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Bikramjit Singh

Bikramjit Singhratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

1 reviewPosted 10 months ago

Khongjom war memorial complex

Khongjom War Memorial, Khongjom: The
Khongjom War Memorial located on the Kheba Hill on the Indo - Myanmar road in Khongjom was built as a tribute to the heroes who lost their lives in the war between the Manipuri soldiers and the British Army in 1891.
The Khongjom day is celebrated every year on
23rd April at the memorial. A grand celebration is held which is attended by all the renowned politicians and ministers along with a huge crowd. Manipur Rifles pay the guard of honor with a general salute. Reverse Arms, sounding of last two minutes silence, slope arms and order arms are the tributes of the celebration. The Paona Brajabashi statue is saluted and religious offering are made at the Khongjom River.
Thousands of visitors come here to pay their homage to the brave warriors who fought for their homeland. The site is gradually becoming a major tourist destination.
The memorial is a vital place in Manipur and more than a historic memorial it is a place that the locals feel blessed.
The Khongjom War Memorial Gate, measuring about 30 feet in height, was constructed by the engineering cell of Manipur Development Society and it coasted about INR 98 lakhs. It was built under the assistance of the Ministry of Tourism,

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Varun Sharma

Varun Sharmaratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

4 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

Come closer to the nature in Manipur and Nagaland

If you are a no-go for the rhetoric Kullu-Manali kind of an overcrowded destination then Manipur and Nagaland offer you your dream destination.

In my opinion Imphal, the capital of Manipur must be selected as a place to stay and the entire Manipur can be covered through Imphal. I went to Kohima (Nagaland) also as I had couple of extra days in my hands. I went with my wife and our son (6y). We took a train from Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh) and reached Kolkata from where there are daily flights for Imphal. We took an Indigo Airline from Kolkata via Agartala which was a comfy.

Manipur is basically a secular State with Hindu majority were mostly people easily communicate in basic Hindi and English.

Imphal is not a beautiful town in itself to find many places to stay (What!!) but Hotel Imphal by the Classic Group adds stars to your comfort. Picturesque lawn and comfortable rooms are there. The staff is good. The place is a boon for pure vegetarians (like me). There is no visible night life in Manipur and Nagaland due to security protocols being followed by Indian Army.

Although if your are non-vegetarian then the entire Manipur trip can be memorably delectable for you. There are varieties of fish and other non-veg cuisine available for food-mongers (no offense :P).

Ima Keithel (Mother's\' Market) is a local market run by ladies only.

If you are interested in World War II History then Kangla Fort is there for you.

We started our day trip (bookings are available at your desk of Hotel Classic) from Shri Govindaji Temple which is a temple of Lord Shri Krishna. One can find time to meditate and release the tension given by cosmopolitan lifestyle. Do attend the Aarti which is enchanting. The sound of Shankha (sea shell) blown during arti is mystic in itself.

After Govindaji we went to Loktak Lake which is another wonderful place. We stopped by at Red Hill in which a peace memorial has been built by Government of Japan as the Japan lost its fight here with British Indian (Imperial) Army. We also went to Moirang where a museum of Indian National Army established by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose is situated. The warfare and personal belongings of troops of INA is there with photos of many martyrs.

Drive to Loktak is a pleasant drive. Boating is available at Loktak and you can spend a lot of \"me\" time or \"us\" time without much disturbance in Loktak. Hotel Classic has also opened a restaurant at Loktak which provides basic snacks and beverages.

After Loktak we headed to Keibul Lamjao National Park which is reserved for Sangai (a deer) which is the State Animal of Manipur. Its a silent grassland and the vehicle is allowed upto the spot which is built for viewing Sangai through binoculars. You can spend as much time there. You'll not find any food vendor inside the park. Its pure nature with least human presence. There is a boat ride to an isolated island available through a marshy area in the Park which is an experience of its own kind. After these spots Govindaji, Loktak and Keibul-Lamjao we returned to Imphal.

On the second day we started in the morning for Kohima which is a must go road trip. Local State transport buses are available at cheaper rates but we pre-booked a Scorpio for taking us to Kohima just to enjoy the road trip and the beauty of virgin hills.

The ride to Kohima is through lush green hills of Senapati District of Manipur. Take as many pictures as you can.After Senapati Nagaland starts from a town called MAO.

Once you enter into Nagaland you are in the place where clouds come and take rest. You can see many clouds resting in the ridges of hills. There are hills all around. The weather was pleasant throughout and we had a thrilling ride through hills of Manipur and Nagaland. We reached Kohima about 3 pm.

Kohima is a hill station like Shimla. You can see many things around Kohima. But always remember that Manipur and Kohima are not shopping destinations. Deal with your Mrs. ;)

While in Kohima we visited Khonoma (a scenic village) and Kisama (the place where the famous Hornbill Festival is organized every year) and also the War Cemetery. The Cathedral offers you a great experience.

We stayed in Hotel Aurora which is situated in the town near old NST (bus stand) very near to the famous war cemetery. The owner is a lady who was very helpful and the entire staff was good. She also prepared Matar Paneer for us when she learnt that we are pure vegans. What else do you expect from a remote place.

