemeteries maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.   Keibul Lamjao National Park is a unique wild life sanctuary in that it occupies a floating island in Loktak Lake, which is the largest fresh-water lake in northeast India. Bishnupur is known for its 15th-century Vishnu temple built with unusually small bricks. Ukhrul, east of Imphal, is the highest hill station of the state and is famous for a variety of land-lily called Soroi, and the Khangkhui Lime Caves.   Foreign nationals require a Restricted Area Permit to visit Manipur.  

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