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Poppy Sarkar
  • Poppy Sarkar
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  • Posted Feb 4, 2010
Rinchenpong, Kaluk in West Sikkim is situated between 88� - 20� East longitude and 27�14� North latitude and falls at an elevation of 5576 ft. above MSL.

The area surrounding Rinchenpong has got significant historical, cultural, natural and religious importance and thus has been considered as Eco-tourism thrust area in Sikkim by the State Forest, Environment & Wildlife Department

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Though slowly becoming a tourist destination, it is still in isolation and amidst natural beauty. This place is best for nature lovers as well as for people who are looking for some peaceful experience. As it is still a remote village you will not find any restaurant but there are a few resorts which provide excellent food. You can do lot of sight seeing such as the Pemayangtse monastery, Rabdentse Ruins, Pelling, Khecheopalri Lake, Sinsore Bridge, Yuksom, Ravangla etc.

Activities & things to do: Kaluk is a heaven for nature lover, You can go for trekking across the valley or just sit quietly enjoying the magnificent view of Mt. Kanchanjanga

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: You can reach Kaluk from NJP via Denthan, or you can reach kaluk from gangtok, via pelling, ravangla and reshi. It is a beautiful journey for about 5 hours from NJP via Jorthan. As it is in a high altitude and you need to take the circuitous routes around mountain, you could get a headache due to the altitude. So pls do not travel on empty stomach.
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Reena Engineer
  • Reena Engineer
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"Sikkim in December"

  • Posted Jan 15, 2010
I was very apprehensive about the cold weather in December but I think December is one of the best time to go there as there was no rain, and it was bright and sunny. We were there from 19th Dec to 29th December.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: We enjoyed the local food of Momos, noodles and Tibetian cuisine.

Activities & things to do: I think the best part of our trip was a visit to Gurudongmar lake from Lachen, Zero point beyond Lachung and Nathula pass. Walk to Rabdentse palace in Pelling was also very interesting.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Weather can change near Nathula after 1 noon so it is best to leave nathula early. At 2.30 in afternoon we were almost stuck for 1 hour in the snowstorm on 24th January but were lucky to escape, the other 30 cars after us were stuck and reached Gangtok the next day.
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Vijay karthik Venkataraman
  • Vijay karthik Venkataraman
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"Himalayan adventure in seductive Sikkim"

  • Posted Nov 23, 2009
Lush Green Himalayas. Add a touch of snow on the peak resting ever so lightly. Lots of cloud cover. Pretty women all around. Pristine beauty. Comparitively less polluted environs. That's Sikkim for you. Possibly the greenest state in the country.

Excellent sight seeing spot and the Konchendzonga overlooks you from almost everywhere in the state like Big Brother. So majestic, so gigantic but yet so graceful.

A welcome respite for stressed travellers who want to take time off and just sack out.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Gangtok:
a. Little Italy serves great fod for a very reasonable price
b. Denzong Inn serves palatable food
c. Bakers Cafe : Has a good range of bakery / Italian food and beverages.

Dont miss walking around on MG Marg. Excellent

In and around Gangtok:
Talk to the taxi drivers for a 3/6/9 pt spin in 3/6 hrs trip.
Apart from them these are good places worth going to:
a. Nathula Pass
b. Rumtek
c. Geyzing / Pelling / Legship
d. Namchi
e. Ravangla (also called Rabongla or Ravang / Rabong)
f. Gangtok Ropeway

If you are very ambitious, try the local beer (Hit / Dansberg) and their local concoction.

Activities & things to do: Sight-seeing:
In and around Gangtok:
a. Nathula Pass
b. Rumtek
c. Geyzing / Pelling / Legship
d. Namchi
e. Ravangla (also called Rabongla or Ravang / Rabong)

One can go to Gurudrongmar Lake / Ziro point (Lachen) / Yumthang Valley / Monastric Trek on requesting the govt approved tourist agencies.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Tips:
Preferable to go in a group as most of the tourists look at booking a full taxi per tourist party (else one needs to foot the entire bill).
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Sharmila Bhowmick
  • Sharmila Bhowmick
  • Lives in Chandigarh
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"Sikkim.......Coming closure to the Heaven"

  • Posted Jul 27, 2009
It is a Must Visit destination for all the nature lovers.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Sight-seeing was wonderful. Every sight-seeing will give u a chance to explore the nature.Wonderful varieties of Handicrafts of North East are available.

Activities & things to do: Enjoyed all activities at their fullest.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: N.A.
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  • pencil
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"Barsey (Varsey)"

  • Posted May 16, 2009
Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary lies in the southwest corner of West Sikkim. Spreading over 104 sq. km, across the razor sharp Singalila Range. There are three entry points as Hilley, Dentam and Soreng. Tourists generally prefer Hilley since it is approachable by road. The bridle path from Hilley to Barsey already exists and is favourite amongst tourists especially during the Rhododendron flowering season. According to the feelings I absorbed over here, Barsey will be the best destination for adventure lovers as well as for all the tourists exploring Sikkim.

A beautiful Tourist hut exists amidst the Rhododendron forests at 10,000 feet, commanding a glorious view of the Singalila Range. For tourists on a shoestring budget, dormitory facility with bedding is also available at Rs.700 per head with basic meals. One and only double bed room with attached bath is also available at Rs.2000 per couple with food. The lodge - Guraskunj [Guras means Rhododendrons] is entirely made of stone and the interior is wrapped by wooden structures. “No Electric - No Mobile Tower - No Newspaper” situation made Barsey more wild, more natural.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: The food we got was simple but hot. You can take your own ration according to your taste & can request the management there to help cooking that with extra cost. Please carry all your basic needs from Jorethang because after that you may not find your requirements on time.

No shops of any kind available.

Activities & things to do: The climate is wet and cold favouring the spread of the dominant genus Rhododendron. July is the wettest month. The reaches above 2500m receive regular snowfall in winter. Clear skies can be experienced from October to May. We have experienced a heavy snowfall in the month of January 2007.

Leopard Cat, Marbled Cat, Himalayan Yellow Throated Marten, Common Otter, Himalayan Palm Civet, Indian Fox, Jackal, Himalayan Black Bear, Wild Boar, Red Panda, Barking Deer, Serow Assamese Macaque, Rhesus Macaque, Himalayan Langur, Crimson Horned Pheasant, Monal & Kaleej Pheasant, Crestless Porcupine, Rufous Tailed Hare, Chinese Pangolin, Flying Squirrel, Giant Squirrel, Himalayan Mouse Hare are main dwellers here.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: After arrival at New Jalpaiguri (NJP) or Bagdogra (for those coming by flight), proceed to Okhrey via Siliguri – Jorethang – Zoom – Soreng – Dodok – Sombaria – Okhrey Route. I have visited Barsey three times. Each time I have spent one night over at Okhrey and the very next morning drive to Hilley by local vehicle and after that I have started for Barsey. The 4 Km. easy trail to Barsey is a gradual climb which takes generally 2 hours. As we approach towards Barsey through the sanctuary we come across the changes in vegetation and the view of Mt. Khangchendzonga become much more clearer. In a clear weather situation one can easily experience Mount Everest in the extreme right corner from here. At the time of check out you can climb down to Dentam via Buriakhop Village and proceed upto Pelling or Uttarey.

Visitors to the Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary are requested to avoid trampling, follow trails, and not to pick plants or flowers. Do not disturb wildlife & Do not buy endangered animal or plant products. Carrying plastics within the sanctuary is banned. Entry permits & permissions for camera (both digital still/movie) can be obtained from the wildlife check post at Hilley. You can avail porter cum guides from Hilley.
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