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Big and Awesome  Video Review

Big and Awesome

One evil giant's belonging  Video Review

One evil giant's belonging

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Additional features of monolith park

History teller  Video Review

History teller

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Nice View point

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A Land of Breath-Taking and Exotic People

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Small beach for having fun

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Beautiful place

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Nature Architecture

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Amit Ghosh

Amit Ghosh5.0/5

559 reviews

Abode of Cloud

This is in true sense Scotland of East. The vibrant hills covered by the mesmerizing clouds. The splendid Khasi Hills has magic to offer to every visitor. The welcoming people of the state is an added bonus to the scenic beauty of the place. A must visit for those in love with green mountains.

Saakshi Rajat

Saakshi Rajat5.0/5

2 reviews

Must visit state for many offbeat experiences

Meghalaya undoubtedly appear as an abode of clouds where clouds would host you so well that you will feel one with them. Clouds treat your eyes as far as you can see, touch your soul with loving rains and roar out loud to make their presence felt all the time. It is one such state which has definitely blown me over.
1. Time just flies by the side of Umiam Lake.
2. You can't resist yourself from indulging in such touristy Boating.
3. Adventure on your mind?.. Zip lining for you.
4. Decelerate your car and appreciate brilliant highways & far fetched grasslands.
5. Skip Dawki and spend a night camping on the banks of Umngot river in Shnong Pdeng.
6. Soothe your eyes and soul with crystal clear emerald waters of Umngot river.
7. Dainthlen waterfall has intriguing history and definitely are not just another falls. See it to believe it!
8. Witness the most beautiful sunrise and indulge in landscape photography.
9. The experience at Double decker living root bridge is worth the steps you take to reach here. A must do on your itinerary!

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  • Must visit state for many offbeat experiences
  • Must visit state for many offbeat experiences
  • Must visit state for many offbeat experiences
  • Must visit state for many offbeat experiences

Meghalaya Overview

Meghalaya (Abode of the Clouds), a state in northeastern India, is situated in the sub-Himalayan hills. It has common borders with the Indian state of Assam to its north and east, and with Bangladesh to its south and west. Geographically Meghalaya is divided into three hilly regions: Garo hills in the west, Khasi hills in the centre and Jaintia hills in the east, with elevations ranging between 150m to 1961m. The people of these regions are respectively called Garos, Khasis and Jaintias. While Garos migrated from Tibet, the Khasis and Jaintias are among the earliest ethnic groups in the Indian subcontinent. Khasis are known for being one of the few matriarchal societies surviving in the world today.   The state of Meghalaya was formed in 1972 with Shillong as its capital. Before that Shillong was the capital of the undivided state of Assam. Located at 1496m, it is one of the most famous hill stations in India. Shillong Peak (1965m) is the highest point of the state, a popular picnic spot, and is also worshipped by the local people. Ward's Lake and the nearby Botanical Garden are located within the city of Shillong. At Umiam Water Sports Complex near Shillong many water sports like paddle boats, water scooters and speedboats are available. On the outskirts of the city are many waterfalls Elephant Falls, Spread Eagle Falls and Sweet Falls.   Cherrapunjee and Mawsynram in the Khasi region get the maximum rainfall in the world. Here rain records can be expressed in meters: average rainfall 12m in a year; maximum rainfall in a day 1.04 m. They are also famous for many caves with stalagmite and stalactite formations. Nongkhnum Island is the second biggest riverine island in Asia.   Nartiang, earlier the summer capital of Jaintia kings, is known for its huge monoliths. Jowai is the headquarters of the Jaintia Hills District, encircled by Myntdu River. Tura is the largest town in Garo Hills and from the Tura Peak one gets scenic views of the plains of Bangladesh. Balpakram National Park is home to the Serow or the Indian bison and the lesser panda.  

Photos of Meghalaya

Meghalaya, Meghalaya
Meghalaya: Creation at the Best
Meghalaya, Meghalaya
Meghalaya: Creation at the Best
Meghalaya, Meghalaya
Meghalaya, Meghalaya
Meghalaya, Meghalaya
Meghalaya, Meghalaya

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