The other places of interest near Kohima are Japfu Valley and Dzuko Valley which require trekking and hence I could not visit but they are a must if you are a group of nature lovers.

We returned to Imphal from Kohima but this time we took local transport i.e. a private taxi (maruti van) from Kohima to Senapati and a bus from Senapati to Imphal . There are winger (mini vans, buses) available from Dimapur to Imphal but you may not get enough seats as they come full with passengers from Dimapur itself. Luckily we got a family of 2 and we shared the fare of Maruti van from Kohima to Senapati. The State Transport buses are not available on Sundays from Kohima. We had to travel on Sunday as a local road block was organized in Manipur the previous Saturday putting the entire local transport system from Kohima to Imphal to a halt and we got to stay at Kohima for an entire extra day. (it frequently happens in Northeast so always keep a reserve day while planning the trip)

After returning to Imphal we again pre-booked a car from Hotel Classic, Imphal and went to Moreh (the border town of India-Myanmar). Always leave early in the morning from Imphal as there are thorough security checks at 2-3 places in the way by Indian Army to prevent drugs and trafficking. This time we got to pass through Thoubal and Chandel Districts of Manipur which have different kind of hills and a treasure of natural scenes.

Permits are readily available at Moreh to visit to the border town of Myanmar namely Tamu. There is a buddhist monastery and a temple of Shiv-Budha together. Local market offers products from China, Thailand, Yangon. Leave your Mrs. for a while and she'll find something of use (lol). We couldn't find vegetarian food in this town. So Chips and packed stuff were the way out.

My overall experience of Kohima and Manipur was pleasant and refreshing but I must leave a note of caution. There is a common understanding regarding frequent insurgencies (military action) in Nagaland and Manipur . Actually the root of the problem is that at the time of independence of India in 1947 the King of Manipur is alleged to have been pressurized and forced to sign the merger agreement with Indian Government which was not taken in good mood by the Manipur people. However nowadays Manipur is under control.

With regard to Nagaland the Nagas also did not welcome the idea of passing of their lands from British to India without there being any say of the Naga people and hence they are not in sync with Indian mainstream and a belief is nurtured in the Naga minds by the local press that Nagaland is a distinct country and not merely a State of India. This makes presence of Indian Army inevitable in these areas. However, tourists are not harmed by any of them.

Although one group of insurgents NSCN-K has broken the cease fire with Indian Government since April 2015 and a large number of Indian Army personnel are being deployed in the State of Nagaland nowadays to prevent outbreak of insurgencies. It is always wise to browse some internet beforehand to get the idea of local news before booking your trip to this area. There is no life or body injury threat to the tourists but Bands, blackouts may spoil your fun.

Indian Government has ushered the Northeast with several beneficial schemes and the understanding of the local people is now changing towards the rest of India and tourists. Maybe in coming years the silent, less crowded, scenic places of these states start getting plenty of tourists.

To be at peace with India and tourists like us is in the larger interest of the people of these states (which I firmly believe they understand) as we pay money to them directly and not through the evil cartel of militia, politicians and bureaucrats.

I believe you guys find this review helpful for planning your trip. My trip was wonderful and was made comfortable by the people of Imphal and Kohima. So leave your doubts apart and explore this area too.

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Loktak Lake

Manipur Overview

Manipur is a state in northeast India, sharing common borders with Myanmar in the east and the Indian states of Nagaland in the north, Mizoram in the south and Assam in the west. It forms a cup-shaped valley surrounded by hills of the sub-Himalayan ranges. Chinganguba (or Surameti) peak is the highest at 12,557ft.   The main ethnic group of Manipur is called Meitei. Their language, Meitei, is also known as Manipuri and is the main language of the state. Naga and Kuki groups also inhabit the land. Migrants from Bengal and Bangladesh form a significant proportion of the population.   Lai-Haraoba is the most important Manipuri festival. The week-long celebrations represent the beginning of the universe and is observed in the Manipuri month of Kalen (April-May). Manipuris are also known for their classical and folk dance traditions. Manipuri classical dance is one of the six classical dances of India. Agriculture is the main economic activity and paddy is the chief crop.   Imphal is the capital of Manipur. Dating from the 3rd century BC, it is one of the oldest urban sites in India. Shri Govindaji Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and famous for dance performances. Khwairamband Bazar (Mother's Market) is a large market run only by women and an excellent place to shop for handicrafts and handloom textiles. Imphal was an important centre of action during the World War II. There are two War Cemeteries maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.   Keibul Lamjao National Park is a unique wild life sanctuary in that it occupies a floating island in Loktak Lake, which is the largest fresh-water lake in northeast India. Bishnupur is known for its 15th-century Vishnu temple built with unusually small bricks. Ukhrul, east of Imphal, is the highest hill station of the state and is famous for a variety of land-lily called Soroi, and the Khangkhui Lime Caves.   Foreign nationals require a Restricted Area Permit to visit Manipur.