Pondicherry - A French Colony

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Hyderabad | Feb 29, 2012
Pondicherry - A French Colony
Overview of the destination
Its an excellent place to spend a weekend peacefully. but the best time to visit Pondi would be during october to January. It would be very difficult to bear the heat during summer.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping
Food is traditional south indian style and its great. Also there are places where you can find french food which is delicious. there are only few places in pondicherry for sight-seeing like the rock beach, Auroville and Auro beach. pichavaram is a place about 65 km from pondi which is worth visiting, here we can have a 3 hour boat ride in the backwaters of sea through the mangrove forest which is beleived to be the second largest in the world. even chidambaram is good place to visit as it has a huge temple. Shopping in pondicherry wasn't special but the leather sandals and shoes were of great quality.

Activities & things to do
The best thing to do in Pondi is to spend most of the time in the beach.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc.
While travelling in Pondicherry the only thing you shud avoid is to get into RTC buses, because those buses are very old and the while heavy tamil music will be played.

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